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Essay: The evolution of Superman

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There is a large extent to which the posters for superman have evolved, this is evident based on the evolution of filmic technology and the theme, characterisation and overall appeal and will be compared in detail with reference to the Superman and Man of steel posters as a whole.
Based on the superman and man of steel posters it is evident that there is a rapid change in the superhero. This change is more evident in the Man Of Steel posters however the film technology of Superman was very advanced for its time and tried best to depict the main theme of an altruistic superhero. Posters one and two do not demonstrate his superhuman characteristics as compared to posters three and four, which display him flying at a high speed and reigning superior to all mayhem.in Man Of Steel he has a brooding humourless attitude as opposed to the more human like appeal of poster 2 .The Man Of Steel posters display a noticeable change in motion technology, the pictures are presented in the latest 3D technology which was not available in 1978.
The evolution of filmic technology is very evident. It has made it possible to include advance science fiction techniques such as wrecked buildings, futuristic aircrafts and realistic detrimental explosions, whereas, in the classic Superman, this was not to the technological capacity of the film industry. Evolution in filmic technology as made it possible to capture distance and speed this is evident in both the Man Of Steel posters. Colouring and contrasting have improved thus resulting in better image quality, this way the characters body language and facial expressions are well noted in Man Of Steal. One of the best and most evident evolutions was Clarke Kent’s attire. He wears a biotech battle amour which spreads when activated, as opposed to the cloth version in Superman which resembles the classic comic book costume. The new suit has muted colours without the traditional red outerbreafs. The best feature which is present in the Man of Steel posters is the availability to view the film in 2D, RealD 3D and Imax3D. This is clear evidence that filmic technology has advanced immensely from 1978 t0 2013.
An overall characterisation of superman is more than a guy who punches things. The original character was using humanity as a disguise, as compared to the recent character who chooses to embrace his humanity by his choice to destroy the chance of his planet existing on earth. One may view Superman’s character as perfect; ‘he works alongside a moral absolute and does everything right all the time’. In reality this is not quite the case. The reality of superman is that he too is not perfect. He’s not always certain on what to do, or whether what he is doing is right or wrong. Just like all of us he uses intuition with the right intentions, not knowing the outcome/consequences of his actions.
What Superman represents in the real world is the theme of truth and justice and of Corse the American way. He is a fictional character meant to represent real notions that we all look up to because they reflect our society. This is the reason why the Man OF Steel posters best represents the idea of Superman. They are reflective of the reality that we live in, validating him as a symbol to look up to making them also very effective to advertise with because they best convey the message of ‘a picture says a thousand words’ as compared to the minimalistic Superman posters.

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