Essay: Report on the manager and leader in operational management of Vodafone Group plc.

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  • Report on the manager and leader in operational management of Vodafone Group plc.
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Vodafone Group plc is multinational telecommunication company headquarters in London. It was founded in September 1991 by Ernest Harrison and Gary Whent. Vodafone has expanded all over the world in its 27 years of telecommunication. Vodafone is operated in 25 countries and has 47 further countries. Vodafone is the 4th largest mobile network in the world with number of customers as of 2018. The Vodafone Global Services is one of the divisions of Vodafone Group plc which provide IT services to 150 countries. The Vodafone have 111,556 employees as of 2018. The management and leadership of the manager and the leader of Vodafone are discussed here.

LO1 Comparing the functions of a manager and the role of a leader

Vodafone group plc,
London, England

Subject: Report on the manager and leader in operational management of Vodafone Group plc.


In this report, I will be discussing about functions of manager and leader in Vodafone. This report helps to understand management approach of manager and leader in Vodafone.
P1 Discussing various roles and characteristic of a manager and a leader


A manager of a Vodafone plans, market and coordinate for achieving the business goals of the organization. The manager directs the activities to others in Vodafone groups plc. The manager performs their activities at various levels with different names such as project manager, functional manager and general manager. The managers are responsible for making the important decisions and policies of the Vodafone Groups plc. The manger has various skills to perform the jobs he should be good with physical, mental, moral, educational, technical experience. They know how to communicate with workers in every level of the organization. They have the relationship with various units of organization. The manager in Vodafone Groups plc has to undertake different functions from planning to controlling. The manager has the knowledge of business environment and various problems of the organization. The manager takes important decision in appropriate time for the benefits of the organization. The manager is a good listener and reacts quickly to the situation. The Vodafone manager of the Vodafone deals with many people of the organization sometimes outside of the organization. They analyze systematically before taking a decision daily. The manager involves in motivating its workers and also firing the workers. The manager signs some of the legal documents as the head organization.

The manager have positive attitude and self confidence which motivates him and other workers of the organization. The manager of the Vodafone performs all business activities to the growth of organization.


A leader plays different roles within the teams and the whole organization. A leader performance and the potential is identified with the achievements and growth of the organization. A leader creates the value for the bottom line employees, employees of the organization, the organization, investors and the customers of the organization. A leader influences his team members and other employees with good attitude in every situation.

A leader working in Vodafone Groups plc should analyze every data to make decision and support bottom line metrics. The leader should be concise in providing the guidelines to the employees about the strategy and direction of the organization. A leader engages with the team and relates deeply with the colleagues. A leader listen to the ideas of his team members which is important to achieve the business goals of the organization. A leader vision should have the ability to articulate the vision of the team and guide the employees to understand the objectives of the organization.

A leader of the Vodafone shares his objectives to achieve the business goals. A leader communicates with every employee and manager in the organization.

A leader of the Vodafone drives for the company’s strategy, plans and the business objectives.

There are many similarities and differences between a manager and a leader

Followings are the differences between a manager and leader



A manager focuses on the business objective of the organization.
A leader focuses on the business objectives and the employees of the organization
A manager plans the details and framework of the organization.
A leader sets the direction for employees of the organization.
A manager work for his achievement and goals of the organization.
A leader strives for the growth and development of the organization.
The manager has employees.
The leader has followers.
A manager is committed to his work
A leader has vision on his work
A manager criticizes their employees to make them best in field.
A leader is positive with their followers to achieve the goal
A manager controls the employees to accomplish the

Business goals.

A leader influences the employees to achieve the business goals.

