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Essay: Law vs literature

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Law is the system of rules that a particular country or community recognizes as regulating the actions of its members and may enforce by the imposition of penalties’
Law is the looking glass through which society is scrutinized. Every human in this world is influenced by laws. These laws can be codified, that is, fixed, written down and official or natural laws. Natural laws are a body of unchanging moral principles regarded as a basis for all human conduct. Every human being has to abide by the laws of the community he exists in.
Literature is an expression used to describe written or spoken material. On a broad scale ‘Literature’ can be used to describe anything from creative works to more scientific or technical works, but the term is most commonly used to refer to works of the creative imagination, including works of poetry, drama, fiction and nonfiction.
Whatever critical paradigm one uses to discuss and analyze literature, there is still an artistic quality to the works. Literature is important because it communicates, it is universal, and it affects the reader. Even when it is ugly, literature is beautiful.
Literature may be cited as one of the modes of depicting laws existing in the society from a particular viewpoint from time to time. Both literature and law complement each other as one helps one explains the theme of another and continuously help explain on another.
An exposition forms the nexus between the literature and the society. It refers to the opening of the theme in a piece of literature. The exposition of a story or a play is generally found at the beginning of the text. In the exposition, the reader is introduced to the characters by means of a descriptive method. The exposition may reveal both the physical and personality traits of characters. The setting which tells both the time and place of the story is also revealed in the exposition. It encompasses the main elements of the introduction. It helps in better grasping of the text by the reader. Instead of facts it is presenting one’s own opinion.

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