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Essay: A story about Grandad

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My grandad put me on his shoulders and spun me around; I stroked his beard, and felt his prickly hairs. It made me chuckle. We waited ages and ages until we were allowed in, excitement ran through my body. The enormous rusty metal gates swung open and there in the entrance stood a tall man in a gigantic clown costume. The colours embellishing his body were magnificent with swirls and patterns which were simply hypnotising, my grandad looked at me and said ‘He reminds me of you when you wake up in the mornings’ and smiled. His smile was a ray of sunshine that seemed so genuinely sweet with the right touch of shyness that unexpected warmth rushed through me. Even though the fair was full of hundreds and hundreds of people there was enough room for us both to squeeze in.
The immense electronic lights frenziedly flashed, turn flip then quickly change, shooting into the black sky almost striking any who dare to look their way. My head was tilted back and my mouth was wide open as me and my grandad gazed at the fantastic fabulous sight in front of us. The rides came to life in the blink of an eye causing a blur of pods. Five hundred attractions, from the latest white knuckle rides for thrill seekers to the ever-popular family, children’s and old-time rides such as the merry-go- round was what stood in front of us. There was a gigantic rollercoaster and a little girl was twisting and turning through all the different hurdles in the ride. Thirty seconds later and the ride zoomed back to its original place, it was extremely intriguing. The lights carried on flashing in luminous colours: Glowing hot pink, shimmering green and blinding yellow. Wow!
Sounds were already pouring through the air; Boom Boom Boom . I can honestly say that the fairground was so boisterous. It was full of piercing screams of joy and happiness. There was a load of wild sounds of rides preparing to whiz away. Music roaring out like an elephant and then ‘BANG’ the rides finished and the next load of people hurried along on screaming with excitement. The sound of laughter filled the air; everybody seemed to be enjoying themselves just like me and my grandad. As we walked along a number of peaceful sweet songs echoed smoothly from the merry-go-round, calming the frantic sensations which uplifted the blistering fair.
The smell of the air was delightful. Many children happily entered and were attracted over by the overpowering smell that had floated towards them; a mixture of hotdogs, mushy peas, chips and even the smell of fresh drizzling donuts. Groups of people gathered together near the warmth of the food stalls warming their frostbitten fingers and providing a haven from the ferocious night. However I didn’t need to as I had my grandad there to hug and squeeze me tightly. The taste of freshly cooked food wafted into the mouths of the famished adults tantalizing their tongue. The essence of sweet, sugary candy floss hinted the air. I was covered in tomato ketchup from my forehead to my chin enjoying my hotdog; my grandad had to clean my face as I looked ever so funny. He couldn’t stop laughing at me. His laugh was ever so sweet. The scorching sausage and barbeque sauce had become too much for my grandad as he gave into enticement and bought one too, it smelled so delicious.
At the hook a duck stall, prizes were going ever so quickly. Every lucky person winning an amusing big prize while every unlucky person won a less entertaining prize. Every time a prize was won by a little child you could see the happiness on their faces while they ran around with excitement with their new toy. I played hook a duck too with my grandad, we was unfortunate as we won a little prize which was a plain key ring. Although I guess it’s not that awful as it’s cherished with a picture of me and him together. From that day onwards I still have that treasured, attached to my set of keys. They say memories last a lifetime and they certainly do. It was fun playing hook a duck, my grandad was having a right laugh with the jolly ancient man who called us over to play. That was the day when I won a gift that I knew could be treasured for a million years.
We went on the best ride ever but we queued ages and ages for it, it felt like forever to be honest. This was the perfect fun fair ride, the bumper cars with the sound of explosions when they hit each other and the screeching of the tyres. Parents with their children laughed as they were banged and shoved from side to side. They really were like huge beetles zooming around and bumping into each other. My head was hurting so much that I had to hold my grandad’s hand just in case I fell. Attacking enemy cars that quickly sought revenge was exhilarating. The wind like a wild beast being released from a cage hushed the shrieks and laughter of the children enjoying their rides.
Groups of teenagers queued for the bungee which was 180 foot high in the sky. Fearful hands gripped the thick strong safety bar that kept those in place, as their feet lifted from the ground and they shot up in the sky within five seconds. I was trembling with fear as if it was me that high in the sky. My grandad kept saying to me ‘Come on darling don’t be scared, we can go on together’ and I said to him ‘you must be having a laugh grandad I can’t go on that’. A small part of me wished I had gone on so I could be like the owls of the night sky witnessing the chaos and pure joy unfolding beneath me.

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