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Essay: Are Fashion garments conceptual artwork?

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The book Cultural History of fashion announced, Conceptual art movement was developed approximately 1967 to 1978 on page 94. The movements acknowledge the process of ideas rather than the end result of the product. Allow Fashion to be accepted as art. Author Bonnie English written in her book that the art crowd labeled fashion as Neo-Dadaism, which renews the concept of idea over object that initiated, by Duchamp ready-made sculpture ‘Fountain’. This became a primary concern to the Fine art world in postmodernity notion. Bonnie English stated ‘fashion challenge the concept of permanence, classic styling and practically.’ (English, 2007:p93) which develop questions weather the nature of art is a product itself.

YSL Co-Founder Pierre Berge quoted ‘Fashion exists only when it’s worn by women.’ (online references) Fashion has a functional purpose; they’re a primary protection from the environment natural elements, while art has no function. Fashion comes with a commercial price and brand perception, while Fine Art comes with a value. The ever-evolving industry frequently changes due to seasonal trends, which keeps distinct from art. The economic system might regard this as less important. Fine Art is produce regardless of economic value. The nonutility of art object value increases over time. This is the key difference between Fine Art and Fashion.

Fashion designer Elsa Schaperilli and Alexander McQueen have adopted artistic methods, while Fashion designer Comme des Gar??ons’s Rei Kawakubo rebelled against the format of the human body, producing garments with unnatural protrusion. McQueen has dominated Fine art museum: the Metropolitan Museum Of Art’s 2011 ‘Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty’ and currently presented at the Victoria And Albert Museum, 2015 left a result of being the most popular and widely visited exhibition in history. Significant and Haute Contour designer, Elsa Schiaparelli proven the value of clothes can increase over time. 1939 black velvet evening jacket by Schiaparelli fetched $117,200 in 2013 November’s Vintage Couture sale at Christie’s London. (online reference)

The Fine Art system has steadily captured the fashion system characteristics. Author and art economist Claire McAndrew noted in her book (The Art Economy), ‘no matter how highly valued art is in society, there is no escaping the fact that it is produced, bought, and sold by individuals and institutions working within an economic framework inescapable from material and market constraints,’ showing Artist have now become brands. Investors examine the Artist’s sale history and ‘brand value’ rather than the aesthetic and formal quality of the artwork. Contemporary Fine Artist, Damien Hirst and Takashi Murakami have developed art work for the global market commodity as a core aspect of their artwork. The motive maximum their advantage on brand identity and often invited to partner with Fashion houses. The impact created the traditional sense of Fine Art and Fashion nonexistence.

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