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Understanding Cholesterol:

In simple words, cholesterol is a substance that is present in our body naturally in membranes and cell wall of the human body. It is fat-like and buttery and is used to produce substances like bile acids, hormones and vitamin D to digest the fat present in our body. It travels in special proteins. It basically comes from two sources:
‘ The food we eat. However, there is no cholesterol in plant based foods. It only comes from products of animals.
‘ Your body makes cholesterol on its own, with yor choice of food not mattering


The cholesterol travels in combination with proteins. These combinations are called ‘Lipoproteins’. These ‘Lipoproteins’ are of two types:
‘ High Density Lipoproteins (also referred to as good cholesterol or HDLs)
‘ Low Density Lipoproteins (also referred to as bad cholesterol or LDLs)

Good Cholesterol:

Good Cholesterol which is called high density lipoproteins is a blob which is microscopic and constitutes of rim of lipoproteins that surrounds the center cholesterol. The high density of cholesterol particles in HDLs as compared to density of particles of cholesterol in other types is the reason these particles are called High Density Lipoproteins. They are useful in following ways:

‘ It hunts for bad cholesterol and removes them
‘ It reuses, reduces and recycles LDL cholesterol by transferring it to the liver where it can be converted
‘ They keep the walls of our blood vessels clean, thus reducing the risk of heart attack and strokes.

Bad Cholesterol:

Bad Cholesterol which is called low density lipoproteins isn’t actually totally bad. These are fats that are crucial for your body cells. Some of these cholesterol enter our body from our diet while some are produced by our liver. The proteins in our blood carry the cholesterol since it is unable to dissolve in blood. It is these carriers which are called lipoproteins. They are bad in the following ways:

‘ During childhood or adolescence, they start depositing on the walls of our arteries
‘ In the process of processing the blood vessels, the white blood cells try to digest them and convert the LDL into an oxidized form of toxic waste.
‘ More and more white blood cells reach that place and slowly start to create inflammation on the walls of the arteries that is steady and low-grade.
‘ More LDL keeping collecting at that area leading to creation of a bump called plaque which leads to blockage of the artery.

High Cholesterol

As the name suggests, high cholesterol or Hyperlipidemia is the increase of cholesterol level in different parts of the body. It causes by:

‘ Lifestyle: The way you live your life has an important role in keeping you away from having high cholesterol. Unhealthy diet, lack of physical exericise, obesity, consumption of excessive quantity of alcohol and smoking are sure to cause high cholesterol.

‘ Other factors: They include hypertension and diabetes. People suffering from these two diseases have high chances of suffering from …

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