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Essay: Essay notes: How does motivation influence the productivity within the company?

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1. Define motivation
Motivation is a driver for people to do their work (Marcus & Dam, 2012).
2. What are the theories/model of motivation?
Alderfer’s theory
The theory of Alderfer is the ERG theory. It includes three needs. The first one is existential needs that includes the physical things that a person needs for satisfaction. The second need is relational needs. Relational needs applies to the relationships that a person has with other person. The social need of a person. The last need is growth. People can get motivated when they know that they can grow (Marcus & Dam, 2012).
McLelland’s theory
McLelland’s theory includes also three needs. The first need is the need for power. People can get motivated if the person gets more responsibilities and/or power. The second need is the need for performance. When a person does a good thing, the person gets more motivated, because the person knows that he or she can do things in the right way. The last needs of McLelland’s theory is the need for affiliation. A person can get more motivated if the person is liked by other people. When the relationships are good between his or her coworkers (Marcus & Dam, 2012).
Vroom’s theory
The theory of Vroom is known as the expectancy theory. According to this theory, an person will get more motivation through three things. The first one is that a person has a higher motivation when the person thinks that he or she has a higher chance of a good performance. The second one is that the person knows that the chance is greater that he or she gets a reward. The last one is that a person gets more and more motivation if he or she knows that the reward will be high (Marcus & Dam, 2012).
Maslow’s theory
According to the theory of Maslow, the human needs are divided in a hierarchy. When the lowest is satisfied, this becomes a motivator for the rest of the needs that are above. The human needs are from high to low: Self-actualisation, esteem, love, safety, physiological needs (Marcus & Dam, 2012).
Mayo’s theory
Mayo came to the conclusion that there are three factors that have a big influence on the motivation of that person. People are not only motivated by the money that they earn and the work conditions. It is also important for an employee that the person gets respect or a reward for its job. The motivation of a person can also get influenced by its co-workers (Marcus & Dam, 2012).
Herzberg’s theory
Herzberg’s theory is a similar sort of Maslow’s theory. Only Herzberg stated that there are also dissatisfied factor for motivation and sometimes are the things that is natural. These things cannot seen as motivation factors (Marcus & Dam, 2012).
See also: Process theories of motivation
3. What influences motivation?

  • the work atmosphere
  • the relationship with your co-workers and boss
  • the rewarding
  • the space for personal growth
  • your own skills

(Marcus & Dam, 2012)
4. Find a solution to the problem of Jan’s motivation (manager point of view)
The manager can give Jan more responsibilities. It is not necessary to give him promotion, but more responsibilities can give Jan more motivation to do his job.
Marcus, J., & van Dam, N. (2012). Organisation & Management: An International Approach
(2nd ed.). Groningen: Wolters-Noordhoff.

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