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IIGM Overview:
IIGM, as an association has been advancing continually, since its beginning and in this new thousand years, the organization has seen a radical change. The Apparel division has been modernizing vivaciously to exploit the advantages accessible in a level playing field, of the post portion period. The Home material division is likewise appreciating an extraordinary development, with India being seen as a leader to giving quality and originator items toward the western markets. Today, innovation driven organizations are getting a charge out of the advantages of working in internationally aggressive situations. The center theory of ‘quality included administrations’ being given by IIGM is to help these organizations to wind up world mixers.
Which has a circle in regards to 30 world authorities in Residence Materials alongside Outfits building circulated around a significant number of landmasses, 12 contemporary practices around The indian subcontinent enlisting around more than two hundred specialists, alongside around 5000 profoundly satisfied buyers, numerous in the range in regards to just about 3 numerous years, talks amounts concerning the achievement alongside advancement record in regards to India’s essential Technological development alongside Solutions administration, IIGM.
The capacity to create and hold high caliber of human asset, while making progress toward greatness in client administration, are the elements that have added to IIGM’s present advantageous status. IIGM speaks to the world’s driving organizations in every aspect of assembling including Automated cutting, Industrial sewing, Finishing machines, Washing and Garment treatment hardware, Productivity based supplies, ERP arrangements, Automation in Apparel and Home items, and Textile preparing types of gear. A significant number of our important organizations have agent workplaces in India to give skill in administration and administration of these items and administrations.
It has been granted as a specialists of the year 2006 by Gerber Technology(International Division)
It has been granted for the perfection in acknowledgment of extraordinary exertion in accomplishing deals focus in the year 2000 by Juki Singapore 2001
Got a national grant for style industry 1997 by national foundation of design innovation.
Mission and Goal:
Mission Statement
Our Strategic intent is to serve our Clients to find the best technology and value-added service solutions that improve their work processes and business results.
Organizational Goal
IIGM’s main goal as an organization, is to ethically merge the World’s best technology with the most talented professionals, so as to provide paramount solutions, value-added services and applications support to various industries in India.
IIGM believes its social responsibility is to train and impart knowledge to a large segment of society, through our Training Centres involved in Sewing, Productivity areas and CAD/CAM solutions.
‘ Ahmedabad ,Bangalore,Chennai,Cochin
‘ Hyderabad
‘ Indore
‘ Jaipur
‘ Kanpur
‘ Kolkata
‘ Ludhiana
‘ Mumbai
‘ New Delhi
‘ Surat
‘ Tirupur
Western India Marketing Co.
Unit No. 416/418, 4th Floor
“Aakash Avenue”, Mithakhali Six Road
Navaranga Pura, Ahmedabad – 380 009
Tel: +91 79 2646 5678
Fax: +91 79 2648 5678
Contact Person : Mr. Jabir Topiwala
Email : [email protected]
IIGM has more than 5000+ satisfied clients countrywide. We service a wide spectrum of the industry, covering knitwear, woven, made-ups, embroidery, leather goods, bags of HDPE and jute , furniture car seat covers and other specialized sewn product applications. Among our established clients, some of their top Brands to whom we are a comprehensive service providers..
Louis Phillip
Limited Brands
Timber Land and so on.
What we do:
For the competitive surroundings is actually small care towards each of our environmental surroundings we all are equipped for delivering custom made remedies in writing Solutions, With IIGM we all guarantee Best quality, Sum as well as well-timed supply of these items for your doorway phase as well as we’re proficient involving giving any adapted (Size, Gauge, color) solution specs essential for your own reducing space, The Solutions are created as well as backed by means of authorities involving robotic reducing areas. We make sure you get the correct solution essential for ideal uses in many cost effective approach instead of obtaining normal obtainable products on the market.
We’re dedicated to assist you to with deciding on appropriate necessary above consumables along with assure one to deliver particular with his energy regarding:
Appropriate Material, Specs, Design.
Good quality Verify standards.
Appropriate Buy turnaround.
Customer care.
Specialized and application Program support.
IIGM Profession:
A profession at IIGM LTD is based on creation, insight, ingenuity, joint effort and a yearning to create and actualize driving edge innovation arrangements. We offer energizing activities over a wide assortment of commercial ventures and the chance to team up with a gathering of submitted and capable IT experts.
We trust that our workforce is our most noteworthy resource. Start to finish, our staff’s demonstrable skill, advancement, cooperation and devotion to incredibleness have been fundamental to our past accomplishments and are basic to our future achievement.
We offer our representatives energizing and testing ventures over a differing scope of commercial enterprises, and additionally the chance to team up with a gathering of solid, competent accomplices over the globe.
