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E-Ball is an attractive compact small size computer that’s unlike laptops, desktops, and any other artificial intelligence devices. Apostol Tnokopsvki invented this compressed computer; his sphere is the most dominating creator system in ground of personal computers. Apostol Tnokovski (July 15, 1982) is a Macedonian product designer. This piece of artificial intelligence is predominantly substantiated on the LASER rays technique and resides all the empirical characteristics of normal computer.
How it looks like?
This unusual device is the least bit identical with a modern day computer which consists of a separate mouse, keyboard, Digital Versatile Disc record player and a normal screen, but all the traditional functions of computer are synchronized in a unique way. Astonishingly, the e- ball consists of a 6-inch diameter sphere; the dimensions of the motherboard are around 120x120mm motherboard. (Apostol)
‘ Simulated keyboard
‘ Central Processing Unit that consists of two comprehensive operation cores per physical processor called dual core processor.
‘ 2GB Random Access Memory
‘ 350-500 Giga Byte hard drive
‘ Integrated graphics and a sound card: its function is processing audio, transmit it to the headphones and speakers and catching audio input from microphones.
‘ Speakers
‘ Wireless optical mouse
‘ Local Area Network and Wide Area Network card
‘ MOdulator-DEModulator (Modem): It functions to alter analog signal to digital and vice versa.
‘ Web camera
‘ Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) projector
‘ Paper holder
How it works:
First and the foremost, we need to orient E- ball into the standing position. For that switch on the two buttons on the sides of E-Ball for 5 seconds so that it will open and fix it to place the E-ball in alignment, it must be switched on from the top to start the PC, the projector comes out. Then the focus and direction can be adjusted using the navigation keys. (Apostol)
For using it, it is necessary to have properly functioned display unit or screen. However, the display unit is not there in reality it can be viewed on the wall with the help of a projector. For instance, if any one wants to operate this PC in the open space in the absence of the wall, a sheet of paper can remedy this difficulty.
This spherical PC provides the sheet holder for carrying the paper to work as its monitor. The Sheet holder is diversified in to three parts analogous to an umbrella or three digits, which ease the work of the people employed in open place. (Apostol)
Cybernetic Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation (LASER) keyboard:
It is visible when the PC is in operating approach, nevertheless the LASER arises into action when that switch is pushed, interpreting it. The Extremities are lightened when a person touches the flat surface with the top of fingers are lightened by the lighting plane formed via linear LASER. But the user won’t be aware that his fingers are illuminated as infrared waves are used. Then software identifies the position of the illuminated fingers and it will convert to the accordingly input functions. It stimulates the power of LASER and infrared and transmits an amplified keyboard on flat surface.
Optical Mouse:
It aids to circumnavigate graphical interface applications. It’s Main task is to translate hand actions into functioning computer format. This optical mouse can be isolated from the body of the E-Ball by controlling the separation switch, which is present on the left side of the PC.
The Software Interface:
This PC is an epoch making modernized upcoming latest technological device, so it proves to be very trendy with icons compatible with all forms of the Windows operating system.
Holographic Display:
It is three dimensional display machineries, penetrating deep refrain from any specific glasses. This leads the feeling of 3Dimensional image to the various watchers.
LAN and WLAN card and a Web cam:
They are the hardware equipment integrated in to main hardware of PC and obtain link with computer network.
S- video port: Super video is an equivalent video broadcast that pulls standard characterization video normally at 480i or 576i resolution.
Special characteristics:
It is compact in size so it is portable and convenient to use. This small equipment contains two 50W speakers, approximately 350-600GB of hard disk drive, it’s display is virtual and can be possibly mounted on any solid screen. It senses the lighting of the room using sensors and modifies the forecast light intensity appropriately. The Simulated keyboard reduces the space for the PC, it consists of all other features of the laptop, or desktop computer. It is very useful for making large video presentations in the offices and in education field, it works very fast. It can be very beneficial for executing the online conferences.
Pros and Cons:
In the future when it will come into market, It will be a technological boon for businessmen, Information technology workers, for home use, and for meetings that require travelling to different places around the globe in this era of the technological revolution. As it has large memory beneficial for creating amplified presentations, it can be used to preserve large amount of data. It aids user favorable keyboard, and it is protected than other PC. As a result, it can ease the work of human beings irrespective of the field.
Other side of the coin:
As the cost of constructing this E-ball is high as it consists of exclusive features of optical mouse virtual keyboard, holographic, detachable mouse display only the people who earn exorbitant remuneration can afford that. If any malfunction or error has occurred in the system, it is problematic to identity and to repair it. Unfortunately it is compatible with the windows operating system; it is not feasible to use on any other operating system.

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