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Essay: Impact of Brexit on the Automotive Industry/BMW

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Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft (BMWAG), which is situated in Munich, Germany, is the parent organization of the BMW Group. The essential business objective of the BMW Group is the advancement, make and closeout of motors and of all vehicles outfitted with those motors. The BMW Group is subdivided into the Car, Motorcycles, Financial Services and Other Elements sections (the last essentially containing holding organizations and Group financing organizations). Bayerische Motoren Werke G.m. b. H. came into being in 1917. Having been initially established in 1916 as Bayerische Flugzeugwerke AG (BFW), it moved toward becoming Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft (BMWAG) in 1918.

The BMW Group is a standout amongst the best producers of vehicles and cruisers worldwide and among the biggest modern organizations in Germany. With BMW, Small scale and Rolls-Royce, the BMW Group claims three of the most grounded premium brands in the car business. The vehicles it produces set the most noteworthy principles as far as style, elements, innovation also, quality, a reality borne out by the BMW Group’s driving position in designing and advancement. Notwithstanding its solid position in the cruisers advertise, the BMW Group additionally offers its clients an effective scope of monetary administrations. As of late, the Group has likewise settled itself as a main supplier of premium administrations for individual versatility. Toward the finish of the detailing period, the BMW Group had a workforce of 116,324 workers around the world. (Official BMW Statement Group, 2014)

Problem Statement:

The upturn in the UK car industry lately has seen yield expanding by over 60% since 2010, with over £8bn worth of interest in the business in the most recent five years (SMMT, 2016). The business underpins nearly 800,000 employments altogether in the UK. There are numerous explanations behind this ongoing car industry achievement – the abilities base, helpful working among associations and the executives, joins with colleges, a steady modern strategy, etc. Yet, it ought to likewise be noticed that a key factor for the achievement has likewise been access to the EU Single Market. To be sure, the business is viewed as having profited from EU participation, and in getting to the single market, as well as through the EU cutting economic alliance with the rest of the world, in the UK impacting EU directions, and in getting to talented laborers also, European research financing and systems (KPMG, 2014).

Brexit effect on BMW Company:

In the UK, the year 2016 was set apart by the Brexit choice, the monetary effect of which is required to be felt from 2017 onwards. For the year under report, a hearty GDP development rate of 2.0% was recorded. Political vulnerability did not adversely affect family unit spending. The development rate additionally profited from falling joblessness. The expansion in ventures by organizations was essentially lower than in earlier years, while the ascent in government spending was underneath normal. Regardless of the enormous debasement of the British pound after the choice, export records were lesser than the ones recorded one year before. The British pound debilitated essentially in the wake of the Brexit choice. Contrasted with its normal rate of 0.78 to the euro amid the primary portion of the year, it fell strongly amid the second 50% of the year to 0.86 to the euro. The Bank of England responded to expanding post-choice vulnerability by bringing down loan fees, along these lines adding to the debilitating of the pound (BMW Annual Report, 2016)

Due to the Brexit Decision, BMW intended to close its Mini plant for 1 month after the UK’s authentic takeoff from the European Union, to limit the effect of a no-bargain Brexit that it fears would cause a lack of parts. According to The German carmaker (BMW Owner, 2018) said it was presenting yearly support work at the site in Cowley, Oxford – which turns out 1,000 Minis every day – to match with the weeks quickly following the UK’s exit from the EU. The alternate course of action is intended to restrict any interruption to its generation in light of the fact that any blockages in the cross-Channel supply of parts would happen while it is refreshing and supplanting hardware, not while it is producing autos.

Impacts on the Automotive Industry

The auto industry right now has somewhere in the range of 5,000 opportunities and should have the capacity to employ talented laborers from Europe (SMMT, 2016). Once more, this should be dealt with as fast as conceivable. The degree to which car firms in the UK are influenced by controls on movement will, obviously, rely upon the idea of any new principles. One alternative could be to broaden current guidelines for non-EU/EEA nationals to all non-UK nationals (House of Commons Library, 2016). This would viably confine monetary movement to profoundly gifted vagrants, lessening the inflow of transient specialists doing low-talented occupations. Be that as it may, as verified by the Social Market Foundation (2016), just 12% of current EEA representatives working in the UK in general would meet visa necessities that at present apply to non-EEA specialists. This may prompt work deficiencies in those areas which utilize a higher offer of EU transients in their workforce, including fabricating (at 10%) (House of Commons Library, 2016). A progressively prohibitive migration framework may likewise expand troubles on car firms on the off chance that they need to invest energy and assets on getting visas and consenting to increasingly definite migration directions.