IIGM has risen up out of being a minor exchanging organization to turning into a Technology accomplice to numerous organizations in India. This was made conceivable through our Projects and Service Departments comprising of a universally uncovered group, fit for giving turnkey arrangements. The concentrate plainly is the capacity to be an answer supplier in all parts of assembling including jolt and framework, cutting room, sewing zones, completing, stockpiling and transport frameworks, material taking care of, preparing and so forth. IIGM gives its customers, a one stop answer for everything their needs.
At IIGM, we offer challenging assignments and more importantly opportunities to learn & grow.
Our compensation package is commensurate with your experience, qualifications and skill set.
IIGM can also assist you in getting jobs in garment industry.
IIGM Project Division:
The objective of every assembling office is a constant change in profitability productivity and Quality. Attire fabricating plants however are the ones which have been endeavoring hard to enhance profitability and proficiency because of an unaccountable measure of variables and a non institutionalized procedure of assembling.
Aside from that there has been erosion in the utilization of present day building strategies and specialized applications in article of clothing assembling plants, which has brought about lower levels of profitability.
With this view, the IIGM PROJECT DIVISION was set up in Bangalore in 1997 with a dream to cook the specialized needs of attire makers in the use of building strategies and innovation.
The boss goal of the ventures division is to give a ONE STOP SOLUTION to the attire producers by giving complete building and types of gear required for setting up the plant.

Introduction to Quality of Work Life.
Earlier Review of Quality of Work Life.
Quality of Work Life at IIGM Pvt Ltd.

Quality of work life is fundamentally a philosophy or an approach that can permeate many different activities in the workplace.For example, if the performance appraisal program moves from the scenario where the supervisor plays god,to one of a joint superior-subordinate review and evaluation,it could be characterized as an improvement in quality of work life.Job enrichment and Job enlargement,instead of highly specialized job assignments,are also frequently described as quality of work life programs.
In effect ,any specific improvement in and around workplace is often included under the catchall term of Quality of work Life.
Quality can be surveyed by elements such as execution, dependability, feel, and conforming to client prerequisites. Quality alludes to “opportunity from wastage, flexibility from inconvenience and flexibility from disappointment”.
Quality of Work Life alludes to the level of fulfillment, inspiration, association and responsibility people involvement regarding their lives at work.
Nature of Work Life is the extent to which people can fulfill their essential individual needs while utilized by the firm. Organizations keen on upgrading representatives Quality of Work Life by and large attempt to ingrain in workers the sentiments of security, value, pride, inward majority rule government, proprietorship, self-governance, obligation and adaptability.
Quality of Work Life has likewise been connected with hierarchical changes went for expanding the levels of occupation enlarging and employment advancement. Critically, the thought is that of achieving more elevated amounts of association and in this way inspiration by enhancing the engaging quality of the work itself instead of through enhancing the terms and states of work (Hertzberg). Personal satisfaction marvels investigated in right on time considers included occupation fulfillment (measured by worker turnover, non-attendance or mentality reviews), hierarchical atmosphere and the learning of new errands.
Quality of Work Life alludes to reasonable compensation, safe and solid environment, open doors for development. Better Quality of Work Life prompts inspiration and fulfillment. Inspired and fulfilled representatives improve commitment to generation, quality and efficiency.
Associations before, gave more significance on the propelled innovation for higher efficiency surpassing the requirements and mental condition of its representatives. This made a negative effect on the workplace among the representatives. Along these lines, this was understood that the societal bolster hand with the specialized advancements. This incorporation can likewise be made through nature of work life programs.
Work Life indicates all the hierarchical inputs which go for the representative fulfillment and upgrading authoritative viability. In the late 1950’s the term Quality of Work Life was utilized to push winning low quality of life at work spot and it is initially characterized then as far as individuals response to work, especially a people work fulfillment and psychological well-being. It additionally alludes to the positivity and unfavorableness of occupation environment for individuals.
Objectives of Work Life:
‘ To increment in individual efficiency, responsibility and duty.
‘ For better cooperation and correspondence.
‘ For enhancing the resolve of representatives.
‘ To decrease hierarchical anxiety.
‘ To enhance connections both on and off the employment.
‘ To enhance the wellbeing working conditions.
‘ To give sufficient Human Asset Improvement Programs.
‘ To enhance representative fulfillment.
‘ To fortify working environment learning.
‘ To better oversee on-going change and move.
‘ To take an interest in administration at all levels in molding the association
Nature of Work Life has expected expanding hobby and significance in both industrialized and in addition creating nations of the country. In India, its degree is by all accounts more extensive than much work enactment authorized to ensure the laborers.