TABLE: The differences between a manager and a leader

LO2 Analyzing the function of a manager and the role of a leader in Vodafone

P2 Examining the role of a leader and the function of a manager at different situations of Vodafone

The manager and the leader in Vodafone perform important activity in controlling and handling the situations with their knowledge and experience. The manager has to make proper decisions for the company to attain the business objective. The leader has to guide his subordinates to make the decisions into reality achieve the organization success. The manager has the power to control the employees to implement any decisions of the higher officials of Vodafone Groups plc. The leader has the power to use the manpower for implementing those decisions of higher officials of Vodafone. The leader focuses on the employees and influences them to achieve the goals. The manager focuses on the system to attain the desired outcomes of the Vodafone. Both the manger and the leader main goal are to work for the growth and development of the organization and success in the business year.

Followings are the various theories and models which are applied by the managers and leaders of Vodafone Groups plc.

Behavioral leadership theory

Behavioral leadership theory focuses on the leader ability and mental qualities on the work. Behavioral theories emphasize what the leader of Vodafone do on the job and the leader relationship between the employees. Behavioral theory states that a leader should have people-oriented and task-oriented behavior. The leader should have democratic approach with the employees to increase the performance of the organization. The behavior of a leader is systematic and observable manner. The leaders have two behaviors in the Vodafone the concern for the people and concern for the production. They research early on every decision to concern for both the people and production. Behavioral theories differentiate effective and ineffective leaders. The behavior of leader is likely to have relationship characterized by mutual trust and respect for the subordinates’ ideas and their feelings. The leader behavior in Vodafone shows individual difference among the employees.

Transactional leadership theory

The transactional leadership theory allocates the work to a subordinate, they are considered to be fully responsible for it. The leader assesses the abilities and talents of the member joined in the team. The transactional leadership includes the ability to achieve short-term goals quickly and to deliver the consistent result. The transactional leadership theory is a valued theory in Vodafone and its work environment. The transactional leaders are effective in guiding efficiency decisions which improves the business objectives. The transactional leaders tend to be action oriented and their relationship with the followers tends to be transitory and not a emotional bonds. The transactional leadership of Vodafone works within the organizational culture. The transactional leaders make employees achieve organizational objectives through rewards and punishment. This transactional leadership theory is applied on Vodafone for a mature interaction with the employees and motivates followers by appealing to their own self interest.

Classical Management theory

Classical management theory is based on the decision making and profit maximization. Planning, organizing, recruiting, directing and controlling everything comes under the responsibilities of manager. The manager should give specific training as they perform task according to developed method. The manager should be cooperating workers at each stage in order to make sure the workers are going in right path. The classical theory originated around the 1900, focusing on the efficiency of the work process. The classical management theory control over all labor functions. It is a radically impersonal system and offices that it makes up the matter. The employees in this theory are functionaries of the organization. These are the basics of classical management theory without these no organization can function efficiently.

Human relation Management theory

Human relation management theory main concern is human and the manpower of the organization. The manager of Vodafone makes the decisions and policies which are beneficial for the employees. Human relations management theories emphasize the importance of aligning the needs of the workers with the needs of the company and adopting policies aimed at their mutual benefit. The human relations management theory is a researched belief that the employees desire to be part of a supportive team for development and growth. Individual attention and recognition aligns with the human relations theory.

P3 Discussing the roles of a leader and function of manager in growth and performance of Vodafone

The leaders and managers are involved in developing and building the organization through good organizational development and design. The leader develops the identity of the organization and employees. The manager should concentrate on developing the skills, behaviors and performance of the team.

Chaos theory

The organization is presented as an open, dynamic, nonlinear system subject to internal and external forces which might be sources of chaos. In order to exploit the chaotic quality of an organization, one needs to try to see the organizational shapes that emerges from a distance. The organizations are focused on structure and design. In this respect, chaos theory shows the need for effective leadership, a guiding vision, strong values, organizational beliefs, and open communication.

Management by objectives

The management by objective will lead to support from all sides, leading to all objectives being reached more effectively. It is a process that very much promotes the accomplishment of objectives through participation and team work. The general concept of this objective is that employees tend to perform better and allowing each individual to personal goals to companywide objectives.

Management by objective ensure that everyone in the organization is included in the decision making process, from the higher level employee to the lower level employee working for the business objective of the organization.

