Jiu-jitsu business plan

Gracie Jiu-jitsu Knoxville Gracie jiu-jitsu Knoxville is a startup corporation that provides men, women and children the opportunity to improve their physical fitness, mental well-being, and self-defense awareness through martial arts training. The school contributes to the Knoxville community by bringing neighbors together to participate in a rewarding physical activity tailored to individual needs. I … Read more


Introduction Company history and background Adidas AG adapted as Adidɑs since 1949 is a multinational partnership, established and headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Germany that outlines and fabricates shoes, dress and embellishments. It is the biggest sportswear producer in Europe and the second biggest on the planet after Nike. It is the holding organization for the Adidas … Read more

Enterprise Risk Management – ERM

Risk taking is a characteristic piece of any enterprise establishment, yet isn’t regularly expressed in the definition of business choices. The term Risk has often been connected with unwanted events, and risk management has been characterized as investigating and limiting the likelihood and effect of undesirable events. This is just a single analysis of the … Read more

Quality inspection and assurance

In today’s rapidly changing and yet more competitive international market quality has become something that more and more businesses are focused on. The reasons are very clear. In this market your strategy can either be to go about the price route (i.e. competing on price) or justifying the extra price by providing better quality product … Read more

Advancements in Procurement Practices and Supply-Chain Management…


Get out of my space – business idea

Executive Summary Get Out Of My Space (GOOMS) was founded by four friends in 2014, and has had a focus on defying what people thought possible of us. In the summer of 2018 GOOMS’ producing a show, ‘Umbra’, in collaboration with Theatre with Teeth, that will once again go above and beyond people’s expectations. In … Read more


GAP ANALYSIS During children’s programs, food advertisements are shown with visuals containing violent behavior, disrespect of values and showing that children can steal as it is a fun thing to do. Such behavior which is promoted on television through advertisements and commercials are enforcing the same behavior among young and middle age kids. (Brewster, 2009) … Read more

The Relationship Among Enactment, Organizing, and Sensemaking

‘The basic idea of sensemaking is that reality is an ongoing accomplishment that emerges from efforts to create order, and make retrospective sense of what occurs’ (Weick, 1995). The concept of sensemaking is related to the philosophical stream of social-constructionism. This movement views the construction of reality rather as an outcome of social interaction than … Read more


1. INTRODUCTION The success and survival of organizations depends upon the performance and satisfaction of their employees and hence organizations have to meet their demands in order to retain their talent. The unprecedented nature of business which is characterized by dynamic working environment, fast changing global economy, technology driven business, and cut throat competition has … Read more

Improving management

Daniel Oliveira is the new store manager of Clothes & Accessories in Vitoria, Brazil. His job is to stop the declining of the store as well as increase the store’s performance. “I know everyone and they know me, so I can start changing things, right?” (Cates & Riederer, 4). Unfortunately, it is not that easy. … Read more

ExxonMobil – Oil and gas company

ExxonMobil is an American oil and gas company, which is the world’s largest publicly traded in the industry. In 2007, an enormous oil field was discovered nearby Ghana’s shores, causing a frenzy of oil companies to obtain a portion of oil rights for themselves from the West African coast including Liberia. Liberia is a country … Read more

Overcoming Challenges faced by Women in the Agricultural Sector

Introduction The empowerment of Indian women will remain incomplete without empowering those living at its margins. Playing a vital role in the agricultural sector (as it is largely a household enterprise,) women comprise on average 43% of the agricultural labour force in developing countries, ranging from 20% in Latin America to almost 50% in Southeast … Read more

Becoming a manager

Each human being has different strengths and weaknesses. Even though the difference is what each of us unique and continue to have a sense of individuality, in order to be an excellent manager, one will have to enhance their keys strengths and overcome their weaknesses. In this essay, I will be addressing my strengths and … Read more

Importance of effective management

This paper will discuss the changing nature of today’s business environment, the importance of effective management in today’s organizations and the characteristics of both science and art in management.     Business leaders’ careers are challenging and exciting now. Challenging because of the ever-changing business environment and exciting because of changes come a chance to … Read more

The Indian telecom industry

Introduction Research Question: “To what extent has the introduction of a disruptive firm with predatory pricing, like Reliance Jio affected the Indian telecommunications space?” The Indian telecom industry is home to the world’s second and third largest telecom giants based on subscriber base, namely, the Vodafone Group PLC (VOD) and Bharti Airtel Limited respectively. However, … Read more

Organisational management in Administration Police Service

INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background to the study Change is inevitable in the modern organizations and it is imperative to research on how change related factors affect organizational performance. Change compresses us from our comfort zone and it cannot be avoided (Sidikova, 2011). According to Kitur (2015) Organizational change occurs in many forms: merger, achievement, joint endeavor, … Read more

Business Diversification

Mouncey (2016) stated that there is currently a shortage of data analysis, and that if exploited it could be used to create opportunities for companies, influencing positively the long-term strategy of the business. Purple4 is a telecommunications company that wants to expand by venturing into a new business, providing data on their customers. The objective … Read more

Performance Management and Management Control Systems in Complex Organizations

Performance Management and Management Control System perform essentials work tools for management in other to accomplish wanted objectives. They both measure the performance of business and organizations into the developing viable job operations among patterns of behavior. The three main interest for management execution is to be responsible of the elements of strategy, management and … Read more

