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The city of Ashdod is located 32 kilometres south of the capital of Israel Tel Aviv. It’s located at the Mediterranean Sea. Ashdod is an important regional industrial center. Ashdod’s harbor is Israel’s largest port , accounting for 60% of the country’s imported goods.
Ashod is one of the most important industrial centers in Israel. All industrial activities in the city are located in northern areas such as the port area, the northern industrial zone, and around the Lachish River. The port was mainly upgraded and will be able to provide berths for Panamax ships.
On Highway 41 the Northern industrial zone is located. The Northern industrial zone includes an oil refinery which is one of the only two in the country.

Ashdod is located on the famous Via Maris, also known as the ancient trade route.

Port of Ashdod

The port of Ashdod is an artificial harbor opened in 1965. It has 12 piers with an annual cargo tonnage of 18,5 million tons (2010). The port is fully owned by the Israeli government.

The port has four main targets:


The port has a storage space of 500,000m2. Of these, approximately 50,000m2 are covered for general cargo storage. There is also a special shed for storing hazardous materials, chemicals, etc. which may not be stored in enclosed spaces or open areas.

Coal pier

The port has the necessary facilities for moving incoming coal from the pier to the coal storage. The coal is used for generating the Rutenberg Power Station.

Bulk handling

In 1979 the old bulk pier was replaced with new ones which are all computer controlled. The bulk installations can store the followings:

o 240,000 tons of phosphates
o 140,000 tons of potash

The transport used in the bulk pier are mainly special railcars and trucks.

Passengers and cruise ships

The port of Ashdod has also a pier for passengers and cruise ships. There are cruise lines from Ashdod to Alexandria Egypt, Salerno Italy and Limassol Cyprus.

Mechanical equipment

– Forklifts:
75 units, diesel and electric, lifting capacity from 2.2 to 4 tons. 18 units with lifting capacity from 7 to 12 tons. 20 units with lifting capacity from 18 to 42 tons. 70 units of pallet jack manual electric forklifts.

– Tractors, bulldozers and trailers:
55 transtainers. 24 bulldozers, tracked and wheeled. 230 trailers.

– Cranes:
28 shore cranes 8-50 tons. 5 mobile cranes 35 tons. 10 container cranes. 2 multi-purpose cranes.

– Other equipment:
Grabs, compressors, loose bulk funnels and various other cargo handling equipment.
Geographical information Port of Ashdod and future expansion

For these days measures the Port of Ashdod is a small harbor. To meet the demands for these days ships and amounts of containers, the port of Ashdod has to expand.

There are plans for a large scale expansion program. The expansion would be done in two stages:
– Stage 1 of the program involved extending the main breakwater by 1150 meters and reclaiming 100 hectares which allowed the addition of 1700 meters of new operational quays capable of supporting Super Post-Panamax vessels.
– During stage 2 a secondary 1000 meter breakwater will be built and additional reclamation will allow the construction of another 2150 meters of quay for containers, bulk and general cargo.
In addition, plans also include the construction and development of cargo storage areas, operational and service structures for employees, electrical and communications networks, a modern gate complex, access roads to the local and national traffic network and an expanded railway terminal.

City of Ashdod
Northern industrial

Port of Ashdod

Residential area



As mentioned before the city of Ashdod has a big Northern industrial zone which is directly connected to the Port of Ashdod.
The main part of the city is residential with a small tourist/shopping area nearby The Blue Marina harbor.
The city’s ground and soil is mainly sand. Ashdod has a Mediterranean climate with hot summers, pleasant spring and fall, and cool, rainy winters.

According to the latest statistics, Ashdod has a population of 212,300. This makes Ashdod the fifth largest city in Israel.

Ashdod was declared a city in 1968 when it reached a population of 100,000. The current mayor of Ashdod is Yehiel Lasri.


Ashdod has a Mediterranean climate with hot summers, pleasant spring and fall, and cool, rainy winters. As a seaside town, the humidity tends to be high many times year round, and rain occurs mainly from November to March. In winter, temperatures seldom drop below 5 ??C (41 ??F) and are more likely to be in the range of 10’15 ??C (50’59 ??F), while in summer the average is 27 ??C (81 ??F). The average annual rainfall is 510 mm (20 in).
Climate data for Ashdod
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high ??C (??F) 17.2
(63.0) 19.5
(63.5) 23.7
(67.5) 26.9
(76.3) 27.4
(81.3) 29.5
(85.1) 31.8
(87.4) 30.1
(88.0) 29.2
(86.4) 26.5
(82.2) 23.6
(74.5) 19.2
(66.6) 25.38
Average low ??C (??F) 7.1
(46.6) 9.8
(46.4) 12.3
(48.7) 15.9
(53.4) 16.8
(58.6) 19.2
(64.4) 21.6
(69.1) 20.4
(70.5) 18.1
(68.2) 15.5
(63.5) 11.7
(55.6) 9.5
(49.6) 14.83
Precipitation mm (inches) 127.9
(5.10) 98.6
(3.93) 61.4
(2.45) 17.8
(.71) 3.1
(.12) 0
(0) 0
(0) 0
(0) 2.3
(.09) 29.2
(.76) 69.8
(2.78) 114.7
(4.57) 524.8
Source: Israel Central Bureau of Statistics[46][47]


Above you can see the currents in the Mediterranean Sea. These currents are the currents at the surface of the water (currents ships have to deal with).

Following you can see the currents nearby the Port of Ashdod.

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