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Essay: Essay notes: How do ethics influence business?

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Learning goals:
1. What is the definition of ethics?
The way of thinking based on your principles. What is good and what is wrong?
(Blackburn, 2001).
2. What are the factors influencing ethics? (business ethics)

  • The attitude of the manager and coworkers
  • Rules and policies of the company (Blackburn, 2001).

3. What are the factors that can change your ethics? (personal ethics)

  • The behaviour of close friends and family
  • Experiences
  • Political influence (Blackburn, 2011).

4. What is the definition of business ethics?
It is the behaviour of a business formed by principles and values in order to achieve public acceptance (Bevan, 2008).
5. Perform your personal dilemma analysis of Henk van Luijk – blackboard.
The problem – do I steal the money or should I give it back?
Stakeholders – me, my friend, the vacation park and the owner of the house.
Decision making – Me
Information – You need the information about the friend who need the money to stay in the country.
Arguments – First case – Honesty, second case – selfishness, third case – loyalty and sacrifice.
Blackburn, S. (2001). Being good: A Short Introduction to Ethics. Oxford: Oxford University
Bevan, D. (2008). Philosophy: A Grounded Theory Approach and the Emergence of
Convenient and Inconvenient Ethics. Cutting Edge Issues in Business Ethics. Boston: Springer

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