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Human resource management contributes

Task 1: Investigate how Human Resource Management contributes to the Achievement of Organizational objectives:

P1.1- Identify three key HRM activities of the Organization as staffing, recruitment, training, Motivation etc.

Human Resource Management functions have a variety of main activities e.g. deciding what staffing needs, recruiting and training the employees, ensuring they are high performers and also dealing with performance issues.Human Resource management is based in the well-organized utilization of employees in achieving two major objectives within an organization and other type of organizations. The first objective is to effectively make use of the talents and abilities of the employees to get the operational objectives that are the key plan of the organization. Along with understanding the objectives of the organization, Human Resource management also look for to make sure that the individual employee is satisfied with both the working environment, the reward and benefits that they receives.“Human Resource can be described as the organizational function accountable for obtaining and maintaining qualified employees. In today complex environment, fulfilling that mission is a major contributor to an organization success”.American Management Association.2000)

Human Resource Management is referring to the policies, practices, and systems that influence employees’ behavior, attitudes, and performance”.

Noe, Raymond. & et al. (2006): Human Resource Management. 5th Ed. McGraw Hill

Human Resource department of ScottishPower is responsible for Employee Relations, Recruitment, Staffing, Training and Development, Rewards, Pensions, Facilities, Fleet, Security and Health and Safety.

  • “Our people are at the heart of our success”.(Nick Horler, ScottishPower CEO)
  • “ScottishPower is all about people. In Human Resources, we are responsible for attracting, recruiting, developing, supporting and looking after the welfare of all of our 10,000 people”.

Sheila Duncan., (2009): ScottishPower Human Resource Director.

People are one of the main resources used by organization. ScottishPower recognises, that it is ‘powered by people’. HRM is disturbed by organising and looking after people in the work place. On a day by day basis this is include recruitment, training, selection and improvement and assessment of staff performance. An important element of Human Resource Management is workforce arrangement. This is putting the right people in the right place at the right time. It also involves recognizing the how many people needed to enable the business to drive at fully efficiency. These people require having the right capability to do the job. Development boosts the skills of the existing workforce. The energy industry is changing fast which means it is very important to recruit and train people with the right skill to carry out new jobs. This is mostly important in the increasing renewable energy industry.

ScottishPower plans to provide a positive recruitment and selection experience for all the employees and potential employees. ScottishPower is dedicated to equal opportunities for everyone regardless of reasons such as race, sex, age and disability.

Three Basic Functions of Human Resource Management


Recruitment into ScottishPower takes place at different levels. There are two of the mostly important of these are at the Modern Apprenticeship Programmes and Graduate Programme. Since the 1990s recruitment activities for bigger organizations frequently takes place online. Also specific vacancies may be advertised in the local or national newspapers, University appointment boards, online, job centres and recruitment fairs. The ScottishPower online website presents a means of detail about the organization and careers. It provides applicants to download job description and application forms for Apprenticeships Programmes and Graduate Programme. In both cases applicants have to meet minimum requirements of qualifications and experience.

“Having the right people, in the right place, at the right time, is critical to organizational performance. Recruitment is an important activity, not just for the Human Resource team but also for line managers who are increasingly involved in the selection process”.

CIPD. (2009): Recruitment and talent management. Online available at: http://www.cipd.co.uk/subjects/recruitmen/general/recruitmt.htm

Graduate Programme

ScottishPower Graduate programmes are for candidates, who have an honours degree. Graduate programme takes two year and people are interesting in business and engineering qualifications. Candidates required to be able to demonstrate in their application form their motivation and capability to carry out the job. All candidates who meet Scottish Power requirements are requested to have a one day session at an assessment.