The purpose of empowerment of employees

Abstract “Why do leaders need to empower employees? Empowerment involves increasing the decision-making discretion of workers.” This paper will discuss the purpose of empowerment of employees and ways that this helps employees stay motivated, help company morale, and have your business prosper. Keywords: Empowerment, employees, motivation, business, vision What is Empowerment? Empowerment gives the workers … Read more

Marketing for beauty products

The four marketing mix elements of Unrestricted Society’s marketing program are detailed below. Note that our “offering” is a unique, high-quality lifestyle brand and our “product” is the line expansions of beauty, intimates, and movement.   PRODUCT STRATEGY Product Lines. Currently, Unrestricted society offers lines of apparel (woven blouses, knit top, sweaters, pants, denim, and … Read more

How to write a business essay

When writing a business essay in fields such as Management, Marketing, Finance or any other business related topic, adherence to specific guidelines is essential in developing a piece of work that is insightful, well-structured and fascinating.

Guidelines are also essential in coming up with an essay that is coherent, perceptive and credible. The most noteworthy deliberations regarding writing a business essay are that it offers related content as well as its concepts and ideas being backed by qualified references or examples. Other essential factors to be considered when coming up with a business essay include use of appropriate language, design and presentation.

The following sections offer fundamental guidelines on how to write a business essay.

Before writing commences

1. Scrutinise the essay question

Ascertain precisely what the essay title/question is asking you to discuss. Examine the exact wording to work out the methodology you need to adopt. Key words which are frequently used in business essay questions include ‘interpret’, ‘analyse’, ‘review’, ‘illustrate’, ‘criticise’, ‘compare’, ‘examine’, ‘describe’, ‘compare’ or ‘explain’. If you are formulating your own essay question, choose a topic that interests you, for this will make the process of essay writing more entertaining. Then narrow it down so that only one point or central idea is debated in association to that topic.

2. Research the material to be used for your business essay

In formulating an outstanding essay paper, carrying out good research is critical. Whether you search for research material using the internet or at the library, always choose information from academic sources that are reputable. These sources may include case studies or articles from official journals such as the Journal of Management, or books noted by professionals, researchers or scholars on the same topic or subject matter. Academic sites such as http://questia.comhttp://scholar.google.com and https://emeraldinsight.com offer abundant resources for a wide range of business topics. As you write your essay, remember to note the specifics of your information sources (such as title, publisher, author, page numbers, place and date of publication) so that you can offer credit to them.

3. Come up with an outline plan for your business essay

Creating an outline plan or a business plan for your essay will help you organise your main ideas and arguments so that they can be represented in a coherent sequence once you come to write the essay. Note down the major points you’d like to include in the essay’s introduction, main body and conclusion.

Writing your Business Essay

Learning how to write a business essay is not just about writing the essay. You need to come up with a first draft of your essay as per the structure of your outline plan. Try to use a precise, clear language and business terminology which is constructive in putting your points across. On every account avoid the use of jargon. To present your work logically, the following essay format is recommended. It may not be necessary to include all the components discussed; only those that add value to the essay are recommended.

To start with, in the introduction part of your essay, outline your comprehension of the essay question and state how you’re going to tackle it. Make sure that you clearly define the objectives of the essay. Objectives determine the scope of your essay setting out precisely what you are reaching a conclusion for. In this section, you may want to include definitions of relevant business terms.

In the background part of the essay, offer some ground theory on the essay topic or company to be discussed if working on a case study. Further, in the findings part of the essay, (in reference to the sources you’ve collected), carry out a comprehensive analysis of the topic. Make sure that you critically evaluate viewpoints from a number of authors in order to offer a rational discussion and tackle reasons for and against the argument presented. Examine correspondences and approaches that conflict and exhibit independence of thought by offering your own outlook. Correctly structure your ideas and link paragraphs in order to make the presented information seamlessly flow from one idea to another. Throughout this section always remember to reference your citations as per the referencing method recommended in the university guidelines such as footnotes or Harvard. Quotation marks are used to indicate an exact phrase as taken from an information source. If you are paraphrasing, give the reference at the end of the sentence/s paraphrased. The number of references that can be used often depends on the nature and length of your essay. Ten references for every 1000 words is an effective rule.

Finally, in the conclusion part of your essay you should reach your final conclusion by logical reasoning. Discussions undertaken in the main body of the essay should be pulled together concisely. Unequivocally state your outlook as the final result, making sure that you answer the question presented in the introduction section as fully as possible. This final part should also be regarded as a chance to express any recommendations for future action or further investigation on the topic.

Besides, if you adopted the Harvard referencing method, give a list of all used references in alphabetical order. Also, this part constitutes of any supportive content (such as charts, graphs, or written text) that is too enormous to include in the main body.

Proofreading and Editing your Business Essay

Make sure you print a copy of your first draft and read through it. Use a checklist to aid you in marking up any stylistic or grammatical errors, improvement areas and weak arguments. A checklist example could include the questions such as: Is your content put forward in a logical order? Is the essay question answered? Is the essay content relevant and accurate? Is the language precise and clear? Is the punctuation and spelling up to standard? Have you backed your major points with examples and arguments? Are your sources all properly referenced?

Modify the parts of the essay that do not please you and correct any spelling errors or punctuation. Continue to edit and proofread your essay up to the point where you can’t add any value to it.

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