Essay: Research to suggest exercise helps with depression

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  • Research to suggest exercise helps with depression
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People often look for answers to how they might help others that suffer from major depressive disorders. The following journal article analysis is one that is about how exercise might help people who suffer from major depressive disorders. In the experimental research done over ten months, the researchers were able to assess and conclude to whether exercise helps depression. Empirical researchers in the following study had their independent variable be the exercise and medication they would have these adults do in ten months while the dependent variable is their major depressive disorder and recovery. The author’s goals for the following study are to look at the results of exercise therapy and what change they can see in the adult participants depression. The authors of the study hypothesized that if participants kept up with a daily exercise routine that their sorrow would continue to decrease. (Babyak et al., 2000)
Research Design and Results
A lot of studies done on aerobic exercise have shown how people who suffer from depression decrease their depression when exercising. The authors wanted to research whether participants in their sixteen-week program would continue to apply outside of the clinical setting. To do so, the authors had set up three different dynamics for their research after their participant passed a baseline assessment. The design set up included some participants would exercise, some would take medication, and the others would combine exercises and medication. All participants would be seen at the clinic at a four-month and six-month period to check results. The findings after the four months of exercise, medication, and combined medication and exercise participants showed a decrease in depression, as well as all being close in remission rates. After ten months the participants still showed close range in remission rates as well as their depression decreased. (Babyak et al., 2000)
Were the Findings Supportive with the Authors Hypotheses?
I believe that the author’s findings at the four-month and six-month assessments provided a more detailed result that matched the author’s hypotheses at the beginning of the exercise study. The author knew from their research that exercise could decrease depression as well on reviews they read about previously. The authors wanted to see if after participants being in a clinical setting would continue to exercise. The results showed that about 86.6% of participants remained with the six-month assessment. (Babyak et al., 2000)
Is the following study relevant to the Christian Faith?
I believe as a future Christian counselor that the following study could be related to Christian faith. As Christians, we want to find ways that help our clients or peers that can uplift them when they are down. Not only can we use the Lord’s word to help our clients, but we can find studies like the following that show other hobbies our clients can do that are positive and help keep their mind and body healthy. I find that I am more Intune with the Lord’s spirit when I am out in nature taking a walk or running. So, I can see how the following study can help relate our views with God to other positive lifestyle changes clients and ourselves can make in the future.

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