Essay: STEEPLED analysis of agriculture industry in Maharashtra

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Social factor

 Provision of irrigation facilities and encouragement to expand cooperatives were among the main strategies which were followed for agricultural development in Maharashtra.

 Different social groups responded differently to these new opportunities. The differential responses were a result of the differing material conditions of the groups and their perceptions of their own interests.

 It was also a matter of differing values and attitudes.

Technological factor

 Maharashtra is in forefront in the use of bio -technology in the country with issue culture technology the production of quality planting material is gaining immense popularity for micro propagation of various cash crops flowering shrub and trees.

 Since the farmers are attracted immensely towards this technology, Govt. of Maharashtra would like to decide the slate policy regarding use of bio technology in agriculture. In order to take a stock of present scenario of various aspects pertaining to bio technology Govt. of Maharashtra has appointed a committee under the chairmanship of Principal Secretary, Agriculture of Govt. of Maharashtra.

 The nature and level of human efforts applied and the quality of physical environment give rise to spatial variation in the agricultural patterns.

 technology of hybrid seed and other use by framer to increased productivity.

Economic Factor

 Economic factor is affected all the criteria of agriculture in Maharashtra.

 the temporal aspects are studied at the district level to appreciate the overall picture of changes in agricultural patterns. The investigation excludes the Thane city tahsil being predominantly urban area.

 Season and crop reports published by the Government of Maharashtra , formed a major source of data on land use and cropping patterns at district level.

 Annual socio-economic review and district socio-economic abstracts of Thane districts were the sources of data on land use, cropping patterns, irrigation, population and other economic activities.

 This has a cascading effect on the secondary economic sectors, the overall economy, food inflation and therefore the overall quality and cost of living for the general population

 As rural communities that can no longer support themselves with agriculture move to the overcrowded urban centres, they increase the demands on the infrastructure and economies of these cities

Environmental Factor

 Climate change is beginning to cause disruptions to the monsoon, the seasonal rains which provide water to the Indian state of Maharashtra

 This rainfall shortage has multiple detrimental effects, damaging agricultural productivity, and leading to shortages of drinking and household water in rural communities and urban centers.

 Maharashtra in farmers have begun to shift away from the production of cotton, cereal grains, and sugar cane, which all can be produced more easily in other states.

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