Lee M. Ozley and Judith S Ball, defines ‘Quality of Work Life as initiating successful Efforts in Labor Management Organization’.
J.B. Ritchie and Raymond E. Miles,’An Analysis of Quantity and Quality of Participation as Mediating variables in participative Decision Making process’.
Likewise the type involving Work Lifetime is actually characterized in just like way avenues as “all this authoritative inputs which often opt for worker’s satisfaction and also replacing hierarchical adequacy”.
Harvard Educator Richard E. Walton proposes this enclosed ten remarkable determined classifications to give any design for you to deteriorating it is notable featuers:
a) Absolute and also reasonable remuneration.
b) Safety and also sound functioning circumstances.
c) Quick possible opportunity to use and also develop individual limitations.
d) Future opens up home with regard to proceeded together with development and also
e) Public mixes in the workplace.
f) Constitutionalism or maybe this ‘principle involving law’ within the work association.
g) Work along with the mixture life area.
h) The societal incredible importance of work life.
Earlier Reviews:
As of late the expression “Personal satisfaction” has been utilized with expanding recurrence to portray certain natural and humanistic qualities dismissed by modern efficiency and financial development. Inside of business associations consideration has been centered around the Nature of human involvement in the work place. In the meantime, numerous organizations have scrutinized their feasibility in progressively aggressive world markets. These double concerns have made a developing enthusiasm for the potential outcomes of overhauling the way of work. Numerous current authoritative trials try to enhance both profitability for the association and the nature of working life for its individuals. Quality can be surveyed by components such as execution, dependability, style, and following client prerequisites. Quality alludes to “opportunity from wastage, flexibility from inconvenience and opportunity from disappointment”.
They attempt to treat workers in a reasonable and strong way, open correspondence channels at all levels, offer representatives chances to take part in choices influencing them and enable them to continue with their assignments. Nature of Work Life has additionally been connected with hierarchical changes went for expanding the levels of employment enlarging (more noteworthy even errand adaptability) and occupation improvement (more prominent vertical assignment adaptability including the tackling of new obligations including those in the past attempted by supervisory or administrative faculty). Significantly, the thought is that of accomplishing more elevated amounts of contribution and subsequently inspiration by enhancing the appeal of the work itself as opposed to through enhancing the terms and states of work (Hertzberg). Personal satisfaction marvels investigated in right on time ponders included occupation fulfillment (measured by worker turnover, non-attendance or mentality reviews), hierarchical atmosphere and the learning of new assignments. Nature of Work Life alludes to reasonable compensation, safe and solid environment, open doors for development. Better Nature of Work Life prompts inspiration and fulfillment. Roused and fulfilled representatives improve commitment to generation, quality and profitability.
Quality of Work Life at IIGM Pvt Ltd:
Nature of work life programs for the most part concentrate on the earth inside of the organization.HRD structures focus on delegate welfare and nature of work life by interminably assessing specialist needs and meeting them to the degree feasible.Job change programmes,educational subsidies,recreational activities,health and medicinal benefits,etc.,generate a feeling of having a place that advantages the association over the long haul.
Human asset for hierarchical viability:
The hierarchical arrangements and works on with respect to individuals still have a tendency to have conventional supposition as the backdrop.Onthe other hand,organizational environment have been changing the levels of desires and goals of employees.In the nonattendance of their exercise,organizations will persistently keep running into emergency administration circumstances prompting grievous manager representative relations and lower performance,productivity and profitability.To shield against this adverse force,HRM must be adequately upheld by a human building philosophy.This is the place the significance of HRD is felt.
A few reasons are
HRD had a constrained area around trining and Employee execution..
It didn’t have adequate legitimate linkages with other HR administration sub-frameworks like order management,industrial relations,etc..It was superimposed regardless the existing culture of the organization.
Compensation and benefit Strategy :
IIGM LTD concentrated on remuneration as being fundamental to our work and
perceiving ability.
Pay rates change as per the different divisions, assignments, capability, past work encounters and an effective, stable work record. Pay for one specific employment or order can’t be contrasted as being relative with some other.
For Middle level employee, pay is set into settled levels relying upon assignment. These levels will change in any event every year taking into account economic situations. Advancement to the following assignments is joined by an equivalent increment in pay and advancements are construct totally with respect to individual execution and commitment to the organization.
For General employee, changes in pay will be recompensed on an individual premise subordinate upon individual execution and general commitment to the Organization’s benefit.
Compensation Structure:
Remuneration Structure
Month to month remuneration segments include:
‘ Gross pay
‘ Annual Advantages
‘ Retirement Advantages
‘ Other Advantages
Gross Pay incorporates:
Essential Pay
The Essential Pay is the compensation that is paid to all workers in light of position, rank and execution. The essential is for the most part 40% to 45% of the Gross. Different remittances and perquisites are connected to the essential compensation.
