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  • Bandura's social learning theory
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Before entering our discussion,we should first understand what is Bandura’s social learning theory. Bandura’s social learning theory states that behaviour is learned and controlled through the process of observational learning from the environment. Children will observe the people behaving around such as their parents,friend and teacher.They may thus encode and imitate the behaviour from the people surrounding.They may undergo this regardless of whether these behaviour is ‘gender appropriate’ or not[1].
Bandura’s social learning theory is very important especially in the school.If this theory is applied appriopately in the school teaching process,students’ excellence will be developed.There are two important element which must be developed in the school which are leadership and spiritually.

2.2 Leadership

What is leadership?Leadership is a kind of ability that a leader possess.Leader creates an inspiring vision of the future and motivates people to engage with the vision.In school,leadership is described as a key factor in accounting for differences in the success with the schools foster the learning of their students[2].

2.2.1 Development of leadership element

In the study of Bandura’s(1986) self-efficacy concept,it is related to the leadership studies domain.What is this mean?Albert Bandura,the person who develop the Bandura’s social learning theory said that self-efficacy concept is equal to the leadership studies domain.In order to develop leadership in school,the self-efficacy concept must be first developed.Self-efficacy is the belief on oneself that they possess the personal capabilites in order to meet the goal of specific task.Belief about personal capabilities was found to have effect on the academic achievement.

In order to develop leadership in the school based on this theory ,Albert Bandura suggest that ‘Teachers’ beliefts in their ability to motivate and promote learning affect the types of learning environments they wish to create.Besides it also influence the level of academic progress of their students achivement.Bandura words that self-efficacy belief which contribute to the leadership improvement are constructed based on Mastery experiences,Verbal persuasion,Vicarious experiences and the Physiological states which means that all of this agreement must be possed by the teachers in order to influence the students’ achievement especially in leadership.

‘Mastery experiences.

According to the Bandura,students will encode and imitiate the behaviour and the feeling through the person around them especially teacher in the school as teacher plays an important role in teaching them the knowledge and good behaviour.This mastery experiences is the most important thing to the efficacy.Efficacy or leadership beliefts are both raised if the teachers have confidence that their teaching performance will be succeed.Through this,students can feel how well the teacher confidence with and this will make them encode and imitiate with the behaviour.Bandura theorized that the most useful source comes from the past performance.These kind of achievement or accomplishments can help the people create a strong sence of efficacy in order to handle the similar tasks in the future [3].

‘Vicarious experience

According to the Bandura,the second source is the vicarious experience which is gained by observing others performance tasks.Through observing the successess and faillures of others,people can get their experience that will contributes to their judgement when they are making choice on something.By first,teacher must possess this source as an example to their students[3].

‘Verbal Persuasion

This source is effective in only the short term.It means the potency of the persuasion.It is depended on the trushworthiness and credibility of a person.For a teacher,teacher should give some performance evaluation to their students.This kind of persuasion will give confidence to the student and the student will become more independent[3].

‘Emotional/Physiological states

This is a very effective source for the efficacy information.Different emotional arousal ,for example anxiety will definitely alter the individuals’s beliefs about their capabilities to achieve something.Teacher plays an important role in express their emotional feeling towards different matter.This will give a good demo to their students as people may view this as an effectively and energizing factor that will lead to a successful performance[3].

Thus,in order to develop leadership element in the school,teacher should have an good example on this 4 factor in order to affect their students towards their behaviour in the class.

2.3 Spirituality

What is spirituality in education?Spirituality is equated to the religion and morality, both emotionally charged words representing public and private practices that may exclude those outside a particular belief system. In contrast, spirituality is normally inclusive and recognizes the thing which is interrelated.

2.3.1 Development of spirituality element

According to the Bandura,spirituality is also equated to the self-efficacy.The development of spirituality is always linked to the self-efficacy.If a person have a high level of self-efficacy,he will be more confidence on himself.The higher level of confidence will lead to the rising of morality and thus it will affect the person around him.As mention above,the teacher plays an important role in developing leadership element in the school.Without exception,teachers also play an important role in developing spirituality element in the school especially towards the students.

However,teacher alone are no capable to develop this element around the school,they must be co-operate with the school management to implement some new teaching element in their teaching progress in order to effectively implemented it around the school.Many people will consider about the main purpose of schools is to create a cognitive development to the students.However,an effective teacher/tutor will not put this as the main teaching element in their teaching progress.Student is a ‘whole package’ of thoughts,emotions,beliefts,culture ,family and etc.Any of this will directly influence a student’s learning.Spirituality is a very important element that must be developed and strengthen in the mind of the students else even the student is very talent or clever,it will not bring them towards a bright future.Here,a question develop.If spirituality is indeed a universal or indispensible developmental process,how the teachers and school management take responsible account for this process in the teaching process?As mention above,teacher here plays an important role.For spiritual development,teacher should

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