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This thesis is about the topic security awareness. In fact it is about creating security awareness. As described in the research employees find themselves abroad working on engineering projects for Tideway Offshore Solutions. Rules and regulations for safety and security are strict on board ships and in port facilities. During travel in land abroad these regulations are not or rarely present. Companies still have the responsibility to care for the safety and wellbeing of employees. Employees do need to be able to travel safely in these sometimes high risk countries. Employees in these cases have a responsibility to comply to the standards set by the employers. For instance a project manager is visiting a quarry where rocks are hauled from for a project. He/she travels from the ship or airport to the location. How do you prepare him for the local crime and terrorism? How do you keep him/her aware of risks? What are some of the higher standards that can be used in preparing him/her for his travels? The goal of this research is to come up with a set of tools that can help generate security awareness for employees working abroad in high risk countries.

The research methods used to achieve the results are as follows. For researching the laws and regulations relevant to security awareness several laws and regulations are reviewed. For instance websites and documents with the according regulations. The 13 most relevant actors in the area of marine engineering and security are reviewed on their usefulness for creating security awareness. Correspondence is setup with all the actors via telephone or email and results are processed in the research.
Lastly the awareness of employees is measured by a questionnaire taken from 15 employees. This is done with the aim to advise the management on current security awareness and possible ways to improve this area within the company to a more mature level.

Most importantly it is crucial to understand that rules and regulations necessary to generate a branch specific high standard for security awareness for travel abroad are limited but existent. As specified in the research local security actors like police, medical care and fire departments are expected to react in emergency situations. Although some standards are not useful for travel in high risk countries the format of several rules and regulations reviewed in this research is useful when looking at a document format for standards. Creating an entire new format is time consuming to make and read as a user. These standards should be set by verified information gathered from different actors, different open sources and current literature. In preparation of travel abroad projects and employees can be equipped with information and timely reminders about local situations.

Table of Contents

1 Introduction
2 Motivation
3 Crime scene in Mexico
4 Research of literature
5 Results
6 Advice
Appendix A Laws and Regulations
Appendix B Actors
Appendix C Research methods
Appendix D Quality insurance
Appendix E Correspondence with Mexican embassy
Appendix F Correspondence with Shell
Appendix G Project security preparation
Appendix H Effective communication

1 Introduction

In this section of the research, the definition of security awareness, limitations on research, the offshore industry, the activities of Tideway Offshore Solutions (further referred to as Tideway), the field of security and the responsibilities of a QHSE-S department within the company are explained. Balancing freedom and security is a challenge for democracies as well as companies. This research will show that regulations, procedures and continuous self-sustaining effort of management and employees as well as cultural commitment are to be combined in combating security awareness in companies that operate in high risk areas. Security in the offshore industry is heavily guided by rules, procedures and regulations on board ships and in port facilities. However when the employees of Tideway are abroad in high risk countries this regard to rules, procedures and regulations with regards to security is not as clear as it should be. The QHSE-S Manager and coordinator see this research as an opportunity to review and possibly improve current policy practice. The chosen text format is a reflection of the companies’ wishes. Risks can be caused by a security threat but still can be described as unsafe situations. In terms of defining threats the word ‘unsafe’ in this research is used as an adjective to describe the situation and not the source of the threat. Safety issues and measures along with the word ‘safety’ in general is used to describe risks that are caused by human error in workplaces and not by deliberate external force as in security risks.

Goal of research

This research is aimed at the management of Tideway. The main goal is to provide the management several ways of dealing with security awareness aside from the travel risk management and regulations applicable to ships and shore facilities. For instance the measurement of security awareness culture by Shell Measures with regards to the subject security will prepare the organization and its employees for a more mature form of security awareness. The goal is also to use laws and regulations to describe that attention to security awareness is indirectly forced by law on companies. Comparison of laws in different countries will provide Tideway with clarity of how different crimes are punished and defined in different countries. Furthermore this research will describe if the roles and responsibilities of different actors change respective to the countries. Recognizing this beforehand can make taking actions when incidents do occur easier. By using the different actors in the field of security to gain knowledge and to subscribe this knowledge with literature on how security awareness should be formed within a company, a verified and integrated advice on security awareness is formed.

1.1 Research
Thesis Question

How can Tideway increase security awareness amongst their personnel during travel from ships and work sites to in land locations in Mexico?


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