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Essay: Tackle Climate Change: Tesla’s Plan for a Greener Future

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Climate change is one of the leading factors that affect our globe today. It’s a controversial subject in the modern world; despite scientific research proving the fate of humanity within the next decade, there has been poor public and political responses to the subject. Industries and business accept that climate change is real, but are waiting on the federal government to make long-term investments in an attempt to address the threat. Global warming is already a prominent issue that was eventually going to happen but has been accelerated by the human race, through insufficient government regulation by first world countries, and certain habitual factors exploited by civilians at home. Human activities, such as energy generation, transport, and deforestation, produce greenhouse gasses, thus weakening our ozone layer protecting us from UV rays produced by the sun, and heating up our planet.

Carbon monoxide emissions have risen throughout the past century and has been at a record high since the 1950s, (NASA). This has increased the Earth’s surface temperature 2.0 degrees Fahrenheit, the warmest it has been in 35 years. Oceans have absorbed most of this heat, with the top 2300 feet of ocean warming of 0.302 degrees Fahrenheit since 1969, (NASA). It has caused the shrinking of major glacial ice sheets in Greenland and the Antarctic, showing a 150 to 250 cubic kilometre loss in Greenland, and 152 cubic kilometre loss in Antarctica, (NASA). This is just the beginning of the problem. There are many issues that contribute to the warming globe, but 90% of those reasons pertain to human influence. If we continue with this behaviour, this could lead to an acceleration in the melting of the polar ice caps, therefore completely extinguishing them by the mid-century. Major cities could result being under water, and the flora and fauna would have to evolve to the temperature change resulting in poor photosynthesis, and potentially causing a food famine. The more greenhouse gasses are being emitted can begin to weaken the ozone layer, which keeps inhabitant’s safe from dangerous radiation lapses produced by the sun. If weakened, it increases for skin related diseases, and cancer. The effect also contributes to the heating of the earth’s surface.

There has been no recent solution prompted by the current administration of United States to help alleviate the greenhouse effect. The Obama administration effectuated various actions in an attempt to make the country greener, such as decrease carbon emissions 9%, invested into wind and solar energy and producing over 200 megawatt-hours of green electricity, and reducing oil imports from 11,115 to 4,711 barrels a day, (The Obama Archive). President Obama has been the most active president on global warming in the history of the United States. He was able to reduce the carbon footprint whilst boosting the economy and paving the way for other nations to increase productivity in the area of renewable energy. He made the largest single investment in clean energy in U.S. history through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, thus providing $90 billion in strategic clean energy investments and tax incentives to promote the creation of jobs and implementation of low-carbon technologies, (The Obama Archive). These actions have created more jobs for inhabitants within the United States, and have made the country more ‘efficient’ while doing so. Implementing renewable energy technologies within daily lives improves the lifestyle of an individual, creating a psychological relief in the human brain by unconsciously knowing that a green future awaits ahead. On the other hand, President Trump has terminated programs implemented by the Obama Administration in regard to clean energy, such as lowering the budget for the EPA, giving the authorization to being the construction of the Dakota Pipeline, and revoking carbon regulations for companies. Despite these actions, major companies have carried on continuing being ‘green’ and efficient. If major action were to be taken upon the arrangements made by this administration, the carbon footprint would exceed China, therefore making the United States the number one producer of greenhouse gasses. Tesla has been paving the way for companies around the world to begin relying on renewable future.

The Federal Government has not found a solution for renewable energy, investing in the private sector and investing in their technology could be a feasible option for the country. Commonly known as a car manufacturer, Tesla Motors is leading the way to a renewable future. Recently, Tesla unveiled their new technology called the Powerwall and Powerpack (Tesla). These devices are intended to power homes, schools, office buildings, and cities by pairing up with a series of solar panels, charging up the battery, and powering the desired complex on 100% off-grid electricity. They also created a solar technology for homes called solar roof, which consists of a series of housing shingles with solar cells embedded beneath them, providing electricity for a household around the clock when paired with powerwall. In an attempt to push forward with renewable technologies, the United States to implement this technology in government buildings to reduce the carbon footprint produced by them, thus assisting in sales and revenue for the company, and improving the economy within the country.

Climate change is a recurrent issue in the present era. As a leading country in innovation, prosperity, and equality, the United States carries the great task of setting an example to other foreign nations.

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