Selecting appropriate candidates presently involves:

  • Group exercise
  • An individual presentation
  • Psychometric test
  • A capability based interview
  • Modern Apprenticeship Programmes

Apprenticeships programmes provide new employees with a fantastic way to get start your career and also to get a good wage although working and learning new skills. They lead to nationally recognised qualifications in energy industry, develop new skills and also gain knowledge and experience as well. The qualification is specially interrelated to job relevant skills. Apprenticeships are at two main levels: Apprenticeships Level 2 is equivalent to five GCSE passes or Standard grades and Advanced Apprenticeships Level 3 are equivalent to two A-level passes or Higher-grades.

Modern Apprenticeship programme at ScottishPower takes three or four years depending on selected programme and blends of academic and technique training with work based learning and assessment. To apply for an Apprenticeship programmes applicants must need to complete an online application form. ScottishPower then invites applicants to attend an assessment and candidates undertake practical and written tests. They are also then interviewed to see that they have the competencies required to fill the vacancies and after that need to a medical to check their fitness.

Recruitment process

Scottish Power normally takes following steps in the selection process (Figure1)

2-Training and Development

ScottishPower provide first class training and development to all of our staff. ScottishPower also provide training to our partners and contractors to make sure that all employees meet our high quality and safety standards.

The organization want to make sure that people they have the right skills and experience to performance work at their best now and in future. ScottishPower give them support they need to grow and get to their potential on a different range of training programmes and some of the programmes lead to recognised qualifications. In 2008, training budget was of £3.5 million. The organization runs own training and Development Centres at Glasgow and Merseyside. Here we give a positive learning environment for all learners and also offer to continue to build excellent development experiences. So, no matter whatever your aims, you will be able to grow, develop and achieve your potential at ScottishPower.

ScottishPower working with young and disadvantaged people in local communities to links between education provider and employers and promote careers within the Energy sector. ScottishPower provide employees to train and develop their skills and experience in a variety ways.

  • School Based Programmes
  • Community Based Programmes
  • Work Based Programmes
  • Staff Development Community


“Once we need to know what motivate employees, the next step is to generate the type of job profile which helps the employees to stay intrinsically motivated. It is all about the profile and how we discover or fit a person within that profile that we can help the organizations achieve the goal of efficiency. Apart from profile a fit environment, salary, promotions and pension etc. are other factors that can improve your effort to motivate employees”.

Hacks, J., (2009): Business and Management, How To Motivate Employees. Online available at: http://www.mysticmadness.com/intrinsic-motivation-how-to-motivate-employees.html

heila Duncan, Scottish Power Head of Human Resources explained the thinking behind the programmer: "Team leaders play a significant role within Energy Retail, focusing on the delivery of great customer service. They require having the ability and motivation to inspire the hearts and minds of their teams to achieve new performance levels."

Motivation being about the satisfaction of needs and look at some of the ways in which we might look at individual needs. Here some ways in which the Scottish Power mangers can satisfy needs in a manner that helps the organization to reach these objectives. These factors help to motivate the Scottish Power employees which are:

  • Pay(Reward)
  • Motivate through work design
  • Motivate through participation
  • Motivating through targets
  • Motivating through completion

P1.2- Justify how the objectives of these were achieved by effective management of human resource

  1. -Recruitment
  2. -Training and Development
  3. -Motivation

P1.3- Refer to at least two HRM models as Contingency Model, Harvard Model, Ten C Model, Seven Step Model, Business Process Model etc–.Please choose the model which is suitable to the Organization you have chosen for the purpose.

(Refer to at least two HRM models)

Task 2: Examine HR Planning and developments in the Organization.

(Chosen for the purpose of assignment)

Book page-308. HRM Alan Price

P2.1- Selecting at least three HR planning and developments.

(For an identified organization select at least three HR planning and development methods)

P2.2- Critically evaluate their effectiveness to meet organizational objectives.

(Critically evaluate their effectiveness to meet organizational objectives)

Task 3: Analyze ways in which performance of HR may be enhanced in the organization. (Chosen of the purpose of assignment)

P3.1- Review how HR performance in the identified Organization is currently indicated and monitored.

(Critically review how HR performance in an identified organization is currently indicated and monitored)

P3.2- Try to suggest ways to improve this.

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