M1 Analysis and differentiate between the role of a leader and functions of as manager by effectively applying a range of theories and concepts

A leader is very innovative in his task to be obtain the organizational goals whereas the manager is innovative in administration to obtain his business objective.
A manager is task oriented and focuses on controlling the employees whereas the leader is relationship oriented and focuses on trust with employees.
A leader always work on long term to attain the goals of the organization with self confidence while a manager work on short term to objectives.
A manager allocates the authority, setup the policies and apply the vision meanwhile a leader communicates the vision and path of the plans.
A manager monitor and manage the processes but a leader motivates and inspires the employees.
A leader endorses useful changes and methods in improving employee relationship whereas a manager predicts the result over and over again to leadership.

The leadership theories and management of Vodafone Groups plc is discussed below

Leadership theories

Trait theory of leadership

Trait theory states that a leader born with physical ability, mental ability and personality. A leader is to possess physical energy, intelligence, enthusiasm, self-confidence, cooperativeness and administrative ability to work on a management organization. A leader motivates, drive the team member to understand the decision and to reach the business goals.

Behavioral theory of leadership

This theory of behavioral leadership a leader should be effective in his work and motivates the employees to achieve the goals. A leader should be democratic in group decision, leader consults the subordinate actions and encourages them. A leader provides complete freedom to his team members and provides them information about external environment of the organization.

Contingency theory of leadership

The contingency theory focuses on the task requirements, expectations, organizational culture, behavior and policies. A leader behavior involves providing guidelines, work method to subordinates. A leader encourages participation of subordinates in decision-making. The achievement oriented leadership helps the subordinates to perform their best level for the organization business objective.

Management theories

Classical Management theory

Classical management theory in a organization directs the aims and objectives through influencing the efforts of employees. The classical management theory emphasis on the structure of the organization. One man superiority and command helps in unity of the organization. A manager should be responsible for the right order given to the employees from top to bottom of the organization.

Chaos Management theory

A organization faces chaos during the business activity which can change the demand and economy of the organization in a business year. Chaos theory states that the management should keep their employees ready to face any kind of situation and motivating them to face any chaos in the business.

Transactional Management theory

Transactional management theory focuses on the performance and supervision of the employees work on the decision made by the management. This transactional management promotes the compliances by employees through punishments and rewards. The managements aim to develop the relationship between the employees with organization for the growth of organization business objectives.

M2 Discussing the strength and weakness of different approach to situation within a work environment

Situational model


The environment remains comfortable in building a unity and effective in objectives.

The situational model Creates awareness among the employees in decision making process which leads the employees to feel they are important for the organization growth.


Confusion among the groups as the situations is interrelated with internal and external factors.

Chaos theory model


Bigger varieties of ideas and exchange of ideas between the customers to organization.


The production decreases as the employees takes the advantage in free time.

Management by objectives


Encouraging face to face interaction with the employees which increases the confidence level among varies followers and their mental ability.


It takes time to switch another objective and results in failure of entire process.

D1 Critical analysis and evaluation of theories and approaches to leadership

Behavioral leadership theory

Behavior theory measures the changes in behavior and its advantage is that it define behavioral clearly. According to the law of parsimony the behavioral theory is more credible. Higher-level motivation, emotion are not explained in the behavioral theory. The behavioral theory is assumed as one dimensional approach of human behavior. No other theory explained the behavior of human in changing environment.

Transactional leadership theory

Transactional theory is applied in organization to reward and promote the employees. In transactional theory every employee is important to the organization as they work for the business growth of the company. The Vodafone follows this theory to reward the employees which motivates them to perform well.

Chaos Management theory

Chaos theory is detecting the early warning in the system which is most difficult task. If the team is slower in accomplishing tasks, then a critical situation arises in the system. Lack of people management and poor skills of project manager will leads to chaos situation. The manager who schedule the plan in management and change the management policies with his intelligent will overcome the critical situation in the organization. The manager should promote the positive transition over negative transitions in critical time of the organization.

