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Essay: Essay notes: How is the decision-making process performed within businesses?

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Learning Goals:
1. What factors influence decision-making? Describe them.

  • The multiplicity of criteria – the decision often be made by stakeholders that have different opinions about the problems
  • Interdisciplinary input – specialists, who have the knowledge about the problem, have a high voice in the decision-making
  • Joint Decision-making – sometime the decisions have to made by various people, because the decision can have influence on different functions in the organisation.
  • Risk and uncertainty – the world economic is changeable. This means that the organisation has no idea what the future will bring, when they make a decision.
  • Long-Term Consequences – decisions that are made for a short-term can have a huge influence on the things that will happen in the long-term.
  • Value Judgements – the cultural difference between various people
  • Intangible factors – factors that are not easy to change.

(Markus & van Dam, 2012).
2. What is included in the decision-making process?
At first, you have to define the problem. At second, you have to think of alternatives with information. At third, the alternatives have to be evaluate. At fourth, after the evaluation of the alternatives you can make a choice for the best solution. At last, the choice have to be applied and be examined (Markus & van Dam, 2012).
3. Who is responsible for the decision – making and relate it to the task.
The managers are responsible for the decision-making, but every managers has to be involved in the decision-making. The meetings are there for problems and the making of decisions.
4. What different decision-making processes are there?

  • Neo-rational decision-making
    • One person makes the decision. This process of decision-making is informal.
  • Bureaucratic decision-making
    • This formal process of decision-making has many rules to follow when there has to be make a decision.
  • Political decision-making
    • People of different parties are involved in the decision-making. The decision-making are most of all negotiations and interactions within the group.
  • Open-ended decision-making
    • The decisions are not effective. There is room for new ideas and creativity, but this process has not a clear structure of decision-making.

(Markus & van Dam, 2012)
5. Make a recommendation to improve the situation in the task.
The managers in the task has to handle a political decision-making process. The employee are complaining that they are not involved in the decision-making. This result in the lack of the employees. When the management board involved their staff members in decision-making, probably the deadlines will be made and the staff members will not do private things under their work.
Marcus, J., & van Dam, N. (2012). Organisation & Management: An International Approach
(2nd ed.). Groningen: Wolters-Noordhoff.

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