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Essay: Is sleep a good or a bad thing?

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  • Is sleep a good or a bad thing?
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Sleeping is natural phenomenon of every humans and animals. It is mandatory for every human to take at least five hours of sleep every day. The hours may vary according to the age group depending on their rate of work. It is scientifically proved that a person who sleeps very less than the normal sleeping hours will reduce his survival days in the world. Some people may over sleep. Even if we sleep for long hours we are exposed to many mental problems and also it increases the risk of death. Too much of sleep is no useful for nothing. The influence of good sleep and sleeplessness are discussed to have a clear view about how to schedule our sleeping hours and to have a better living.

Good sleep

Good sleep is essential for a healthy living. Our body mechanism is systemized in such a way that every functions of the body can regain the strength only after a good sleep. A good sleep paves the way for a better thinking. A good sleep can be a good relieve for all our stress. A healthy mind is necessary for a healthy body.

Pros of having good sleep

Good sleep helps you to feel fresh in the morning. It helps in gaining an abundant energy to do all the task of the day. The good sleeps helps us to live a happy and peaceful life. A person having good sleep will be safe at driving vehicle. You will be more active at work. The smartness in you is revealed after a good sleep. Your concentration is high if you have a good sleep every day. Good sleep gives you the strength to gain success perfectly.

Health benefits of good sleep

Heart is healthy due to a good sleep. It is considered the effective prevention from cancer. It gives a stress free mind. The worst inflammations are reduced due to the good sleep. The best exercise to lose your weight is to have a good sleep. The risk for depression is reduced after a good sleep. It plays a vital role in memory and learning and improves our longevity. It helps in maintaining your muscular systems in your body. A good sleeps paves ways for a better sex life. It reduces some problems such as anxiety, depression and many more. It gives you a healthier skin and hair. Health and wealth is not possible without sleep.

Necessity of good sleep

A man can own the entire world, but lacks a good sleep will lose his peace and will die soon. Sleep is very important than anything in the world. A person can’t control his sleep after a certain level because without sleep he automatically becomes depressed and gets affected heavily by mental illness. A disciplined life is valued based on the everyday sleep.


The person behaves worst if he practises improper sleeping. The longevity of a man is reduced due to the sleeplessness. A man who doesn’t have any goal in his life will spend his life without sleep. A focused life lacks due to sleeplessness.

Cons of sleeplessness

Sleeplessness leads to many problems in the day to day activity. The major accidents are caused due to less alertness where the sleeplessness is the reason behind it. It causes anxiety and depression. It causes obesity in your body. The risk of death increases due to loss of sleep. The memory loss and the lack of concentrations occur frequently due to the improper sleep. It completely affects the health of the skin.

Scientific truth about sleeplessness

Most of the nervous disorders are due to the lack of sleep. It is declared by the world health organization that the potential cause for cancer is sleeplessness. The memories that happened during the day can be strengthening through proper sleep at time. One of the major reasons for the dissatisfaction at work is due to sleeplessness. Sleeplessness increases the risk for accidents.

Impact of Sleeplessness in the current trend

People in the current trend don’t spend proper time for sleep. They never knew the impact of sleeplessness. Sleeplessness is the root cause for all the mental disorders. People spend more time in social sites and do jobs late night and completely lack the required sleep. The more they earn by sacrificing their sleep, the more they suffer with pain and spend it to doctors.

Sleeping is always a good habit for a healthy life. One should have a proper sleep everyday which makes him to work hard the next day. Sleeplessness is always a hindrance for a healthy living. Sleep has to be balanced in our busy work. One should follow a proper sleeping hours for his life because even over sleep causes some problems. Eat, Exercise and Sleep is the three important rules for a happy and healthy life.

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