Operations Strategy and Management

The job and process of operations strategy is to give an arrangement to the tasks work so that it can make the best utilization of its assets. Tasks procedure indicates the strategies what’s more, plans for utilizing the association’s assets to help its long haul aggressive system. (Wiley,2001)

At the point when BMW understood the insufficiencies of its arranging process, specifically the exertion it required, it started a task to enhance its key load arranging. BMW representatives who were PhD understudies chipped away at the venture in collaboration with employees of the bureau of creation and coordinations of the University of Augsburg. In a first stage, Peter Henrich (2002) contemplated the interfaces between the heap arranging and the by and large key arranging and the suggestions for a quantitative model inside this arranging process. He built up a blended whole number programming (MIP) show and actualized it in a business programming framework. In a second stage, Sonja Ferber (2005) stretched out the model to incorporate venture choices also, their effect on plant limits and the money related factors.

Henrich (2002) formalized the general strategic planning process and the interfaces with vital stack arranging. He characterized various incomplete systems, for example, the area methodology, the designation technique, the limit and adaptability procedure, and the make-or-purchase technique, and he depicted qualities of these techniques for a superior vehicle maker rather than a mass item maker. For occurrence, in deciding its area methodology, BMW must think about whether qualified workforce are accessible in a remote nation and the beneficial outcome on its picture of creation in Germany (“made in Germany”). In deciding its distribution technique, BMW’s goal of making exceedingly altered vehicles to arrange requires adaptable sequential construction systems that can be utilized for the most part for all results of a plant, though a maker of mass items utilizes committed get together lines for each item with couple of variations and along these lines expands profitability and diminishes costs. Designating a few items to one plant makes it simpler to balance its use, and delivering extensive volume items in a few plants gives the firm the adaptability to adapt to shifting interest. Limit of the introduced machines ought to be more prominent than the expected interest so the firm has the adaptability to take care of the real demand by the decision of the fitting working time. The BMW Group has obviously characterized governs on the most proficient method to decide the adaptability hold. (Fleischmann, Ferber, and Henrich,2009)

Project Management at BMW:

In BMW the act of task the executives is supported by the Project Management

Structure (PM Framework). The PM Framework gives the structure, direction and apparatuses essential for a reliable, controlled and thorough way to deal with overseeing ventures; fitting to type, hazard and unpredictability.

The PM Framework isn’t expected to keep venture experts to an inflexible methodology that forces superfluous requirements. The point of the PM Framework is to give best practice direction and supporting instruments that strike a harmony between the advantages of institutionalized working rehearses and the adaptability to oblige an assortment of task types and conditions.

The Project Management Framework contains instruments, layouts, procedures and methods to empower the most proficient and viable strategy for undertaking a venture in an institutionalized way. (PM Framework, 2011)

The targets of the PM Framework are to:

  • Achieve an incentive for cash;
  • Ensure fidelity and responsibility;
  • Attain time and cost execution;
  • Deliver venture greatness;
  • Be anything but difficult to utilize; and
  • Enable consistent enhancement.

I would advise the Project Management framework to give out a lot of guidelines, bolstered by definitions, forms, the executives jobs, record formats and devices to characterize a system for the administration of ventures inside BMW. It should be able to enhance the institutionalization of venture the executives and the effectiveness, adequacy and nature of the administration of undertaking work with enhanced consistence to Government and BMW procedures and approaches.

Supply chain model

To enhance BMW’s heap arranging, I would suggest a supply chain model which considers and hovers upon the importance of:

(1) consider the effect of the heap anticipating the whole inventory network from the providers to the clients,
(2) build up a quantitative advancement show with an obviously characterized target work, and
(3) execute the model in a simple to-utilize programming framework.

