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Essay: Interpret the implications of child psychology?

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  • Interpret the implications of child psychology?
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Child psychology is the branch of psychology that studies the mental states and psychological processes of children and, specifically, how these processes differ from those of adults and how and why they differ from one child to the next. It includes both mental and social development of child.

Implications of child psychology:

• Child psychology can be applicable in counseling, assessment and human behavior to help children and adolescents cope with their problems and grow into successful adults.

• Child psychologist predicts human behavior, forecast developmental processes and understand the effects of family, living conditions and environment on the development of the individual child, both physically and emotionally.

• Child psychologists use their information to improve parenting, education, child care and psychotherapy and other areas focused on benefiting children. The care they provide can make an enormous difference in children’s lives by relieving stress and anxiety, promoting positive skills.

• Child psychology can be applicable in testifying as an expert witness in criminal and custody cases and other proceedings related to family law.

• It can also be applicable in helping institutions such as schools, treatment centers and correctional facilities to create psychologically healthy environments.

• It can also be applicable in diagnosing and treating mental health conditions.

• Experienced child psychologists may be promoted to supervise the work of junior staff at treatment centers and mental health organizations.

• Some psychologists serve in children’s hospitals and some practice their experience in private clinics and resolve problems of young clients.

• Some psychologists also leave the clinical setting to become consultants,teach and conduct research in different institutions.

• Child psychology can also be applicable in child care centres to develop good understanding and qualities by using different techniques and methods.

Analyze the future of child psychology and developmental psychology?

 Child psychology:

• As psychologists:

Child psychology specialists can work in hospitals as child psychologists; help the children to solve their problems themselves and to better understand the problematic feelings and to replace these with positive skills. They can be

a) Abnormal child psychologist:

They can work with children suffering from psychological disorders. Not every child that a child psychologist works with is considered to be abnormal. A child psychologist might work with so-called “normal” children for several reasons. A child psychologist might also work with children who are considered to have slight mental, emotional, or social problems. This can include things like anxiety or shyness. Child psychologists might also work with children who have severe mental, emotional, or social problems as well. Violent children, autistic children, and those who have been abused, for instance, will often benefit from the help of a child psychologist.

b) Adolescent psychologist:

They can work with adolescent clients between the ages of 12 and 18 who suffer from psychological illness or distress including eating disorders, depression or anxiety.

c) Developmental psychologist:

They may study childhood development, but may also focus on development throughout the entire lifespan.

d) School psychologist:

They can also work within the educational system to help children with emotional, social and academic issues.

• As consultant in organizations:

Child psychologist can work on child abuse and prevention, birth to childhood development programs, toy and game development for the betterment of children.

• As guider in child care centers:

Child psychologist may serve in child care centers and help to build better qualities in children.

• As consult in agencies:

Child psychologist can work in welfare agencies, media and children’s programming, agencies for missing and exploited children.

• Researcher:

Child psychologists can conduct research in this field to improve the welfare of children. They will research on different issues which are faced by children and students and other related topics.

• Therapist:

They can counsel young clients in therapeutic situations and resolve their issues and problems.

 Developmental psychology:

This field is growing day by day because development is very important part of life both mentally and physically. So, in future there will be many areas in which it would be applicable.

The number of careers for those with developmental psychology backgrounds continues to grow, making this area of psychology one of the most marketable in today’s changing economic environment.

• As teacher:

Developmental psychologists can teach in colleges.

• Career counselor:

They may work in schools as career counselors. They can also provide early childhood education in these institutions.

• As psychologist:

They can serve in hospitals and mental health facilities as developmental psychologists as well, as do nursing and retirement homes.

• Therapist:

They can practice in private clinics. They can help to assess, evaluate and treat people living with developmental disabilities.

• As Consultant in business:

They can work in business as consultants and enhance the quality of work with the help of their education.

• Mental health organizer:

In foundations, they can deal with research, training and services related to the foundation’s various programs connected with a developmental area such as environmental pressure, birth defects etc.

• Public health consultant:

Some people who specialize in developmental psychology may disseminate information about development to the public.

The duties and responsibilities of a developmental psychologist will often vary, depending on his specialty. A professional specializing in childhood development, for example, may evaluate children to determine whether or not they have developmental disabilities. On the other hand, a developmental psychologist specializing in older adults may try to find ways that make it easier for elderly people to live more independently.

• Researcher:

Researchers who conduct research in developmental psychology usually are on university faculties. In their research, they focus on a particular age group and area of research. One researcher may specialize in perception in young babies while another may focus on the effects of the family on the competence of preschool children.

Some developmental psychologists can do their research on animals rather than humans.

• As consultant in industry:

They may serve as consultants in industry. They might develop children’s television programs or advise companies on the design of toys or consult with schools, textbook publishers, and welfare agencies. Some government agencies and research facilities can also work with these professionals.

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