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Essay: Religion and Cigarettes

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  • Published: January 22, 2020*
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  • Religion and Cigarettes
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Religion is not only a moral campus for humans but also an unbelievably ironic remedy that enriches our mortal soul. Over the years, the existence and the attributes of God have been brought under scrutiny by the clergy and scientists. The existence of a supernatural being has often been viewed as some sort of slavery. I neither love the thought that somebody else should receive credit for my hard work nor the notion that someone is always taking note of all my errors. However, that does not give me the authority to quarrel with people who know little about science and religion. Although I do not consider myself a staunchly religious person, I know that God is an indispensable part of life.
​Religion is like a pack of cigarettes with a health warning that nobody heeds and many sticks which are addictive when lit and inhaled. A single pack of cigarettes may contain about twenty sticks of the same composition, shape and size. In spite of their underlying similarity in appearance and composition, each stick is considered alone and unique. Although all individuals on the planet agree that cigarettes have health hazards, we continually manufacture and market them to others. Such a plan always backfires since the smoke from burning cigarettes mixes with the pure air through diffusion. Most importantly, there is no smoke without fire, and where there are cigarettes, there must be a flame.
​The pack represents the central character, God, who almost all religions seek to appease with bizarre traditions and practices. The origin and the characteristics of God cannot fit into our three-pound brains. Similarly, the warnings written on the pack of cigarettes do not make sense to the most intelligent persons and the ignorant alike. Otherwise, there would have been a total ban on cigarettes all over the globe. The many sticks, cigarettes, represent all religions upheld by various individuals, groups and societies. Besides, their fundamental teachings are the same – love and charity – and yet they perceive themselves as distinct from one another. Notably, religion, when kindled, is contagious and affects almost everyone within its proximity. Similarly, cigarettes kill the lungs of the smoker and suffocate onlookers as well.
​Whereas the pack of cigarettes is irresistible to chain smokers, religion brainwashes its followers from vivid reality. Much as a pack of cigarettes may appear appealing to the eye, it contains sticks filled with tobacco and nicotine. Smoking cigarettes can be fun since they include a psychoactive drug which promotes REM sleep, arousal, and relaxation. While cigarettes compromise the health of an individual, religion has the healing power to restore such a person back to health. Packs of cigarettes usually have a limited number of sticks depending on its capacity and the country in which it is sold. On the contrary, there are many religions as there are tribes and government agencies do not limit them. From this perspective, religion is neither defined by political factors nor economic times whereas packs of cigarettes are dependent on government and politics.
​We hardly ever argue about the effects of cigarettes on the human race. A pack of cigarette is one-way traffic towards self-destruction whereas religion gives us a glimpse of hope and eternity. The mere fact that we recognise its health hazards and ignore them entirely shows that we are not purely rational beings. Alternatively, it shows that we are irrational and driven by pride, competition, anger, and hatred. Many of us claim to believe in some deity, and yet we break the laws given to us by such powers. For these reasons, there is a need to understand the concept of religion since it has the potential to save us and the power to condemn us.

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