To incorporate the new load-arranging model into BMW’s current key arranging process, they needed to expand the current load arranging past the outskirts of the office in control and acquire the collaboration of different offices, for example, acquisition, motor plants, and appropriation coordinations. It is important to consider the ramifications of corporate key arranging, specifically item arranging, as previously. Fusing key choices concerning the item program into the improvement show, as a few creators proposed (Papageorgiou et al. 2001, Popp 1983), isn’t satisfactory in the car business. There, item strategy is the key issue for intensity and relies upon numerous subjective elements. Yet, a heap arranging model can be utilized to bolster a choice about another item by appearing the ramifications for the production network. (Semantics Scholar, 2015)

As indicated by BMW yearly report (2012), BMW set its targets to move more than 2 million autos every year by 2016 and focus on an expansion of 8 to 10% in income before intrigue and duty edge in car portion. These destinations are communicated in monetary terms. The objective is quite certain as it expresses the ideal deals levels by a specific era, to be accomplished. It is quantifiable by the business figures, firmly significant to its central goal and above all, genuinely reachable. Cardy and Leonard (2011) share a rundown of objectives planned by BMW:

  • Manufacture natural neighborly vehicles
  • Stay ahead in the opposition
  • Help the general public by being mindful
  • Increase the business the whole way across the world
  • Group-wide natural insurance

These key objectives of BMW are demonstrated imperative and will influence the organization in the long run. It takes into worry of different perspectives. Both BMW’s central goal and vision are client arranged, accentuating on the purchasers of their car. They mean to fuse current innovation with high-class car to make an advantageous and wonderful driving background. They endeavor to depict themselves as a way of life symbol, and yet making uniqueness through decent variety (Bart, 2010) by means of consistent “redesigns” and changes to attempt furthermore, fulfill client’s needs close by with innovation progression.

Manufacturing/Operation Process

I would advise BMW to use high technology to build and manufacture their cars with highly skilled workforce to ensure efficiency and quality engine motors. The BMW Group brings new types of robotized driving and computerized network together with another age of electric versatility, lightweight development and trailblazing inside structure that will set new models for the client’s portability encounter. The company is always creating progressively practical items, for example, the creation of hydrogen fueled vehicles. BMW built up its own one of a kind EfficientDynamics innovation (BMW, 2013) to lessen utilization and outflows while as yet guaranteeing reasonable portability. BMW put intensely in R&D for new clever developments for improve execution and experience. Regardless of the nearness of Audi and Mercedes, BMW has just accomplished a high ground in this field.

Marketing Functions


With BMW as the worldwide extravagance pioneer, Audi and Mercedes have venture up different methodologies and endeavors to topple BMW. To safeguard its top notch authority, BMW needs to screen its rivals intently for any new item dispatch or system all together to react quickly. Any new technique dispatch by contenders will undermine BMW’s piece of the overall industry, going about as outside weight on BMW to do neutralize measures. Key investors will be financial specialists of BMW, the wellspring of its working capital. BMW need to keep them fulfilled and all around educated by means of the organization’s yearly money related and financial specialist relations reports

Stakeholders and Shareholders

BMW objectives endeavor to fulfill a greater gathering of partners: intrigue gatherings and representatives. Being in charge of nature, society and item, BMW is capable to set up great relations and notoriety internationally with substances, for example, the Green Harmony, Road Traffic Safety (Anton, 2008). BMW structure their vehicles to lessen discharges and accomplish adequate natural models so as to pick up help from different elements, which in a roundabout way support deals figure. Feasible administration of the organization fills in as extraordinary certainty for representatives, thusly boosting work frame of mind and profitable proficiency.Conclusively, BMW needs to keep concentrating on its separation center technique in the top notch section to keep up its distinction image personality and force through connecting with and speaking with buyers. BMW can put resources into statistical surveying and understanding buyer inclination and practices, which will factor into new sorts of models, items and administration advertised. Teaching shoppers on the advantages of reasonable vehicles can help enhance BMW’s image esteem.

BMW should keep on building up its plan of action through new kinds of organizations and coordinated efforts. This incorporate industry coordinated effort on power organize, digital security and correspondences which share innovation and developments for delivering little motors dependent on low outflow advances. Expanding cooperation with government and controllers on high capital venture activities will help BMW get governments’ appropriations and motivations.

Ability Management BMW’s representatives are the most important resource for the organization and social workforce assorted variety is a key factor for future accomplishment to guarantee future intensity. This can be practiced with interest in preparing focusing on right abilities and outlooks of key chiefs and future pioneers so as to viably deal with the change toward a reasonable car industry. Another system is to draw in new exceptionally qualified abilities to the organization, to help exchange information and keep advancing vehicles and new creation strategies.

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