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Essay: Characteristics of an Innovative Leader

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Leadership is an important aspect of managing. Innovative leaders develop through a never ending process of self-study, training, and experience. They have the psychological maturity and often very optimistic. Innovative leaders are lucid, sensible, and applicative. They should work with vision and strategy and always keep the ultimate goal in the limelight so that they are not defeated by secondary successes. A good innovative leader should be ingenious and inventive and have the vision to brew information from various origins to bring out the solutions. They should have an understanding not to look just ahead, but the entire source on being worked. The greatest leaders are defined as those who have courage, tenacity and patience during the deficit times. To be a good innovative leader, one must be a good orator to let their strength and personal character show through communication. Leaders of the future must be able to envision the future and convince others that their vision is worth following.

Innovative Leadership- Asset for an organization:

Leadership is often seen as a key factor in coordinating and aligning organizational processes. The objective of innovative leadership is to develop a plan that facilitates the collective learning and helps in experimenting with new approaches for achieving the goals. To illustrate, In a group, there was a lot of tension and cliques were forming which was evident when the group members were reactively meeting without the other member having knowledge of the meeting. In that storming stage, Rob among the group with a better experience and knowledge, was found to be manageable and elected as the leader of the team. The team never went through the forming stage and always had an issue in knowing the stages of group development. Rob, himself not being an innovative leader did not know his team well enough and did not take the appropriate steps to improve the team’s working relationship. He definitely overlooked the communication within the group and never evaluated the situation. They should have improved the quality of communication, planning, problem solving, and decision making that would have resulted in group motivation. Rob should have refined the direction and modified the structural levers aligning the innovative leadership behind it, and strived to promote the team growth. He should have found out the key characteristics so that the problems could have been solved in a constructive way. Rob could have provided clear expectations to every member of the group and implemented measurable guidelines to hold each member accountable. He could have also followed up with his members to ensure they are satisfied with their work. It is proven that satisfied worked are more productive workers. Rob would have been a lot more effective by simply taking the necessary steps to create a high performance organization within his group. High performance organizations strive for excellence at all time. They value teamwork, and pride themselves on meeting goals and objective in harmony. This was not the case with Rob’s organization. Rob should have been an innovative leader and help the other people around him feel comfortable, should have been more detailed orientated. He should have been flexible and stayed patient. Each member responds to communication different, therefore, he should have kept the communication constant. Therefore, being an innovative leader is very important as proper leadership can make or break the organization.

How to be an innovative leader?

In order to be successful as an innovative leader, it is good to improve the ability to delegate, communication, confidence and commitment, positive attitude, intuition and ability to inspire.

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