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Essay: Aid Workers Infected By Ebola in Sierra Leone

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In this article the authors talk about British and American aid workers who had been infected with the Ebola virus while working in Sierra Leone. The authors view the issue as critical because the Ebola virus has wiped hundreds of people in the west of Africa and in this case, the workers were victims of the virus. In the author’s point of view, the Ebola virus is yet to be controlled even when the number of new cases seems to be under control. I agree with the author on the point that, despite the decrease in new cases of infection, Ebola has not been fully contained in the three most affected countries. In addition, I agree with the author on the point that, The Partners in Health has significantly assisted in dealing with health issues in poor countries like Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone.
The threat of Ebola in West Africa is real and it affects both the natives and the workers assisting in containing the virus. According to Sheri Fink and Alan Cowell, the infections of the two workers from Britain and America is a reminder that the disease is far from defeated and there is need to emphasize on the safety of the aid workers in these regions. Despite the much emphasize on the assistance offered by the Partners in Health, the authors are missing the fact that there also other organizations that have contributed much in controlling the Ebola menace in these countries. Other organization has contributed resources and aid workers and therefore, the authors need to emphasize on the safety of all aid workers even from other minor organizations. I find fault in the authors’ arguing that the war against Ebola is far from defeat, this is because comparing current reports about the spread off the virus to the earlier reports in 2014, the doctors have done a great job and at this rate they will soon control the virus. In my own, experience, I believe that when the world focuses on a threatening issue the issue would be solved. This is because the resources are there and the affected nations are cooperating with the aid workers.
Fink, S., & Cowell, A. (2015, March 12). American and British Aid Workers Infected With Ebola in Sierra Leone. Retrieved March 13, 2015, from http://www.nytimes.com/2015/03/13/world/europe/british-health-worker-infected-with- ebola-in-sierra-leone.html?ref=science

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