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Allen Ambor, founder and executive member invested R4000 to open the first Golden Spur in Newlands, Cape Town in 1967 and since then, then have been apart of the South African family.

With Spur and their restaurants being so popular, Ambor decided that franchising his business was the best option and opportunity to grow his business. Spur was first listed on the Travel and Leisure sector of the JSE in 1986. In 1999 the business was reconstructed which resulted into the formation of Spur Corporation.

In December 1990, Panarottis Pizza Pasta was developed by the group, under the same principles that made Spur a household name.

Since then, Spur has developed a reputation for themselves, a positive reputation being a tasty, nutritious and a value for money meal. I chose Spur because I eat there quite often and I see new outreach projects every time and this is telling me they have a good intention making the world around them a more happy and peaceful place. I would not be hesitant to go to Spur purely because if I go there and have a good meal and I am satisfied with the meal, I will pay and that will make me feel better about myself because I know my money will go towards something that could change and save a life and make somebody
else’s life better.

Why Spur?

I chose Spur Steak Ranches because I eat at Spur quite often and every time I go to Spur, they have a different CSR project being displayed or introduced. Which means they are constantly involved with the reaching out to people and are making a difference in people’s lives for the better. I feel proud when I have a delicious tasty meal and I pay because that money goes to their foundation to helping people, you can then say you have made a difference in somebody’s lives and could feel good about it. Spur aims to help as many people and foundations as possible to give back to the community. They have numerous CSR projects on the go and always expand their abilities.

Spur Foundation

Spurs Toys for Tots: The Season of Giving at Spur

There are so many children that will not be receiving gifts or love during the festive holidays and celebrations. Children are such a huge focus in the Spur Corporation, Spur Foundation will coordinate a national toy collection drive to put a smile on some underprivileged children’s faces and help them have a better life.

Between 1st December 2014 and 16th January 2015 collection boxes for old and new toys will be available at all Spur and these boxes will be allocated to a Spur Foundation beneficiary per province.

Spur runs this operation on an annual basis, The Toy Drive collected 77 boxed filled during the festive season during the 2013 period.

The beneficiaries are:

Gauteng: ASAH Trust
Western Cape: Durbanville Children’s home
Umnqophiso Preprimary

House of Grace
Free State: Botshelo CentreInn Safe Hands
Eastern Cape: Inn Safe Hands

Spur Foundation Saluting Our Creating Change Hero!

On the 9th of August, National Women’s days will be the day South Africa will be saluting the role of women in our society. Spur foundation will be supporting and saluting Liesel James, founder of Creating Change, one of the important beneficiaries of the Spur foundation. Creating Change is a non profit company that strives to help and empower the youth in under privileged communities. The Creating Change company provides and education and skills through cultural farming (gardening), healthy cooking and nutrition, product development and much more.

Creating Change and Spur Foundation joined forces to come up and put together Conscious Lifestyle Programme at the Desmond Tutu HIV Youth Centre in Masiphumulele, In between Kommetjie and Noordhoek, Cape Town.
Liesel believes that children need support and hope and her and her team definitely provided them with support and a better future for them and their families. Spur has supported Creating Change for 6 years and watched them grow from strength to strength.

She wanted to make them remember her as a person that always guided them and always supported them but also somebody that believed in them.

Spur Foundation Spreading Grace at House of Grace

The House Of Grace just outside Durbanville was visited on the 2nd of August 2014, each child received a box filled with goodies and gifts from their sponsors. The House of Grace is a safe and good environment for abandoned and abused children who have had a rough and hard time in the past. The house holds 18 children between 13 months and 16 years old. They do not receive any government help or subsidy and are really struggling to make this works well. The Spur foundation tools action and started to support Aletta Herbst (manager of the house). Spur Employees and Foundation joined in the ‘Sponsor a Child’ project where gift boxes were put together for all the children. These gift boxes were filled with special surprises and useful items from soccer balls, shoes, nail polish, hair accessories and clothing to baby food.

Wessa Eco-Schools Green Day: Creating Worth and Value

Wednesday 18th July was the day Duneside Primary School attended a Spur sponsored WESSA Eco- schools Green Day in the Mitchell’s plains on the Cape Flats. Spur will be assisting the school during the 2014 year to make sure sustainable gardening and educate the community around on the values of growing your own sustainable green crops.

For the Green Day in Mitchell’s Plain, Spur:

  • Provided food for every child at the schools (1500 fruit at Duneside Primary School and 1430 cups of soup, bread and oranges for pupils and staff at Saxonsea Primary School)
  • Sponsored educational sessions with approximately 130 learners (making curriculum links and teaching learners why the garden has been planted at their school).
  • Provided financially for the plants, seedlings, compost, labour and facilitation of the permaculture garden.
  • Covered WESSA’s facilitation of the event
  • Financed three site visits from permaculture experts, SEED, to ensure the planning, implementation and follow-up of the garden.

Spur Foundations Relate Bracelet campaign

55,000 people joined the movement by supporting the Spur Foundation Relate Bracelet campaign . The funds are going to be going into a very exciting new franchise model, which creates opportunities for township communities. Spurs goal is to reach 67,000 Bracelets which will be selling at R30.

International Burger day – 28th May 2015

Spur foundation on International Burger day reached out to some of the schools and children’s homes and supported. Cape Town, Spur foundation visited Umnqophiso Pre-primary in Lwandle where 224 children got really excited when they were surprised with delicious and tasty Original Spur burgers for lunch. Spur foundation celebrated this day with 482 children in total, spread over Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Bloemfontein and Port Elizabeth.

