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Battering women was a common thing until the first battered women’s shelter
open in the United States, specifically Tucson, Arizona, and St. Paul, Minnesota.
There are many cases where women were mistreated by their husband or raped
and never got the help they should. ‘During the 1970s, in Chicago and many other
cities, married battered women who leave their husbands are denied welfare, due to
their husband’s income.'(ICADV) This case shows how women were ridiculously
mistreated. They were severely battered but can’t leave their husband because they
are denied welfare, so they have to get back to their husband and get tortured since
he’s the one with the income. It was difficult for women to find jobs at the time too,
so they had no choice other than going back to their husbands. In the late 1970s,
hospitals witnessed scores of women enter emergency care because of an abusive
partner. Neck injuries from strangulation, broken cheekbones and dark bruises all
pointed to the same story. (WAA)Battering women is becoming more popular among
the states; research shows ‘ approximately 1/3 of female homicide victims in
California were killed by their husbands’ (ICADV), this number is outrageous. ‘Have
some fun. Beat up your wife tonight. Then celebrate with some good food and drinks
with your friends.’ This is the July issue of Ms. Magazine reports in the ‘No
Comment’ section an ad for a bowling alley in Michigan. (ICADV) This ad is making
fun of how common beating up women is, and it became some sort of entertainment.
Leaving the house is the most difficult for the victims, most of the time, they are
severely injured or killed when they try to escape; so they have to plan the escape and
usually they don’t bring any belongings because the husband may find out and injure
the victim. Before the women’s shelters were built, these battered women were
helpless because they had nowhere to go and no one to protect them from being
beaten up again. Women’s shelters are a temporary refuge for women escaping from
abusive situations such as domestic violence and rape. These shelters were the place
to go for help for women that were being abused. At first, the women’s shelter in St.
Paul was only a one-bedroom apartment and later on they purchased a house in order
to provide rooms for more abused women. There is an estimated number between 300
and 700 of women’s shelter established by the year 1982. Most funding for women’s
shelter come from the Federal Government. Unfortunately, in the last decade, many
states have cut off their funds for women’s shelter. ‘In 2009, Governor
Schwarzenegger of California cut all state funding to domestic
violence programs.[16]In late 2011 Washington governor Christine Gregoire released a
budget proposal stripping all state funding for domestic violence and women’s
shelters across Washington State.’ (Wikipedia) As a result, many women’s shelters
were forced to close down due to financial shortage which leaves women with no
place to escape from domestic violence. The history of females gaining rights and
escaping from being abused was very struggling. Even though women are beginning
to learn how to protect themselves from getting abused now, but domestic violence
still exists. Women’s shelter continues to expand and help the victims to escape from
danger. Since more victims begin to speak up, it isn’t such a shame to call for help
anymore. Women’s shelter had changed and is still changing a lot of abused women’s

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