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Essay: Path of a soldier: joys and challenges

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  • Path of a soldier: joys and challenges
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In The Safe Hand of Our Soldiers

Soldiers are the great personality who dedicates their life for the welfare of the people. They serve for their country and they are considered the brave hearts of every nation. We all know that a soldier is a person who always concerned about his nation more than his family and his own life. We never knew how a soldier spends his entire life. The path of pebbles and difficulties he faced and what happens to him after the ends of his service. Does a soldier would have fun during his journey? There are more interesting facts to know about a soldier’s life. The coward dies every day, but the soldier dies bravely only once. The real and the true side of a soldier are discussed which makes us know how our nation is safe in the hands of our soldiers.

The straight and the narrow path of a soldier

The life of a soldier is truthful and courageous. They practise unity in diversity in their life. They don’t consider religion, caste, race or colour. According to the soldier every one are equal before his eyes. It is very difficult to live the life of soldier. The brave heart that proudly dies for his country.

Lifestyle of the brave man:

The brave soldier’s life is not the same as our life. They don’t eat the normal food what we eat. They don’t sleep in time. The daily schedules like bathing, worshiping and many more are hard to be a part of a soldier’s life. You must have watched all the adventures and the stunts only in movie, but the soldiers experience every second the real time adventures. All kids love to play the virtual reality games, but the soldiers play the real game against their enemies in safeguarding his nation and his people.

The daily routines:

The every day schedule practised by the soldier is known as a value of discipline. Early morning wake up, the hard workouts and stretch out, sincere dedicated working hours, sports for the day and early to bed. The disciplined life of a soldier during training.

The real life time battle starts after training where we can find our soldiers in the borders of every country. Both the morning and nights are alike for them. The routines work is to keep safe guarding ones own country faithfully without any expectation in return.

Perfect timings:

One can learn the perfection from a soldier. The soldier works without timing, but maintains the timings in his life. During wars they are awake every second protecting us from all evils. A true soldier works very hard so that his people can take rest peacefully.

Letter to and from families:

The only of communication between the soldier and his families is through letters. The love and affection of every soldier are delivered through letters.

The overcame pebbles and stones

Only a strong heart can become a soldier because the journey in the soldier’s life is like walking in bear foot on the pebbles and sharp stones. They are crushed with both mental and physical tortures. Many unsaid pain accompany the life of every soldier.

The climatic effects:

The climatic factors are a great hindrance to the soldiers during battle. They are affected both physically and mentally by extreme temperatures of heat and cold. The typical situation is during the rainy conditions where there will be mud sticking everywhere. This will reduce the time taken to travel from one place to the others. This climatic condition causes great traffic ability and also affects the logistics. The visibility is completely barred for the soldiers and this severely affects the air and ground operations.

Away from their family:

Many soldiers are affected by nostalgic disorders as they are completely detached from their family for a long time. When a soldier returns to his home after war, their families are filled with joy. When the day comes for the soldier to go for a war, their families are filled with darkness. A soldier faces both extremes sorrow and joy by his family. He leaves the love and affection to his family members and takes the courage as a riffle and goes for war with a brave heart.

Threats of the enemies:

Every soldier is a target for their enemies. The terrorists make a perfect plan to destroy the troops of the soldiers. Every day they are facing serious threats by their enemies through bomb explosions and serial blasts. The life of a soldier is like facing death every single second. A brave hearts lives brave even in the graveyard.

The missed festival celebrations:

There is no discrimination among the soldier’s troops as they are one family celebrating all festivals together in war and battles among their war mates, but except their families. It is very hard for a soldier to spend time and celebrate festivals with their families. The festivals gets completed only after sharing our wishes and love to all our family members, but the life of a soldier and his family are always been unfulfilled. He sacrifices his entire happiness and family bonding so that his own country’s people can enjoy the festival with fulfilment.

The amusing days

A soldier’s life is mixed with both dangers and fun. The more they struggle for others, the more they experience a great fun adventurous in his life. The hardships are been covered with the victory which gives an abounded joy and happiness. A brave man is excited to experience even the sharpness of whale teeth.

The joy after victory of a war:

Victory is very sweet, but the reason behind the victory is very bitter as it is the reward for the life shed by many of the soldiers. The terrible days are over but the lost life can be retained back to life. The bloodshed had been to the soil to make the people of the soil to live long. The victory of every soldier is due to his courage as he refused to stop fighting.

The adventurous trekking:

The soldiers prepare themselves for the battle day by undergoing various vigorous training and also adventurous trekking. It gives refreshment to their body and soul. They are physical trained during these trekking. A life of a soldier is always adventurous every second.

Camp fire with the team

The camp firing is the excellent time to cherish in a soldiers life. Camp fire is the time for his rest and relaxes. He forgets his threats and dangers in his life during the campfire and he celebrates with a hope for the victory in the war and battle.

Sharing the Champagne glass

A soldier opens his champagne bottle after a victory for fights and struggle. He shares his glass his war mate and shouts his joy for the pain and sorrow that they overcame. The joy after a war is lively experienced by a soldier. Sharing is a symbol of extreme happiness and joy.

Predicament after servicing

After facing the battle life, it is quite hard for a soldier to live a normal life like other people. The perfection he experienced in the military life is completely absent in the civilian’s life. The truthfulness and honesty had been wiped away in the society which makes the soldier still harder to survive in the normal civilian life.

The physical injuries:

The injuries he got as a result of the war breaks his physical strength after his service. Some would have lost their body parts and this would make them struggle very badly for jobs. Many had lost their eyes and ears as a result of the war. They are affected by many infections and weird diseases due to the insect bites and poisonous plants during their stay in the forests for the battle. A soldier’s physical body may get destroyed, but the mental strength is always constant.

The terrific flashbacks:

Though years had rolled down from the day of battle, but the terrific flashbacks would still prevails in the mind of the soldier. He can never forget those days of pain and cry. The memories of his lost companion and his true friends in the war would have created a terrible scar in his life. The miserable memories of our lost friend always spear our heart every time.

Effects of radiation during the war:

The soldier is the person who is affected by the radiations of the nuclear bombs and the smoke of the advanced weapons. This had led to loss of hearing capacity and the results of poor eyesight. The radiation had caused various types of cancer to human body. It also results in the damaged of reproductive cells. The cruel weapon of the war is the nuclear radiation.

The lost love and affection:

Every soldier can’t regain the lost youth and the lost time they had to spend with their family. They dedicated their life for the society and their country’s people happiness by sacrificing his family’s happiness and his children’s expectations. Lost love and the spilled water can never be retrieved.

The life of a soldier is a journey to the adventurous and responsible world. Every soldier who had lost his life in the battle is martyrs. They are the true leaders of every country. The man with many untold sacrifices and had lived a life for his people without expecting anything in return. The biggest reward he gets for his dedication and sacrifice is the bloodshed in the battle field. He accepts every bullet from his enemies as a medal for his country and his people. The soldiers are the real hero and the chivalrous man in the world.

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