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Essay: Essay notes: What is an appropriate communication tool for a company?

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1. Which communication tools are there?

  • Email
  • Social media (twitter)
  • Instant message (facebook)
  • Web conference (Evans, n.d.).

2. How does the social media effect the communication in a company?
Social media has a positive impact on the internal communication of a company. For example, the decision-making goes faster. Related to this, collaboration goes also easier through instant message (Queens University of Charlotte, n.d.).
3. What is the difference between formality and informality?
Formal communication is used for procedures and policies of a business. A channel that can be used for formal communication is a company’s newsletter or a memo. Informal communication happens outside the business channels, such as gossip and instant message (Nardi, 2000).
4. Look for pros for the action in task 12 using of instant message

  • It can save costs.
  • Quick conversations between people.
  • It connect people all over the world.
  • Share files during the conversation.
  • More people are connected in one conversation.

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