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Essay: Linking Organisational Buyer Behaviour with Marketing Strategy

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  • Linking Organisational Buyer Behaviour with Marketing Strategy
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Expectations and perceptions of consumers play a significant role in evaluating service quality. I was interning with an IT service provider firm and was responsible for the marketing of their services as well as generating leads. It is therefore important for us to adequately understand the complete requirements so that relevant adjustments can be implemented to service in order to satisfy consumer needs.
One of my major role there was to highlight the services provided by the firm and also come up with different digital marketing strategy and spread the awareness to the consumers via certain digital campaigns and cold callings.
The buying behavior of the existing clients was buying the services that were provided by the company at the initial phase. All the business was coming through the personal contacts of the CEO. But that was not enough to generate profits as the projects were not long term.
While the company is in a growing phase, they were entering into the latest technologies and were capable of providing the services for the same. But due to the lack of awareness within the existing clients as well as the lack of information to the prospecting clients, they were unable to generate any profits. So the CEO decided to set up a new sales and marketing team including the digital marketing experts and content writers. Mr. Gupta has joined the company as a sales manager in 2017. He had completed an executive management program in sales and marketing from a top management institute in India. He had nine years of corporate sales experience and was considered a performer in the industry.
After the continuous brainstorming sessions and multiple meetings, the sales and marketing teams came up with the decision that the prospecting clients are still not aware of the services and capabilities of the company yet so they need to organize a social media campaigns through multiple platforms.
Mr. Gupta set up a meeting with the stakeholders and CEO of the company to discuss the problem faced by the marketing and sales team of lack of proper tools and methods to manage and conduct the digital marketing campaigns. For this, they require financial support from the company to buy these useful tools but obviously, they were expensive tools.
CEO along with the IT head of the company strongly believed that investment should only be done on the development and services projects with the IT people and not to utilize the money on the online platforms.
Mr. Gupta came up with the marketing strategy and show the numbers and the buyers behavior till now and concluded that lack of awareness is stopping the company to penetrate in the market and investing in the marketing and sales team will be a huge advantage to get the long term projects and earn profits.
1. I suggested investing in the marketing and sales team to buy relevant tools to conduct the campaigns and fetch the analytics report.
2. Show the weekly report to the IT managers and stakeholders to display the improvements and update the company about the progress of the lead generation after the use of the proper process and tools.

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