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The last assignment talks the following points:
‘ Existing user interface of the ATM machine,
‘ The different problems and challenges faced by the user
‘ Some improvements in the user interface of the design .
There is always a scope of improvement to any new design that has been developed. So here the target user group will be the people who are not familiar with the technology.
The ATM machine is widely used by everyone. Using an ATM ,the customer can deposit or withdraw their money. There are some people in our society who are not familiar with the different technologies. These technologies should enable a layman to use the application with ease. The user interface must be designed in such a way that it should guide the user rather than confusing them. Now a day’s ATM has become the necessity of the life.
The most important concern of design for any kind of interface depends on how the information is presented to the user. This information can directly affect the comfort with which the task can be performed.
The interaction between the conceptual model and human should be user friendly. Considering the user interface of an ATM , there could be an option to email the receipt rather than waiting there for it. This will save the time as well. Sometimes there comes a situation where enough paper is not there in ATM machine, hence the machine is unable to print the receipt. The option of sending email can prove more useful here.
The height of an ATM machine should be in such a way that even the physically handicapped people who can’t stand can also access the ATM through their wheel chair. Also for the blind people, the plug in device of headset should be easily detected by touching the user interface of ATM. Thus, by following the instruction they can easily take out their money.
There are some ATM machines which are not covered by the glass for example, the ATM machine near to Starbucks at UMBC. When standing in a queue, people can easily overlook the pin code entered. This affects the security of the ATM machine. Using a facial or voice reorganization can enhance the security thereby decreasing the chances of fraud.
There should be quick access to emergency button if the user is suspicious of any threat. ATM should display error message if there is no money in the ATM. Also, consider a situation when the user only have a savings account in the bank. The present ATM machine asks us to select the type of account every time the card is entered. In such cases, when the user has only one account, rather than asking every time the account type, it should save all the details of the card.
Figure 1 : Redesign of user interface of ATM machine
The earlier design talks about the design principle ,different design processes and font size of the screen, but the next version design has added some new thoughts in order to improve or make better user interface of the ATM. There is scope for improvement. The next version of the design has added the camera and microphone for face and voice detection also an emergency button for user safety. Along with the normal human being even blind and physically handicapped people can utilize ATM by providing Braille language on the keyboard. Also device plug in for a headset so that blind people to follow the instruction and carry out the transaction. Thus there is no need to depend on others.
Considering the height of ATM for physically impaired people, they can access through the wheelchair. Instead of reading manuals for “how to use an ATM” the user interface of ATM should guide the user. It should suggest what to do next .
An interface that is appealing and to the point can save a lot of time as well as enable the user to perform transactions without facing difficulties.

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