House Rent Stipend (HRA)
HRA is paid month to month to all workers and is connected to the Base Pay. In situations where HRA is nontaxable, workers might look for repayment by submitting Rent receipts to the Records office. The measure of assessment exemptible House Rent Recompense should be according to the Indian Pay Charge rules. HRA is 25% to 30% of the gross pay.
Movement Stipend (CA)
Movement Stipend is given to representatives with the end goal of offering them meet the use some assistance with incurring relating to transport in their execution of authority obligations. For the most part CA is 10% to 15% of Gross.
City Remuneration Remittance (CCA)
CCA is a stipend payable, consistently; to tolerate the everyday nearby costs. This is settled at 10% of the Gross and should be as shown in their pay structure.
Other Stipend
Different Stipends is an extra recompense payable consistently to workers and should be as shown in their pay structure. OA is 5% of the Gross.

Annual Advantages:
‘ Statutory Reward: All workers of IIGM LTD are qualified to get a statutory reward.
‘ Performance Connected Variable Remuneration: All workers are qualified to get 7% on Fundamental yearly. Variable Pay (taking into account execution) consistently after affirmation.
‘ Retention/Execution Reward: All Representatives are qualified for a Maintenance/Execution Reward. This reward is completely at the caution of the organization. This reward is paid either every year or semi-yearly relying upon division and assignment.
Retirement Advantages include:
‘ Gratuity: This is a statutory commitment to the business to pay tip to the representative who is finished 5 years of administration and leaving the organization.
‘ Provident Reserve: The Provident Asset is an obligatory bank account made up of commitments deducted from the worker’s compensation month to month equivalent to 12.5% of base pay and an equivalent measure of commitment by IIGM LTD. The joined sum is transmitted to the Provident Asset Record of the representative.
Therefore the PF Account at any given time comprises of:
‘ Boss’ commitment
‘ Representative’s commitment
‘ Enthusiasm on equalization
Other Advantages:
ESI: 2% on Gross is representative commitment and 3% to 4% on gross is manager commitment. This reasoning is material to workers whose gross is beneath Rs.7500.
Probation and Affirmation:
A probation period helps the organization to screen the execution of new workers and to take formative/remedial activity at the beginning phase of vocation. All recently enlisted representatives of IIGM LTD will be on post trial supervision for a time of 3 months from the date of their arrangement.
On the off chance that the administration thinks of it as important, the probation period can be expanded and if the worker’s execution were still not discovered tasteful, the administrations of the representative would be stopped.
The representative will be educated of his/her probation period through the arrangement letter. A probationer will be esteemed to be affirmed in his/her occupation, just when the HR Office illuminates him/her of the same in composing.
Partition from the Firm:
Not everybody who goes along with us will go through a whole profession with our firm. Despite the fact that detachment from the firm, as different times of move, can be troublesome at the time, we perceive the estimation of every individual’s choice.
Representative Started Partition/Acquiescence:
At the point when the representative wishes to fire his job with the organization, He/she needs to educate chief. A composed notification of your aim to leave and, if concurred, the date of your last working day in the workplace should likewise be given. The letter of acquiescence must be recognized by the naming power/properly approved signatory.
On receipt of the letter, the separate head of division will give points of interest of methodology, which should be finished preceding leaving the organization. You should get the No-Contribution Declaration appropriately filled in and send it to the HR Office before your full and last settlement will be finished.
Organization Started Partition/End:
End of administration is a cognizant follow up on the part of the organization and by and large results from a disciplinary activity, aside from where it is the end or non-reestablishment of an agreement of vocation for a particular period. The HR, as coordinated by the Divisional Heads, will handle all instances of end of administration and will guarantee consistence with every single legitimate formalitie while undertaking these activities.
Leave Approach:
There are 5 sorts of leaves at IIGM LTD
‘ Easygoing Leave
‘ Debilitated Leave
‘ Earned Leave
‘ Maternity Take off
‘ Paternity Take off
Worker Welfare Programs:
Remembering the need to extend IIGM LTD social excitement, initiativeness and representative cooperation, in a characterized way, we have concocted different “Clubs” with the workers assuming responsibility of it.
The different clubs are as per the following:
Sports Club – For every brandishing activitie in the association
Social Club – It deals with representative diversion and takes in charge of sorting out yearly day social occasions.
Group Administration Club ‘ By this we include in numerous exercises for social causes such as halfway house visits, Blood gift camps and so forth.
In the event that there is any issues, grumblings or recommendations can be post to the associations ID and they will guarantee to deal with it.

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