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There are many beautiful lands that are considered beautiful, and worth giving a visit to. The Bahamas is one of these beautiful lands that are full of wonderful things. The Bahamas have a superb government, with awe-inspiring history, with a breathtaking environment with alluring animals, and amazingly delicious food that are brilliantly tasteful. The Bahamas are truly one of the most beautiful places on the planet that play a very important role in the world.
The Bahamas is mostly known for its landscape, but it’s than one would think. Their government ‘is a constitutional monarchy’ (Small). In the Bahamas is mostly known for its beautiful landscape, but The Bahamas have more to ‘constitutional monarchy,’ there’s a governor that is a general that manage the monarch that is in the island. This generally is making most of the choices, which is different from our government. A House of Assembly and the Senate is the two houses that make up the legislature. Whoever is in charge, or ‘the head of the party that holds the most seats in the Assembly serves as prime minster’ (Small). Prime ministers are chosen by senators. The people of The Bahamas serve in both of these groups. The majority of the people that live in these islands are black. These people were brought there for British loyalists, after the revolution. They were treated like slaves, so they worked for the British. On this land, most of the adults learned how to read and write. Also, they started to practice religion. ‘Religious groups in the Bahamas include Anglicans, Baptists, Methodists, and Roman Catholics’ (Small). These educated people needed jobs to help with the economy. Since Bahamas are known for tourists’ attraction, ‘many Bahamians work in hotels or in businesses related to tourism’ (Small). Only a couple of Bahamians are farmers. On their land, ‘they grow bananas, citrus fruits, sugar cane, and tomatoes.’ (Small). Not only do they raise animals and grow fruits, they also catch seafood, and sell them to restaurants.
There is a lot of history that many people that visit Bahamas don’t know. There was a tribes here before anyone was settled on this land. This tribe is named ‘Lukku-cairi or island people’ ( Geographia’s Bahamas Travel Guide-History ). This Southern group found their way to this unpopular island at the time, and claimed it as their own. After this tribes, started to fade away, ‘English settlers who left Bermuda in 1647serching for religious freedom’ (Geographia’s Bahamas Travel Guide-History). came and ‘formed the first British colony on the island’ (Geographia’s Bahamas Travel Guide-History). after many years of staying with Great Britain, the people that lived in Bahamas started to want their own freedom. After many attempts to break away from the main provider, Great Britain allowed the island to be on their own in 1964 (Geographia’s Bahamas Travel Guide-History). Another tribe that has settled on the island, before it was considered an island, was the ‘Arawak’ (Wilson). This tribe is known for meeting Christopher Columbus when was passing. Unfortunately this civilization did not last for a while, because soon after died off because of random sickness. (Wilson).
This island is known for its gorgeous land and climate, and consists of beautiful animals. On every island, you will find at least one pine forests, if not many. The temperature is ‘mild’ (Pearson) There summer temperature is ‘about 85 degrees’ (Pearson), while in winter it is ‘ about 72 degrees'(Perason). Bahamas is home to many animals and plants. The coral reef is one of the most seen animals if you do any of the many activities. With these reefs, it brings along many fish, like eels and clownfish. Not only does it have water animals, it also has walking animals, like the flamingo, which is its national bird (Pearson).
Many Bahamians eat the same food. The main part of their diet is seafood itself. Another ‘island most common food is conch’, which is another type of seafood that they consume. Another fish that they eat are groupers, which they eat in almost every meal. Some ‘even mixed in with grits for breakfast meal’ (Pearson). For a drink, they use the resources around them. Like for example, pineapples and many other fruits that can turn into a sweet beverage. As for alcohol, there is a special drink that is called ‘Bahamian beer’ (Pearson). That many people enjoy.
In The Bahamas, their culture is full of life. They mostly are full of religious belief, because ’95 percent that list themselves as Christians'(Pearson). The people that share these cultures have many things that ‘they take great pride in’ (Bahama- People to People Program). Most people say that they take concern about their names. (Bahama- People to People Program). They celebrate many traditions that their descendants use to do.

In conclusion, The Bahamas is a very well-known island to vacation at. It is filled with beautiful landscape, climate, and varieties of culture. The Bahamas have an excellent government, with awe-inspiring history, with a simply breathtaking environment with amazing animals, and delicious food that are brilliantly tasteful. The people are full of wisdom and history that we are trying to find out still. Bahamas have a good future set out for it. Many people visit it for the summer, so their yearly budget is pretty good. I am happy to report this one-of-a-kind land, and would love to just spend a day there.

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