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Moral Boundaries In Macbeth

Ambition is in every individual’s innate nature as one constantly looks for ways to become more powerful and increase their social and economic status. In Macbeth, author William Shakespeare explores the extreme lengths one will go to achieve their ambitions against moral and societal limitations and the resulting tragic impacts on them and their surroundings. … Read more

Macbeth – moral and psychological outcome of decisions

Negative decisions in life prompt disastrous outcomes on both a moral and psychological level. In William Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth both lose their mental ground due to their uncontrolled ambition, ultimately leading to their demise. Both characters begin their quest for power differently and react uniquely to the strain of murders. However, Lady … Read more

Vishal Bharadwaj – Miyan Maqbool (Macbeth)

The versatility of Shakespeare’s original plays, such as Macbeth, allow modern directors to individually interpret them. Vanessa Gerhard says that, “Shakespeare’s plays are not stable and fixed anymore but are used, transposed and transformed by various elements and cultures”. This is true of Maqbool, where the alterations director Vishal Bharadwaj (who transformed Macbeth into his … Read more

Female roles: Lady Macbeth, Wolf-Alice & the unnamed female in The Bloody Chamber

The most famous female role to review is Lady Macbeth; her lack of innocence is perfectly clear, due to her murderous intent, however many still debate her seductive nature. Some critics ‘depict her as seductive, luring her husband towards crime by playing the part of his ‘dearest chuck’’ This interpretation of her is appealing to … Read more

Conflict presented in ‘Macbeth’

There are many types of conflict presented in ‘Macbeth’, given that it is one of the main themes, the most notable ones being internal conflict, the conflict between the natural and unnatural and marital conflict. Shakespeare presents each of these different types of conflict dramatically through soliloquies and direct conversation and relationships throughout the play. … Read more

Honour and Dishonour in Macbeth (notes)

Macbeth: Honourable Actions: Macbeth’s loyalty towards King Duncan pre-murder Dishonourable Actions: Murdering King Duncan who greatly admired Macbeth and looked at him like a son Macbeth sending Mercenaries to kill Banquo and Fleance Macbeth sending Mercenaries to kill Macduff’s wife and children Macbeth’s constant disregard of the life and feelings of others Macbeth is a … Read more

How Shakespeare presents the changing relationship between the Macbeths

Explain how Shakespeare presents the changing relationship between the Macbeths. You must consider language, form & structure and refer to the context of the play. Shakespeare created a play called Macbeth and it was set in Scotland in the 11th century when there was political instability at the time. The first performance of this play … Read more

Use of imagery by Shakespeare in Macbeth

“Unnatural deeds do breed unnatural troubles” (Shakespeare). The play Macbeth, by William Shakespeare, surrounds a man named Macbeth and his wife who try to tamper with order and fate, which ultimately backfires tragically. Shakespeare uses many elements of imagery to illustrate the the theme of disorder which is based off the Elizabethan concept of universal … Read more

The sources of Macbeth’s downfalls

The downfalls in Macbeth’s life derive from the three witches’ prophecies in the tragic play, Macbeth written by William Shakespeare. Macbeth encounters the Weird Sisters’ supernatural forces and chooses to depend his destiny as a prosperous leader on their prophecies, which ultimately lead to paranoia, greed and manipulation in his thoughts. Macbeth’s death and downfall … Read more

Macbeth – An Analysis

Macbeth was written by William Shakespeare during the Elizabethan Age and during that time the people believed that there were witches and dark magic. Therefore, they believed in the supernatural and as a result the play consists of supernatural element and how the supernatural convinces Macbeth’s downfall. However, the first scene itself brings out how … Read more

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