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Strengths (S)
I am easy going and i respect others views and opinions. I also never think negative about other people. I’m also a good listener to what family, friend and work colleagues have said and i take that to into account and will accepted if sensible. While i get along with my friends, i often pay attention to their feelings which i can respond to and try to make them happier. i always try to help people as i strongly believe that if you help someone, something good happens to you in return. I love learning new things as i believe that there isn’t a point in life where you should stop learning things. I can say that I’ve got the ability to learn new tasks and pick it up quite quickly.
Communication, teamwork and responsibility, is also one of my key personal characteristics, I am convinced that everyone has their own duties and these tasks must be done well. Therefore that is why i will put a lot of effort and time in doing my work to make it perfect. During group discussion i have to stand out and speak up with confident to get my point across. lastly, people tend to find me really trustworthy and tell me their issues.
Weakness (W)
At times, i do things without planning, which affects my schedule. I need to manage my timetable properly, so i could finish all my tasks for the day. At times i can be really impatient person; i tend to lose focus if topics are not interesting to me. At times i can get distracted by others easily from my studies so i need to be in a silent environment to do my work. I also trust people very easily which is also can be threat.
Opportunities (O)
I have got quite a lot of friends and i’ve got a connection to do what i want, so, it makes it easier for me to do something better. Being a student studying at CLC in East London, i have a huge chance to expand my knowledge and techniques from teachers (lectures) and tutorials. Moreover CLC’s provides me with the opportunities to know different people from different backgrounds. There are many foreign students that come to the CLC.
Making friends with them can broaden my horizons. This opportunity will be useful for me when working in the multicultural society. I have a fairly good relationship with my family members and gain sufficient support from them at times. There’s no limitation to my studies or learning ability. I can enjoy my university life well.
This is a valuable opportunity for me to receive my HND in Business & Finance. I Hope to learn the way that accountants deal with issues in order to solve problems.
Threats (T)
I also trust people too easily and i never think negative about other people until they start to engage with me. I dislike people who backstabbing and gossip. I don’t have a lot of free time due to work and family commitments, if i can’t control my time, my academic development will be ruined. The knowledge taught by teachers in the lectures may not be easy to understand, if my preparation time for the lecture is not sufficient, i may find problems in learning. In today’s society, there are more and more people who have received different stages in education, In order to maintain competitive in order to find a good job, knowledge and skills learnt from business & finance education is not enough. That’s why and all round education is emphasised. It’s up to me to make use of any time in a beneficial way.

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