Management by objectives

Management by objectives designed to focus on the result and not the activities which are performed. The objective of the organization is identified and responsibilities are assigned. Once the process is implemented they monitor the performance and evaluate the process.

LO3 Demonstrate an appreciation of the role leaders and managers play in the operations function in Vodafone

P4 Discussing the major Key approaches to operation management and the role a leader and manager of the Vodafone

Operation management

Operation management is involved in every business organization to run any project successfully. The operation management in Vodafone encompasses manager and leader to planning the project, implementing the project to employees and supervising the services. The operation management helps both the manager and the leader of Vodafone to achieve organization goals. The operation management focuses on day to day activity of employee and the process of the Vodafone. A manager and a leader handle issues in design, operation of the process and maintenance in the system of Vodafone Groups plc. In Vodafone Groups plc the operation management plays an important role in controlling the entire management process.

Inventory management

Inventory management is common process in all business organization. A leader and manager supervise the process of Vodafone through inventory management. The inventory management helps in identifying the resources of the organization in internal and external factor of the business year. In Vodafone applied inventory management in their organization through this management function the manager and the leader records the details of the business process in the organization. The manager and the leader uses the inventory management to keep track of the process in the system, they even records every production value and quality of the process to reach the business goals. The inventory management in Vodafone uses some technical concept to provide the good service to the customer demand respectively and operating the system profitably. The inventory management also helps in analyzing the resources and process of the system in a time.

The manager’s role of Vodafone in Inventory management:​​

• Manages the flow of business in out of the system.
• Monitoring every employees of the organization.
• Managers have good relationship with employee and customers.

The leader’s role of Vodafone in Inventory management:

• Responds quickly to any employees for customer issues
• Takes responsibilities for the process to complete
• Responsible for the entire group to achieve the goal.

Six Sigma

Six Sigma is implemented in Vodafone Groups plc to improve the quality of services and eradicate the errors in the system. The manager and the leader of Vodafone focus on improving the process to detect the error, prevent and to reduce the errors. Six Sigma helps the manager and leader to approach every employees group of the Vodafone with consistent and clear methodology. The manager and leader focus on the manpower of the organization and motivate them to reach the objective of the system process in Vodafone. Six Sigma analyze, improve and control the process to achieve the goal of organization.

The manager’s role of Vodafone in Six Sigma:​​​

• Significant technical accuracy on the process.
• Administrative ability to lead their employees in every level of the system.
• Attention to all technical process and other planning process in the system.

The leader’s role of Vodafone in Six Sigma:

• Removes the barriers in the system to complete the project successful.
• Engages with the team for the continual growth and development of the organization.
• Efficient in working alongside the team to reduce the errors and improves team value during the business process.

Total quality management

Total quality management plays vital role in Vodafone to reach the long-term success through customer satisfaction. The manager and the leader use strategy, data and communicate to integrate the quality of the Vodafone. Total quality management theory is a customer focused management concept and employee involvement in the system. The manager and the leader of the Vodafone have strategic and systematic approach on the system for the continual improvement of the organization. The leader and the manager communicate with all level of employee for the effective method process to achieve the business objective.

The manager’s role of Vodafone in Total Quality management:

• Implementing the strategy and training the employees for the new decision of the organization.
• Recognizing and rewarding the employees for their effective work in the organization.
• Presenting planning and results to the employees in the system and their individual performance for the organization.

The leader’s role of Vodafone in Total Quality management

• Monitors the system for implementing the strategy to achieve the business goal.
• Creates trust among all the employees of the organization.
• Responsible for problems and achieving the goals of the process.

M3 Discussing how leaders and manager can improve the efficiencies of operational management to successfully meet the business objective

Operational management

Operational management makes the business more efficient for the organization to meet the objectives. The leader and manager should focuses on aligning operations with the business objective of the organization. The operation management handles the personal management, training the employees and their performance in the management. The operation management involves inventory control which determines how effectively the inventory managed, flows through the system to command and direct the employees in the system. The quality control assures the organization how the Vodafone telecommunication network meets the expectation of customers. Supply chain management process from start to finish of the system detailing how the services and products are received by the customers. The supply chain management also includes the implementation of the technology and their strategy to the staffs in the process for the growth and development of the Vodafone telecommunication network.

