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Essay: Health, Safety, and Nutrition for the Young Child

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  • Health, Safety, and Nutrition for the Young Child
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When your looking to select a toy for a young child, safety is a first concern. Toys should have no shared or splinted parts. They should be painted with non toxic, lead free paint. Toys should be shatter-proof as well as easily cleaned. If you consider buying a electric toy for your child, all electric toys should always be ul approved. When dealing with children under the age of 3 never allow them to play with toys that have small pieces. Children 3 and under will attempt to put them in their mouth. These small pieces can could cause children to choke and suffocate. While most toys are made safe it’s important to know that excessive wear and tear can make them hazardous. For example an action figure received in good condition as time moves on can become rusted, parts can become loose, and paint fades away. In addition to safety toys need to also match their stages of development and emerging abilities. Many items children can use for play are typically found in the home such as card board boxes etc. Mass marking often controls what is available and what’s popular in the mainstream market. Development appropriateness, safety, and playability all determine if a toy purchase is worthwhile. When children can approach a toy at different levels and open-ended results, self-esteem is enhanced. A toy that is developmentally appropriate is challenging for the child but not frustrating and has an appropriate level of complexity. A multitude of factors when finding appropriate toys for young children is when the are multicultural, free of sex stereotypes and non violent in nature. Toy selection for young children is a complex issue for everyone involved in the care and education of young children.
Sources include
early childhood
naeyc(the national association of education of young children)
pro ball set containing from left to right(basketball, football, and soccer ball)
children within the age group of 3-5 years that play with sports balls experience physical development. Physical development is the development of the large and small muscles in the body. There split into two categories called gross motor and fine motor. Gross motor is the ability to control large muscles in the body specially the arms and legs. Fine motor includes using muscles in the hands and wrists.
These toys are appealing for the reason that children often love to play with friends and sharing among each other. Children are appealed by the many colors sport ball can be. Sport balls are easy to grip as well as throw. Most children love bouncing balls while others like kicking and catching balls. Most children show interest in sport related activities between age’s 3-5. They enjoy free movement and non-directive activities.
A parent would select this toy for a child because it introduces them to sports. Since children began showing interest for sports at a young age. Parents are encouraged to purchase replica sports equipment for children between age 3-5. Parents would also buy this toy for their children because child between ages 3-5 are very hyper active and fast moving activity can be used to released energy. Sports equipment can develop balance, body awareness, and self-esteem.
I would select this toy to use with a child. The reason why is because if you’re a parent it creates a bonding between you and the child. When my son’s were younger they loved to play with sport balls. Since they were hyper active it was a perfect way to release energy and have fun. This toy is definitely a good choice to have whether in the home or school.
An easy multicolor puzzle
at 3-5 years old children are drawn to puzzles. Puzzles are great since they increase a child’s concentration span and mental alertness. This allows children to learn to be more independent, how to play pretend games, and how to socialize. Children will have lots of manipulative experiences while playing puzzles. Children can use puzzles to identify animals, colors, and the alphabet.
Puzzles can be appealing as most are attached to large size floor puzzles. This excites the child because to spread out a large puzzle on the floor is an exciting challenge. There are puzzles that come with bright, colorful pieces. They also come with directions. 3d design pieces allow for hours of creative play. Puzzles invokes creativity.
A parent would select this toy. The reason why is that puzzles encourages critical thinking. Puzzles help parents teach children and keep busy. Parents can use puzzles to encourage spatial reasoning, planned skills, manipulative skills. A parent can also use this as a bonding tool between parent and child.
I would select this toy to use with a child. When i was a child i loved doing puzzles. I particularly liked animal puzzles. My son’s when they were younger loved puzzles as well. They loved train and animal puzzles.
World of zoo details animals that live in the zoo in a fun manner
computer programs posses a multitude of factors that develops skills. Programs feature a inspired set of activities. A lot of activities features math and reading. This can develop exceptional math and reading skills. Programs also include logical thinking.
Computer programs are appealing to young children because of fresh graphics, clear audio, animations. Children enjoy the adventures set up in the software programs. Most children might have difficulty with workbooks. So computer programs that teach reading, math, spelling help children learn. Above all else it’s fun and a positive experience for children.
A parent would use computer software with children. They can both enjoy the concepts of math, reading and spelling in the form of a game. Children would learn serious skills in a fun manner. The software also helps them practice essential skills. Computer programs are a good tool for helping kids with learning difficulties.
I would most defiantly select this for a child. My children loved computer games. Computer games can be so much fun. Consequently too much computer time can be harmful to your eyes. So it’s always good to monitor the amount of time, your child spends on it. Computer software is a great alternative to workbooks.

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