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Personal Statement

What do you do when you realize you have become extremely successful at living a comfortable life, but not the life you were created for? When you are in a position of leadership, coveted by many, occupied by few, and sustained by even less, yet still unfulfilled. Each day you feel the growing gap inside between complacency and the untapped potential of the road less traveled.

This is what was going through my mind when deciding to temporarily shut down my successful group home for foster boys to pursue Dentistry. My pursuit to become a dentist was first postponed on the first day of meeting with my academic advisor to discuss my future plans. The result of the meeting was that my chance of earning a 4.0 at the end of my college career was impossible. Thus, it was determined that any career in the health sciences was not a suitable option for me and that I should pursue personal training or a career related to sports. Being told I was not good enough forced me to focus on opening up my first group home for foster boys-something I wanted to do since high school after my mother became a foster mom. I grew admiration for the foster community and wished to own a business that helped raise and mentor teenaged boys-the most undesired population. Two years after my advising meeting, I graduated as an official owner of a group home with a Sports Medicine degree, in hopes of pursuing personal training on the side. I believed I was content.

“Ma’am, there is nothing we can do. There are no available appointments until next June.”

My contentment ended six months later when I realized the lack of access to dentists around the area for these boys through a series of phone calls. I called a plethora of dentist offices trying to set up appointments for my boys. It was through those failed attempts that I realized the shortage of dentists. After doing days worth of research on dental schools, I grew thankful that I earned a degree that could serve as the foundation for the study of dentistry. I took off a few days out of the week to shadow a general dentist and prosthodontist in Houston. For the first time since college, I felt the satisfaction and excitement that comes with doing something that I truly enjoyed. My shadowing experience highlighted an industry that I never knew I always admired: the profession of dentistry. Dentistry is the absolute combination of business, science, and art. It allows me to be creative and artistic while at the same time utilizing interpersonal skills when dealing with patients. Through dentistry, I can immediately see the results of my work while being in a position to impact the community. The profession will also allow me to use my business experience, as the opportunity will be there to one day have my own practice.

It was not an easy decision to leave a fruitful career and return to school to receive my masters in pursuit of dental school. However, it is the same decision that has kept me committed to the pursuit of dentistry. My experiences as a team captain for the Pepperdine University track team, managing my employees of the group home, and taking active roles as a mentor at Hampton University as a residential graduate assistant, have prepared me with the leadership and critical thinking skills that are essential to succeed in dental school. My work experience ranging from interning for Baylor College of Medicine, working as an EMT handling emotionally draining cases, and handling the daily tribulations of raising a home full of boys, has equipped me for the workload of dental school.

Pursuing Dentistry is a journey that I am passionate about taking and I know I have made the right decision. Through my pursuit, I wish to incorporate the lessons learned on my journey to accomplish a larger picture. The larger picture is to serve as an example that it is never too late to follow your heart in pursuit of your passions. It is extremely important to pay attention to signs that direct you to the path you are destined to be on. (it was meant for me to open my group home to discover dentistry). I wish to serve in underrepresented communities that might not have access to a dentist or have to wait nearly a year to be treated. Dentistry is more than providing healthcare to patients; it is serving a community while spreading awareness on the importance of good dental hygiene, and I desire to be a part of that influence in the near future.

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