Spurs Foundation Inaugural Fundraising Dinner

The Spur Foundation hosted their Dinner at Emperors Palace in Johannesburg on the 14th March 2015. 500 guests attended the night and this resulted in R450,000 for the foundation. Which then supports children and families throughout communities in South Africa. Things such as an autographed Manchester United jersey was sold for R37,000 and this money went to a charity foundation towards kids and their underprivileged communities.

In Depth CSR Project

The Spur Foundation donates toys and food to the Durbanville Children’s Home

Think of the Spur and you think of family. A firm favourite with South African children for decades, the Spur is where we take our families for great food and great fun. The Spur Foundation was established so that this winning recipe could also be delivered outside their restaurants. As part of this commitment to the welfare of South African children, the Spur Foundation organises an annual Toy Drive for underprivileged children. One of the beneficiaries this year is the Durbanville Children’s Home in the northern suburbs of Cape Town.

On 17 February, a collection of toys was handed over to the Home. Children remained centre-stage at the event, with Spur staff entertaining the 2-6 year olds with party games like pass-the-parcel. Each child got a Sponge Bob Squarepants soft toy and a Spur lucky packet – not to mention slices of delicious Panarotti’s pizza for dinner.

Johanna Strauss, Marketing and Fundraising Manager for the Home, was delighted by the event: “On behalf of the Durbanville Children’s Home I want to thank the Spur Foundation for their generous attitude toward the vulnerable children presently in our care. The 30 boxes of presents, pizza for our little ones and the fun way in which they interacted with the children is a testimony to the commitment of the Spur Foundation to touch and improve
the lives of vulnerable children. The care taken in making it a magical experience for our children is much appreciated. It is only with the assistance of organisations like the Spur Foundation that the Home can render quality care and show our children that there are people in the community who care about them.”

The Durbanville Children’s Home currently cares for 144 children, all from backgrounds of either abuse or neglect. The Home relies on donations of clothes and furniture for the children, as well as financial assistance from local business. For Ronel Van Dijk,
Chairperson of the Spur Foundation, supporting the Home is an ideal way for the Foundation to achieve its aim of uplifting and improving the lives of South African families and children:

“The number of neglected and abused children in South Africa is growing at an alarming 29% per year. We have an estimated 5.2 million orphans in our country. We all need to
work together to alleviate the suffering of these children and provide them with brighter futures. The Spur Foundation is committed to playing its part, and supporting the nationwide beneficiaries of our Toy Drive is just one of the ways we are fulfilling our core values of generosity and Ubuntu.”

SWOT Analysis


The Strengths of this project is quite immense and relay a message to all the people around. The strengths of this project is that people will be willing to come to Spur and have a big tasty valued for money meal because they will then realise that it is their money that is going towards the Spur Foundation and towards the under privileged children throughout South Africa. Other companies will be willing to make donations towards the Spur Foundation to help these kids and make a positive impact in their lives for the better.


Spur Foundation could be looked at in a negative way because they could be seen as a Foundation that is targeting a sensitive part of people and the world. They could make the children feel that they are not wanted or not important because companies have to develop a CSR project because they have to and they are on the end of the CSR project. This is a non-profit organisation and they could lose money by doing this and this is why they need donation ns and they need your support by having a tasty meal.


This could be a very good opportunity for Spur to advertise their CSR project and to get other companies to come and support them through their journey of making under privileged children a priority In our society and helping them to have a better life and to help them stop regretting the past and the future. This project could get the children to add hope to their lives and to make them feel loved and worth something.

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Spur Corporation’s commitment to creating a sustainable business involves taking environmental sustainability very seriously, not only in their corporate offices, but also in restaurants. Although franchisees cannot be dictated, the group uses its influence to encourage sustainable practices, especially where it has a demonstrable financial benefit.

The Green Economics Toolkit educates and informs employees and franchisees about sustainable business practices and offers practical tips on minimizing electricity usage, water consumption and waste production.

The company continuously improves the collection of sustainability data at its offices to understand current usage and to put realistic targets in place. Both the Cape Town head office and the Durban regional office underwent full energy retrofits. Waste management and eco-friendly packaging are two core focus areas, with more than 90% of the waste produced by head office being recycled during the past year.

The group’s environmental sustainability committee was established to implement “green policies” and a sustainability strategy for the group, and to assist the board in measuring compliance with the policies and strategies. The committee comprises executive directors Pierre van Tonder, Mark Farrelly and Ronel van Dijk, the group finance executive, group marketing executive, Panarottis’ chief operating officer and a number of other functional heads and managers within the group. The committee is chaired by the group’s sustainability champion, Joe Stead. Additional subcommittees have been established in each region and in certain specific functional areas.

Sustainability is very important to Spur Foundations SR projects because it allows for constant development in the community that the project is directed at and is aiming to do. Sustainability is ethically and morally the only way to run these projects and how they see the future to plan out and if these Projects are going to work and be a success in the future. I see sustainability as a thing that takes the present and the future into certain aspects of that project.

Sustainability for the CSR project above would be going back every year or twice a year with the same amount of gifts to give and love to share. So I think that Spur Foundation would have to see if the could afford to go back there every year without the standard of gifts dropping, meaning if they go there the first time and give really nice gifts that the children love and want more and the next time they go, the level of gifts given has dropped and they don’t enjoy it and it gets worse every year, that to me is not sustainability and should not happen if they cannot afford it.

Spur would need to set the standard and not let that standard drop throughout the years to come if they decide to continue to do the CSR Projects and if they do, they need to do it 100% all the time and continue to make a difference in people’s lives form the better. This CSR Project offers jobs to people by making them work at the house to look after these children and that leads to unemployment rate to go down in South Africa.


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