P5 Discussing the value and importance of operation management to achieve business objectives of Vodafone

Operation management is important for Vodafone leader and manager to achieve the business objective of the company.

Followings are the business objectives of the Vodafone:

➢ Providing world class digital service to every place of the Vodafone network.
➢ Connecting with more people around the world with best quality of telecommunication service.
➢ Best telecommunication and digital services to every customer of Vodafone.
➢ Delivering simple and delightful experience through new age technologies.
➢ Be the most valued company and leader in telecommunication networks.
➢ Delivering sustainable growth, while adhering to the highest standard of governance and compliance in the services.
➢ SPEED in providing network speed to the users of Vodafone.
➢ Exploring every place around the world for telecommunication.
➢ Making higher revenue from Europe, Asia and Africa.
➢ Delivering best service to the rural area to communicate around the world through Vodafone.

The importance of operations management in Vodafone are discussed

➢ Reducing the production cost of the telecom network.
➢ Maintaining a good communication with suppliers and relationship with them.
➢ Increasing the sales of the company and revenue growth around the world.
➢ Attracting more customers with good quality of services all time.
➢ Increasing the company value by providing digital services to the customers.

LO4 Analyzing the relationship between leadership and management in a contemporary business environment

P6 Assessing the factors related to the business environment of Vodafone which impact decision making and operational management by a manager and a leader

The leader and manager plays important role in the contemporary business environment of the Vodafone. A leader goes for the new possibilities in the organization process. The manager of Vodafone is to maximize the output of the organization through his performance. The workers of the organization are always loyal to the leader because of their relationship with them. A manager should know how to lead a team and manage them in a right path to achieve the organization business objective. The Vodafone formal authorities are the managers who manage the people and other business activities of the system. The employees of the Vodafone gave power to the leaders who fulfilling what they need. The leaders have no power to reward the employees for the work whereas the manager rewards the employees to complete the goals. The Vodafone telecommunication network is built with successful leaders and managers to reach the business objectives.

The leader is responsible for all the strategies implemented on the system and make sure that it is effective in reaching the objectives of the organization. The leader and manager are supposed to work together in the business environment to reach the development and revenue of the company. The leader and manager have cooperation in working together and guide the employees to reach the goals. The manager trains the employees with professional and personal skills for the effective management. The most important skill of the manager is time management. The manager assigns different task to different department of the company to complete the process within time. The leader influence and motivates the employees to complete the task within the time. The leader arranges the training programs to the employees to complete the task of the organization. The leader and manager have good communication with every employee, suppliers, stakeholders and the consumers of the Vodafone.

D2 Critical analysis and evaluation of operation management and the wider business environment

Operation Management

The operation management controls the functions and operations of organization for a effective action in the process. They smooth the operations of the process. The designing process takes time in the operational management. Through the right path the process designs are presented for the effective services. The technological updates are to maintain the future requirement to complete in short time period. The update in the technology results in interpreting the activity of the management. Systematic approaches in the process ensure the management about the organizational growth. Monitoring the employees and communication helps to overcome the difficulties of the work process. Providing training to the employees and creating knowledge about the new work process and creating awareness about the end result the organization want from them. Misleading of guidance may also results in critical situation. The amount of relationship between the employees and management ensures the value of organizational quality over the services. In some cases the relationship between the employees results in slowing down the work of the process assigned to them.


The manager and the leader of the Vodafone Groups plc play a very important role in a business organization. The manager has to manage, plan and control the business process and the leader of the organization is to the guide and motivate the employees to implement the business process to achieve the business objectives. The Vodafone Groups plc follows various management and leadership theories to reach development and the business goals of company. The factors and theories related to Vodafone Groups plc are discussed and presented in this assignment.

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