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Essay: The Great Gatsby / Harlem Renaissance Poem (American Dream)

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The American Dream Summative
The Great Gatsby Specific View
Jay Gatsby:
Really there was no “American Dream” for Jay. He was caught up in a memory and realizes Daisy is not the woman he fell in love with. The affair collapsed because Daisy was to stubborn to give up her social status for a man is almost the complete opposite of her. Gatsby is can’t help himself, all he can do is live in the past. He acts like nothing ever happened between him and Daisy, like she didn’t marry Tom or like they were never split. Gatsby is overall restless “running down like an overwound clock” Gatsby doesn’t trust himself enough to draw a clue about Daisy’s feelings towards him.
Gatsby has little to no dream at all, because all he sees is himself with Daisy but then he realizes Daisy isn’t all what he thought she was. In the book “Oh, you want too much!” she cried to Gatsby. “I love you now – isn’t that enough? I can’t help what’s past.” She began to sob helplessly. “I did love him once – but I loved you too.” this quote shows that Gatsby is falling for the Daisy that isn’t the real Daisy. He doesn’t realize that she won’t be the same ever again.
Harlem Renaissance Poem Specific View
Richard Cory-Edwin Arlington Robinson:
The poem was written as the outside world looking to the life of Richard Cory. Essentially the poem is about people despising Richard because he is wealthy and how crisp and perfect he is for example it states “He was a Gentleman from sole to crown. Clean favored, and imperially slim.” it shows that people were jealous of him and his life. The poem then goes on and talks about “we” the person or people who wrote the poem, it discusses how poorly treated they were by Richard saying “to make us wish we were in his place… and went without meat and cursed the bread”. At the end Richard ends up committing suicide almost like being rich was too much for him.
Cross Analysis:
In Comparison they may seem like complete opposite stories but they both can relate. Gatsby wishes that he could be with Daisy and eventually does get with her but it doesn’t appear that it was all he thought it was. Richard Cory has a rags to riches story just like Gatsby . Everyone dreams of being rich and Richard had that dream and achieved it but then he realized that being rich isn’t everything he thought it was thus giving him the illusion that life sucks and pushing him to commit suicide. “Yes richer than a king- and admirably schooled in every grace” the quote shows that Richard had no reason to throw his life away he had everything he wanted but assumed being rich gave him the persona of being a monster to the public. “In fine we thought he was everything” even the people knew he had everything and despised him for it but they even couldn’t figure it out.
My Vision
My Vision of the American Dream is living stress free. Living like it should be, living without worry, insecurities, depression and so on. I’m not saying that the American Dream will be perfect but it will be pretty close, it will always have its imperfections.

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