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Essay: The United States criminal justice system

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The United States criminal justice roots came from the London English law enforcement. In 1253 London had a group called ‘The Watch of London’. They protected city at night. Then after a while changed their name to ‘The Old Charley’s’.

In the 1700s the peasents started migrating to the cities and that started a criminal wave. When law enforcement found out about the peasents migrating to the cities they knew that they needed to start hiring more people in order to become a better and stronger force in order protect the cities. The theif cather that they hired were divided into two groups. They were called ‘Hireling’ and ‘Social Climbers’.

The forerunners of our modern police was created by Henry Fielding, he named them ‘The Bow Street Runners’. He made them wear uniforms and had ride horse that was specially trained to work with them. Soon after in 1829 they started getting a bad reputation because the lack of skills that were preformed they got replaced.

Home Secretary Sir Robert Peel was the one that founded the London Metropolitan Police Department. He named these police officers ‘Bobbies’. They are the 1st one that became the 1st paid full time police force. But they need to follow strict rules that would help them become good police men.
Within the police department was created another department called ‘Scotland Yard’. They were police men that became detectives bureau. They were the 1st one who started using fingerprints and used the French ideas about the physical characteristics for the criminal identification.

America started needed law enforcement in the mid 1800’s because the cities were rapid growth, there was protestant-catholic violence and reformatory and progressive movements. In 1870 more than half of the major cities in the United States had municipal police departments. But the police departments got help by:

o County Sheriffs they helped the police in the rural areas
o Texas Rangers establishment
o Secret Service
o The founding of the US Marshal’s Service

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