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Globalization is a process characterized by the following phenomenon: the spread of telecommunications and information technologies; reduction of national barriers for easier cooperation in trade and investment; increased cash flow and interdependence of financial markets.
Through the last decades the world has considerably changed. Globalization really promotes the growth of human mobility, although migration is now controlled more strictly than ever before, global alliances between companies are becoming increasingly common (such examples can be taken from the telecommunications sector and the food industry), and by using a computer people can now communicate with different people from literally anywhere in the world. Finally, the recent financial crisis has demonstrated the increasing financial and economic interdependence.
Globalization became a process of increasing impact of various factors of international importance (for example, closed economic and political ties, cultural and informational exchange) on the social reality in many countries.
The most powerful factor of globalization – economic, manifested in the presence of transnational corporations operating in multiple countries and using new historical conditions to their advantage. Some people hopes that globalization can be a panacea for various vital issues of the economy. And others – anti-globalists or radical globalists – fiercely hate and strongly criticize everything connected with it. The subject of lively debate is everything – what globalization is, when it started: there are different points of view and the fact whether the globalization phenomenon lasts for few decades, or globalization began at the time when one nation could establish contacts with other peoples located on the opposite side of the globe. How does globalization relate to other processes in public life, what are its immediate and long term consequences. And what could be called by globalization and what is not. The abundance of opinions, attitudes and evaluations transforms globalization into an interesting topic of current importance. Globalization is a difficult issue not only for the mass consciousness, but also for scientific analysis.

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