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A sense which energizes controls and maintains individual’s behavior at workplace is generally known as motivation. To quantify an individual’s level of motivation is challenging (REEVE, 2009). However, successful companies are evident of presenting motivated employees generating higher value and lead to more extensive levels of achievement. This is why management of motivation plays vital role in element of success in any business. Motivation of employees works as core of the company. Motivation is essential for the reason of allowing a person as a leader to meet and even exceed the organizational goals in time. Salary may pull many of the employees to work with full potential but not in all cases (LOWMILLER, Joe, 2013).
Motivation is a cluster of ‘internal’ and ’external’ factors that made people stick with their job, role, or subject to exert persistent effort by putting the energy in order to attain desired goals. Basically being motivated means that a person takes pleasure from what he or she is doing, and are not much concerned about the external rewards. Some of the employees of the companies do little, miss deadlines; most of the time needs supervision and corrections whereas there are still those people who focus on their work by avoiding the external hurdles, do not complain and take them as challenge (KVAKHADZE, Salome).

These kinds of employees are not from any other planet they are motivated employees. Several theories or approaches are given to motivation. Some of them believe that role of social process in the organization is dynamic, as long as feeling of belongingness is more important than money. While others believe that organizational reward method is a great idea to motivate the employees. This is not a single approach to motivation, each of the employees or individual has its own ‘need theory’. (KVAKHADZE, Salome)That is where the managerial skill is needed to exercise to know what motivates employees more (REEVE, 2009).

Leading retailers like Marks and Spencer gives an opportunity to work with the people from different backgrounds. They believe in collaboration of people on projects which motivates each individual of the team to come up with new idea and solution by discussing the benefits of each. Working in group is the part of M&S business structure and taken a long way to this brand. Leader of a teams are competent to maximize team performance by having strong analytical and organizational skill, commercial mindset and communication. They believe in some key components to motivate individuals for effective teamwork (KOKEMULLER, Neil ).


Communication plays vital role to motivate employees for an effective teamwork. Team leaders of M&S communicate internally with their team, with the clients and the bodies working in collaboration of the company. It lifts their enthusiasm by exchanging their ideas in groups. (KOKEMULLER, Neil ). For example if a photographer communicates well with the model, spot boys, editors and concept developer; that motivates to bring the best out of her/him. The photographer comes up with the best pictures just by exchanging his ideas to co-workers.


Shared goals ideally motivate all team members of M&S to work together to meet their meaningful goals. Instead of team leaders other team members also participate actively in the development of team goals that let them stay enthused throughout the process (KOKEMULLER, Neil ). Team leader in M&S make sure that goals are focused and clear to the entire team to reach the level of excellence. For instance if company is going to introduce a new collection of clothing on a special occasion like Christmas, all the members of team will be providing their efforts by focusing on the ends they are going to get. If they are going to launch it by 1st December the team must be done by 30th November night, with the completion of cloths, their display and every other objective.

Defined Work Processes

Marks and Spencer believes in establishment of duties of team members, defined responsibilities of employees and work process within time frame. Clear work procedures assist each team fellow to recognize his role within the team according to his strengths and his requirements to collaborate as projects move along (KOKEMULLER, Neil ). For example if graphic designer holds a camera or photographer holds the design work things can go wrong there. But if a photographer holds his camera, designer holds his pencil, leaders keep leading or motivating, models keep posing, stylist keep styling, and all the team members keep on working in their capacities results will be satisfactory for the company.

Team Interaction

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