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Essay: SBM competence framework document on effective use of resources

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My essay will consider the SBM competence framework document on effective use of resources. Effective and knowledgeable leaders and managers are important in all areas of school business management practice because they have an impact on the learning outcomes of the children, young people, families and the community.
However, competency framework can be described as professional attributes, knowledge and understanding and skills relevant to all leaders and managers within school business management. This can be designed as a route to progression that easily identify, and the core competencies desire through all levels of responsibility that can be shared and understood. This will assist the school business managers to identify where there are gaps in their own knowledge,and to recognise the value and transferability of experience, and to take time out to reflect on the kind of development activities that will assist with the ongoing continue professional developmet (CPD).
This framework provides with the development of a more flexible and qualified workforce, where there is a wide pool of expertise and experience to develop a significant leadership position within schools and education. The concept for leadership offered can be applied to leaders and managers through all levels of the profession and have been classified into four components:
school administration (SA)
school business management (SBM)
advanced school business management (ASBM)
extended school business management, ie school business director (ESBM)
The framework reckons with titles and roles apply to individuals within the profession, working in different settings and at different levels. It is possible that the roles will extend over the four key levels.
The framework can be used in a number of ways:
As the basis for educational programmes, qualifications and potentially accreditation of prior certificated learning arrangements: professional and occupational standards, professional courses, programmes and qualifications offered through national colleges, national associations, universities and national and local providers.
As the basis for professional assessment: to inform role design, recruitment and selection, assessment and development centres, performance management processes including annual performance reviews, 360 degree feedback and succession planning.
As the basis for CPD: as professionals develop into new roles and career development, the framework offers an opportunity to benchmark against new and unfamiliar areas to inform personal development, review and feedback, assessment, coaching, mentoring, qualification requirements and career choices.
It is a basic document which will be regularly reviewed as the roles and responsibilities that continually develop within the profession.
The overview of SBM framework competence can be viewed as school business managers, in the leading business management professional which form part of the senior leadership team and to ensure that educational aims and services are effectively delivered. It is their responsibility to ensure school services are effective, efficient and in line with probity and school governance requirements, colleagues enhance effectiveness by ensuring school resources are managed to deliver high standards of learning and achievement outcomes for the schools.
The framework competence comprises of six sections, all of these have equal weighting: Meaning that, each section has sub-sections that describe the professional attributes, knowledge and understanding that the SBM is expected to exhibit in order to effectively deliver against the section. Finally, the element of framework competence is a table that describe how the professional attributes, knowledge and understanding of the SBM manifest themselves in the four different SBM roles or levels.
What is School-based Management?
School based management (SBM)can be described as management framework, tha is a school based, student centred and quality focused. Through the devolution of responsibilities, schools are provided with enhanced fl exibility and autonomy in managing their own operation and resources for school development so as to develop an environment that facilitates continuous improvement.
For framework competence to be effective, following use of resouces has to be in place. They are;
Manage finance: This requires applying best practice and highest standards of school financial management to optimise value for money and maximise efficiencies utilising effective procurement processes, supply and fixed asset management. School financial management ensures that learning is at the centre of strategic planning and resource management. Planning, managing, monitoring and delegating responsibility for budgets for clearly defined activities is a key aspect of this. It also involves identifying the need for and obtaining additional finance to fund the schools proposed activities through fundraising, bids and asset management processes.
Manage technology: This requires taking a strategic role in the development of new and emerging technology to enhance school business processes, curricular delivery, teaching and learning and enriching the experiences of users and learners.
Technology will include information, communications technology, equipment, machinery and innovative technology to support teaching and learning outcomes and personalised learning strategies. It also involves practical solutions to integrate technologies and management information systems (MIS) to maximise efficiency and effectiveness. Advice from information and communications technology (ICT) specialists may be required to carry out this function.
Manage health and safety: This is concerned with leading the overall approach to health and safety in the school or federation of schools. Contributing to the wellbeing and productivity of all the people who work for and use the services of the school, effective heath and safety management decreases the risk of injury and ill health to people who use the organisation’s services. This requires ensuring the school meets legislative requirements thus minimising the likelihood of prosecution and consequent penalties. Advice from health and safety specialists may be required to carry out this function.
Manage physical resources: This is about ensuring the availability of the physical resources (equipment, materials, premises, services and energy supplies) required to carry out planned activities in the school(s). It involves identifying the resources required, making the business case to obtain these resources, planning how they will be used effectively, efficiently, safely and securely, monitoring resource use and taking corrective action, if required. It requires effectively managing all resources necessary to support effective teaching and learning for all.
Manage environmental impact: This is about managing work activities and resources in the school(s) in order to minimise the negative impact ‘ and maximise the positive impact ‘ they may have on the environment. It involves organising work activities and the use of resources efficiently, understanding their impact on the environment and finding ways to reduce their negative impact and to increase their positive impact. Advice from environmental specialists may be required to carry out this function.

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