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Lord of the Flies begins in England during the 2nd World War with pupils from a male primary school being evacuated to a safer location due to enemy bombing. The plane on which they were being evacuated supposedly  got hit by a missile and crashed on an uninhabited island. The pilot didn’t survive the crash which left the group, of about 30 kids between ages of 6 and 12, without any grown-ups to tell them what to do. Out of the group emerged two leader figures: Ralph and Jack. Ralph representing the good of mankind, civilisation, empathy and Jack representing the bad, violence and the constant desire for power. When all the boys are gathered they decide they need a leader and elect Ralph over Jack. Ralphs first act as leader is to explore the island together with Jack and Simon. After the expedition Ralph decides that a fire should be lit on the island to get the attention of any passing ships, which is every little boy’s dream to start a large fire. But they weren’t paying much attention to keeping the flames in control which led to a major forest fire from which one kid never returned. The boys who at first glance preferred the somewhat responsible Ralph were quite enjoying the life on the island and liked the idea of having no responsibilities. Ralph kept telling the other boys that something should be done, like finding or making shelter and keeping the signal fire burning, but the hunters, whose responsibility it was to keep the fire burning, didn??t feel the need to do that which resulted in the fire being off when a ship passed by the island. When Jack fails in trying to convince the others into voting Ralph out of his position he angrily goes away and tells his hunters to follow him. Ralph wants to keep the fire burning but now on the beach but more and more boys are choosing Jack’s side. Eventually it escalated so extreme that Jack and Ralph fought, but Ralph managed to get away from Jack and his followers. The following period Ralph goes into hiding while Jack and his group hunt him like he’s part of the wildlife on the island. Jack started a huge fire so that Ralph would flee to the beach only resulting in their rescue, because a British military ship spotted the fire.

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