Essay: Explain how Aristotle’s ideas show him to be an ancient philosopher (i.e. in accordance with the ancient world view)

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  • Explain how Aristotle's ideas show him to be an ancient philosopher (i.e. in accordance with the ancient world view)
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(including that the cosmos serve as a model for human conduct that encourage to seek goodness in life, which is one that Aristotle placed a huge emphasis on)

Aristotle’s had a technological approach to goodness and the order of which things should be. He believed that everything had a purpose, and the purpose of everything is some sort of good or to reach some sort of goodness. Every “good” had its own way of being good but as a whole they all have the same underlying meaning, to reach the highest good. He believed that there was a highest good, happiness. Aristotle’s views on living and goodness also came with the ideas of ends and means. For example, if I want a car, the car is my end or goal. I have ways of obtaining what I want/need such as earning, borrowing, or stealing the money to get said car. These are my means of getting the car. The means I choose depends on which is easier, quicker, or most likely to succeed, etc. Thinking about the goal we are aiming to reach, and the means we must use to reach said goal. But what we’re thinking of reaching has no effect until it results in action (reaching the end), which is acting with some end, goal, or purpose in mind are the keys to success. But sometimes doing some sort of activity to obtain what you want is the end goal but in other cases to reach the end requires something more than just the activity. Aristotle also mentions that we have knowledge of the highest good and that everything that we’re doing is to eventually reach it. With that being in mind, do we not follow the hope of reaching the goal because we believe it follows the conduct of life? Having the highest good in mind allows us to follow what is right and use the right path.

To continue what means and goals in life are, what if I were to get my car? Obtaining a car is itself a means to another end. A means of getting to school or work. And of course, getting to school or work is the means to another end, getting to class or a job, then to get good grades or being productive and making money, then etc. With that being said, this is where Aristotle often thought about an ultimate end and if there was one. And that give us a purpose or an end goal. Which led him to the thought of happiness as our end goal. What action is going to lead us to obtain the highest good? Everyone has a different idea of what happiness to them is and how to reach it. Some people define happiness as something that’s “visible and palpable”, such as pleasure, wealth or honor. And it differs from person to person, but it can also mean different things to the same person at different times. For example, if I am sick, health is what I’m striving for. If I am poor, wealth is what I’m striving for. For this reason, we understand that there’s an ultimate good because there is a cause of goodness in them. We have an intuitive feeling that the good is something that belongs to us and that it is not something that can be easily taken away from us.

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