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Essay: Technology used by Electronic Parts Online

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The internet technologies have been used by Electronic Parts Online for over a long time. There-fore, it is beneficial for the manufacturers to enhance their work performance by having this. Ex-amples of common internet technologies are as Optical Scanners, Barcodes and RFID (radio fre-quency identification device). Optical Scanners are devices that uses light beams to scan and then what it does is digitally convert the image, texts or objects as two-dimensional (2D) digital files. Later on, it sends the converted object or texts to computers and fax machine. There are so many purpose of this device, includes reading customised response forms, recording fingerprint, etc. Second material or medium that could help the manufacturers is Barcode. Barcodes can be found nearly on every item that is being sold in the market. These barcodes contains parallel lines with different sizes and widths representing data, which cannot be accessed if a line or two is missing. Barcodes helps give the index information or prices of an object. The benefits of having this is such that it could save time; a scan would directly show and save the price in the computer. Other than that, it could cut costs as barcodes acts as an efficient tool that could be used to lead specification or which gives wide information. Last but not least is the radion frequency identification (RFID). This is rare to be found but one can look like a microchip that is used to track inventory. It does not any source to be used thus just sends the information to the inventory through the computer. The advantages for RFID, products can be counted in seconds due to RFID tags that can be automati-cally scanned; fast moving consumer goods. This counts as cost reduction as the heavy works can be carried our faster and precisely. They RFID can store exclusive information than conventional labels.
Having closer links or bond with your manufacturer is a good start to achieve effective business. This relationship will play a big role for both parties. First of all, we need to know the word of mouth manufacturers every entrepreneur is talking about. Gather benefits of each individual, lastly make wise decision. After choosing the right manufacturer, it is best to make it as the only manufacturer we supply goods from, as this will gain trust within each other. Having trust between two companion levels is usually by obeying the rules agreed before ordering products, payment made has to be on time or otherwise inform manufacturers earlier before the dateline. Other than that if you have any issues regarding the supplied goods, seek for a resolve from the manufacturer. This will give a great impact for your goodwill and also your business. On the other hand, when a manufacturer is on problem, you as entrepreneur should give a hand to them as well, not only enhancing trust but also connecting bonds for future purposes.
Considering ways that Electronic Database Interchange (EDI) could help to streamline the business transaction, here are the steps or progress that occurred during this time:
First of all, the manager from the operating unit will send an electronic message to Purchasing Department about the machine that needs to perform a metal-cutting operation. Then, the Purchasing Department contacted the vendors (sellers) to negotiate a reasonable price and also the terms and condition of delivery by messaging or fax, etc. After selecting the seller, the Purchasing Department will send a message to the Sales Department regarding the selection of seller. Later on, the buyer’s EDI translator computer, converted the message to a standardised formed purchase order transaction set and forwards the message through EDI network to the vendor. While this is happening, the Purchasing Department sends an electronic message to buyer’s Receiving Department so it can do plan to allow delivery when it will be scheduled.
After the seller’s EDI translator computer receives the purchase order transaction message and then converts it to the file format used by the vendor’s information system. The converted purchase order details will appear on the Sales Department’s sales order system and will automatically for-warded to the production management system in Manufacturing and to the accounting system. This information describes the machine’s condition and authorises manufacturing to begin working on it.
After the machine is completed, Manufacturing recognises accounting and send it to the vendor’s Shipping Department. From the Shipping Department, it sends an electronic message to Account-ing Department telling that the machine is ready to be shipped. Seller’s Accounting Department sends message to it’s EDI translator computer, that will convert message to standard invoice transaction set and then forward through EDI network to the buyer. Buyer’s EDI translator comput-er will receive the invoice transaction set before the Receiving Department receives the machine. The computer then converts the invoice data to a format where the information system can use and will eventually available to both buyer’s
Accounting and Receiving Departments.
When the machine arrives, buyer’s Receiving Department checks the machine about the invoice information on its computer system. When the machine is good, and matches the specifications, the Receiving Department send Accounting Department confirming about the good order and then deliver it to purchasing unit.
Lastly, Buyer’s Accounting Department system compares all details in the purchase order data, receiving data, and decoded invoice transaction set from the vendor. If all the the details matched, the account system notifies it’s bank to reduce the buyer’s account and increase the vendor’s ac-count with the amount of the invoice.

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