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Essay: What are Macduff’s character traits? Are they similar to your own?

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Macduff plays the role of a hero to stop Macbeth’s rule. He fights to overcome the evil supernatural forces. Macduff offers a contrast to Macbeth: a Scottish lord who, far from being ambitious, puts the welfare of Scotland even ahead of the welfare of his own family. Macduff suspects Macbeth from the beginning and becomes one of the leaders of the rebellion. After Macbeth has Macduff’s family murdered, Macduff’s desire for vengeance becomes more personal and powerful. When one’s loyalty to their country is greater then their loyalty to family, they may begin to lose sight of what should truly matter. Similarities that Macduff and I have are we are steadfast with whatever we do and our greatest strengths are that we both are open minded and loyal. But we have some differences in the play Macduff cannot commit to everything. This shows his ignorance to important issues but I am different as I keep a close eye equally on everything. For me everything is important and has its own value. Macduff and I are both similar because of our tendencies to question what is right and wrong; however, my loyalty to my family and everything else going on in my life is what sets us apart.
A careful study of the play reveals that I have a similar personality to Macduff. One trait that is common between us is that Macduff and I both can sacrifice everything to help others. We both are empathetic and we feel the pain of others. One evidence for this is that he is the only person who is worried about the King’s murder and thinks about it. At the time of Duncan’s murder, he decides to leave Scotland and move to England to help save the Malcolm and Scotland. A couple of weeks ago my dad asked me to help at his pharmacy but I had planned to go out with friends but then when I thought about it I put my plans aside and decided to help my dad.
Macduff and I are steadfast with whatever we do. We both take our duties very seriously and we are also very determined towards what we are doing. Evidence for this is that he leaves his family behind to fulfill his duty. I am determined to anything I do for example when I have rugby, whether its a practice or a game I am there earlier and I play to the best of my ability. We both immediately challenge anyone who acts suspiciously. At the time of the murder of Duncan, he was only who suspects the Macbeth. Similarly, I challenge everyone who acts suspiciously. This is like me because I am not the type of person to let my suspicions sit without action. For example, if I feel uneasy about a situation or someone I am the type of person to say something and not just ignore it. Similarly, we both are brave and men of action and we take immediate actions. The play reveals Macduff bravery as he is not scared of obstacles he will have to face to take down Macbeth. Even when Macbeth kills all Macduff family he stays strong. I remember this one rugby game we were down by a couple of points going into the last quarter of the game and one of our best players got injured. Right when he got injured my bravery stuck in and a scored to tie the game and also scored another one to win the game.
Likewise, we have integrity in our dealings. Evidence for this can be seen in the dealings of Macduff with Malcolm. Macduff and I, we both are very determined. Evidence for this is when he decides to do something he sticks to it firmly. He makes a plan that he must take down Macbeth, he sticks to this plan until he succeeds. I also make a plan and stick to it until I achieve my goal. In 2017 I planned on losing weight and I created a diet and workout plan for 90 days. Three months later I was able to lose more weight than I planned.
The greatest strengths of Macduff are being open minded and his loyalty to King Duncan and his sons. One of Macduff’s greatest strengths is not being gullible. This is shown when he is one of the only people who has suspicions that Macbeth is responsible for Duncan’s murder. He does not fall for Macbeth accusing towards the guards and instead realizes that Macbeth is the culprit. This is one similarity myself and Macduff share. I can take a step back and look at the facts without jumping to conclusions. Unlike everyone else when Macbeth said it was the guards who killed Duncan and that Macbeth was the hero. He remains completely uncorrupted throughout the play even after he learns of Macbeth killing his entire family.
Although Macduff has many strengths still he has some weaknesses. He leaves his family behind when he moves to England to help Malcolm. He does nothing for his family. He lacks the energy to sustain both commitments. While expressing his loyalty to the king and his country, he ignores his commitment to his family. This shows his ignorance to important issues but I am different as I keep a close eye equally on everything. For me everything is important and has its own value.
A person’s personality influences his opportunities for success and it also depends on the time in which they live. As Macduff make all the achievements due to his personality traits. Macduff has a higher chance of success because he is very patient, determined, fearless and has self-control. Macbeth, on the other hand, has an opposite nature. He is scared of being caught for the king’s murder. He is afraid of losing power. His constant fear and guilt drives him madly. Macbeth is not able to control himself when his power is on the line. I am also similar to Macduff and I know if I stay patient and wait good things will come. So, it is obvious in the end how a person’s personality relates to success or failure. Macduff benefits due to his good traits and, Macbeth is finally defeated.
In Shakespeare’s message of the destructive power of ambition, Macduff could be shown as the one who is not affected by ambition as despite His great strength and qualities allows him to not seek a higher rank but rather instead stay loyal to his country.
“Macbeth” is a very sophisticated morality play that tells the tragic story of how a once-great war hero and Thane is tempted and takes the path to Evil. This is a story of Good and Evil, things light and dark, clarity and shadow. Whatever you may write about Macbeth, its moral lesson is central. Just as one man’s evil actions can bring a country to its knees, so one man’s bravery and goodness may help to save it. To start of with I mentioned how Macduff and myself are similar through a number of different traits. Then described how Macduff’s greatest strength is how he isn’t gullible After I talked about Macduff’s greatest achievements which is him staying resilient and determined throughout the whole story and being able to stay patient and stick to the plan even after his family is killed. Finally I discussed about and described how a person’s personality does lead to success or not being successful Myself and Macduff are both loyal, determined, and open minded. Macduff puts Scotland before all else and he pays a high price. We are left with the message that a courageous, selfless and principled individual who is willing to stand up to the powers of evil can play a vital role in the restoration of goodness and morder.

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