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Essay: Being Bored

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  • Being Bored
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I will be writing about allowing people to be “bored”. In today’s society almost every second there is a child, and some adults too, that are claiming they are bored. There is so much to be done and should be done in today’s day and age but to this generation everything is considered boring. Most of the time these people claiming to be bored blame other people for them not being able to fulfill their wish.
I believe that in today’s day and age there shouldn’t be any reason for anyone to say, “I’m bored,” especially in the United States.I know this because with the increase of technology even if you can’t afford afford a fancy smartphone or tablet there is so much in this world to do. One of the biggest reasons why everyone is stating their bored is because of smartphones and tablets.
Everyone andImean everyone, “spends at least 90 minutes a day on one of these smart devices including toddlers,” according to Straight Talk. People today spend their lives relying on these devices, whether it’s for work, calling people, texting people, using social media, watching videos, or just browsing the internet, people don’t communicate with other people face to face anymore.
Having face to face interaction allows people to communicate better and have better understanding of the message whether it’s their body language or tone these variables have a major impact in the message being sent. But some people will simply not understands this because these smart devices are their only means of communication.
A major part of these smart devices are all the applications that they offer people to download on them which help distract them from reality and stimulate their brains to their not bored.
According to Psychology Today, “Boredom is similar to mental fatigue and is caused by repetition and lack of interest in the details of our tasks,” I don’t disagree with this statement but I do believe that this should never happen to anyone.
Monotony in the brain of the same thing and same stimulant gets “boring” but once again with all these options of tasks you could accomplish today no one should ever be able to claim they are “bored.”
It’s also important that children learn that not everything in this world are going to be entertaining and not boring. Once that child grows up to become an adult their bored little lives aren’t going to be so boring because they didn’t have to pay taxes, they didn’t have to think about paying for insurance, they didn’t think about having to pay bills, etc.
If anything it’s especially important that kids get bored and be allowed to stay bored when they’re young. That it not be considered “a problem” to be avoided or eradicated by the higher-ups, but instead something kids grapple with on their own.
We’ve stopped training children to do this. Rather than teach them to absorb material that is slower, duller and two-dimensional, like a lot of worthwhile information is, schools cave in to what they say children expect fun. Teachers spend more time coming up with ways to “engage” students through visuals and “interactive learning” tailored to their Candy Crushed attention spans.
Surely teaching children to endure boredom rather than ratcheting up the entertainment will prepare them for a more realistic future, one that doesn’t raise false expectations of what work or life itself actually entails. One day, even in a job they otherwise love, our kids may have to spend an entire day answering emails. They may have to check spreadsheets. Or assist robots at a vast internet-ready warehouse.
This sounds boring, you might conclude. It sounds like work, and it sounds like life. Perhaps we should get used to it again, and use it to our benefit. Perhaps we could do better with a little less excitement.

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