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Essay: How writing can improve overtime if you put the effort in (reflective, persuasive)

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  • How writing can improve overtime if you put the effort in (reflective, persuasive)
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Writing is an essential part of college life. Every student that is attending college from your first year to your fourth year, is required to develop good writing habits in order to be successful at writing. Even if you do not attend college, writing is still an essential task that needs to be done. For some people, writing may seem like an evil task that is required by your professors. I always thought writing was a mandatory subject that needed to be done. This paper shows how writing can improve overtime if you put the effort in to do so and also recognize the components that makes your writing better. This paper concerns itself with a single focus. It aims to persuade a group of faculty in the writing course to show and demonstrate the understanding of writing. Each part transitions to an important aspect of this focus. These supporting aspects include the Process Knowledge, Discourse Community Knowledge, and The Writing Subject Matter Process. Finally, at the end of this discussion of understanding what writing is at the collegiate level and how you can improve on it I conclude with, when you pass you pass but, if you fail you get a chance to pass so try and fail.

During this semester, I practiced the use of The Process Knowledge in most of my papers and by using those techniques made me a better writer overall. The Process Knowledge consists of writing practices such as prewriting, drafting, revising and editing. For the “Joining an Academic Conversation about The Importance of Happiness” essay, I was able to write a very concise essay that included details, but remained relevant to the topic, this is because I used the revising and editing process also, the help of my peers made my essay stand out more because comments were left on my rough draft. For example I stated “Lastly, I used ethos to prove my credibility on why happiness is important in the essay,” after comments, revision and editing that sentence was changed to “Lastly the use of credibility helped me develop a clear understanding for my audience on why happiness is important”, This is an example of me improving my writing because I was able to use the comments from my peers as a reference while editing my work. I have also learned to use generative power of writing to increase my comprehension and develop ideas. Generative Writing is a term used to describe instructional strategies that provide students with parameters for their writing. These factors define boundaries for writing at the sentence level. I was able to achieve this because during my past assignment in my previous writing class called “The Basketball Media” I wrote a argumentative essay arguing that the basketball league has grown because of the media. I think that sentence fluency, word choice and writing in a variety of genres are already covered in many writing workshops at a variety of grades. However, I believe that using generative writing in content areas to deepen understanding of content, vocabulary and even as a tool for learning and assessment are previously untapped areas of formative assessment, this helped me build sentence fluency, build word choice, deepen understanding of content, deepen understanding of vocabulary, and write in a variety of genres because of these I was successful in writing my essay about “The Basketball Media”.

One way I developed a better understanding of writing is the Discourse Community Knowledge. In my writing 102 class we were prompted to write about our majors discourse community. For example, I stated “1. A discourse community has a broadly agreed set of common public goals. This is saying that discourse communities share similar traits and having similar traits makes being in a discourse community a very fun and exciting thing to be in. 2. A discourse community has mechanisms of intercommunication among their members. This characteristic uses intercommunication to prove that for example, technology has advanced over the years to make being in a discourse easier and more efficient, you don’t have to meet up every time to be in discourse community. We use our phones, laptops, computers…..etc. this shows how interesting and efficient a discourse community is. 3. A discourse community uses its participatory mechanisms primarily to provide information and feedback. Things like social media and the internet also makes the discourse community a fun and intriguing community because this is where you get feedback from your work to help you improve in your field”. I further met this learning outcome because I had the ability to understand what was said and then put it in my own words in order for my audience could understand. Ultimately this an example of how I was able to show my understanding of a discourse community in my essay “The Engineering Discourse Community”.
Another reason my understanding of writing has grown is The Writing Subject Matter Process. Evidently, my understanding of writing has grown over time and it made me a better writer overall because I was able to recognize all the important components that are required in The Writing Subject Matter. In my third paper for my writing 102 class about electric vehicles the recognition of my audience, purpose, stance and genre were clear and easy to understand, for example “Morelo gave effort to alleviate the worrying consumers by warning them that the world is changing quickly, and what looked like a science-fiction fantasy is gradually becoming our current reality. Morelo claims that the progress spreads to all spheres of humanity’s life, but one of the most amazing breakthroughs has been achieved in energy recently. Morelo was able to reason with his audience (consumers) to further prove his point on why electric cars are better for people”. This quote shows my understanding of the author because I was able to dissect what was being said and implement it with my own words. These are examples of how I had the ability to show my understanding of The Writing Subject Matter.

I chose the second option to write about because I wanted to see for myself if I can understand what I wrote, this makes it better for my audience because not only am i telling and showing how my writing improved, I am also improving while writing. I also always wanted to show the writing faculty my writing ability good or bad.

Consequently, despite the helpfulness of my peers and professor, it was my revision process that helped transform my writing. The comments from my peers were useful but with that being said the use of the Process Knowledge, Discourse Community Knowledge, and The Writing Subject Matter Process helped me develop a better understanding of writing because I was able to implement those while writing about whatever subject. This level of conscious thinking allowed me to develop an improved understanding because I now make a clear effort to practice beneficial writing strategies. In general I used to do minimal pre- writing and revision. Now, I find that to be the most important part of writing. The ability to reflect on my writing has ultimately made my writing process better because my thought process is more conscious and engaged.

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