Prioritization Process

In simple terms, the process of prioritizing projects is an activity undertaken to determine the sequence of projects to be undertaken in a portfolio. It is done in an attempt to make the portfolio more efficient and more effective. Here’s a broader definition: Project Prioritization Process is a structured and consistent activity that aims to … Read more

Relationship between project management and organizational performance

Our aim is to understand the relationship between project management and organizational performance and Project management contributions towards the company performance. Every organization is under pressure to amend its performance to achieve sustained prosperity in today’s ecumenical emporium. It signifies being responsive to circumstances change. By the final of the 1950s and in the first … Read more

Agile project management development methodology

Chapter 1. Introduction 1.1 – Overview and scope Baker (2017) determines that agility – more than ever – is the driver of organizational experience. Throughout the 21st century, technology has become a fundamental success factor for organisations who can implement and exploit its capabilities. More specifically, the use of up-to-date, game-changing software is a key … Read more

Qatar Hamad International Airport project

This Vision that the sponsor has, has resulted in a positive outcome for Qatar, not just in the local area but in the global markets. As Qatar have one of the best airports in the world as well as one of the best airlines. Over the past 8 year, collectively, Hamad International Airport and Qatar … Read more

How can project management be properly introduced into the higher education space?

A results-oriented management style is central to effective project management. Larson & Gray (2018) define project management as “a results-oriented management style that places a premium on building collaborative relationships among a diverse cast of characters,” useful in both the private sector, for the development of innovative goods and services, and in the public sector, … Read more

Strategic planning and role of IT in Healthcare

Abstract Due to rapid advancement and competitive pressure, it is very hard for IT professionals to plan their architecture even a few years in advance. Building a future-ready IT infrastructure is not about focusing on specific technologies, rather more about the approach an organization take in its strategic technology planning and decision making. For preparation … Read more

Project management overview and potential setbacks

Project management Project management is a core process and a cornerstone of every organizations’ success in arriving into its planned and fore set goals and economic position. It’s very crucial to plan ahead in order to reduce the risks that may arise unexpectedly and severely affect organizations goal attainment. It involves overhead control and assessment … Read more

Importance of effectively planning (reflective)

1. Introduction Meredith and Mantel simply describe projects as “messy” (2009. Page 113) as no two projects are the same, yet all run the risk of failure. Rory Burke (2009) describes the project manager as “responsible for delivering the project on time, within budget, and to the required quality.” However, I believe that his description … Read more