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Essay: Fashion Week Has Transformed How We See Politics, Economics, & Sci-Tech

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How Fashion Week has impacted a lot of areas?

Fashion week has impacted lots of professional areas (social, science, aesthetic, psychological):


Fashion is actually realistic enough. It is a projection, a popular social reality always inseparable influence era. There are great impacts on human culture thanks to massive events that have happened in the past like diseases and wars, for example after World War II, the French industries stagnated, fashion designers were forced out of business, resulting in a shortage of supply of goods. After World War II in France – or Europe – women who waited eagerly for the new fashion style open a new lifestyle.

After the end of World War II in 1947, were issued a series of designers for example Christian Dior clothing, wide skirts emphasize the female slender waists, sweeping away the war women boring, monotonous, functional style of dress, Dior's "New Look" gave the brand fame. In this sense fashion and politics are not necessarily in the form of direct confrontation.

There are many people, we can call them fighters, that appear in fashion designers shows, for example in the fashion show of Vivian Westwood, she made a statement of critical awareness. Scotland conducted last year a referendum to decide whether people wanted to be independent from England. So in September 2015 Vivienne Westwood Red Label Spring Summer fashion show, Westwood was an inspiration asking in her show for Scotland's independence, her own chest also had a "Yes" sign, "I hope our "yes" votes, to help Scotland win. "

Another example was a show in Taiwan that became a venue for political discussions. In June, the Rick Owens Spring Summer 2016 menswear show, a catwalk model appeared from under the clothes helding a white cloth saying: "Please • kill Angela Merkel – no. "

At that time, Germany is about whether you want to attract more Syrian refugees debate, while the male model is the German. The move to models prior unwitting Rick Owens made a whirlwind – to step down after he gave the model a punch. After, Rick Owens and his spokesman repeatedly told reporters that they would never endorse that kind of behavior, which does not represent the views completely Rick Owens fashion house.

In fact, I think Rick Owens angry slogans not pull the act itself, he did little in the show floor and various performance art. Only logic is to pull banners ok, but I have to allow the can. And when we first time in several months, after the massacre of Paris after the attack, then look about Merkel's slogan goes, the mood may be much more complex.

There is no problem of the ownership of their own thinking and independence the designer has according to his/her brands and his/her shows, after all, their attitude is not viewed as a bad thing. But for a large group of fashion houses, the expression of political preferences is a very dangerous thing – a lot of business concerns will be increasing more and more. Chanel art director Karl Lagerfeld once said: "I work in the fashion industry, politics has nothing to do with me, I will never go to the polls." However, if you think of Chanel`s Spring and Summer Fashion Show, it showed all the models helding up banners with feminist slogans, this type of protest brought many controversial arguments.


For most people, the fashion world is a relatively closed circle, if a person wants to occupy a place in the fashion industry is undoubtedly as difficult as asking for the moon. Compared to the other three exclusive Fashion Weeks in London, Milan and New York, Paris Fashion Week is in the opposite direction and will tend to give some local and cutting-edge designers a lot of extra care. Take this year's autumn and winter 2015 exhibition purposes, Moon Young Hee, Pascal Millet, Devastee, Charlier, Ground Zero and other cutting-edge brand presented a world wide concern, the official emerge on the international fashion platform. This cutting-edge brands marketing resources snatch the old brand phenomenon every year, for example in Paris Fashion Week Comme de Garcons presented their collection for the first time and it brought $ 100 million in order to make the brand as a sudden limelight. 400 million euros was the Fashion week's economic impact on Paris, excluding sales in stores.

Thus, Paris Fashion Week is the biggest influence, in a commercial value, for the brand, and brings enormous economic benefits to it. General clothing different trade show, Paris Fashion Week exhibited the artistic sense and a deep sense of artistic atmosphere throughout the city while Paris tremendous tourism resources. Whether itself will participate in Fashion Week sponsor, designers, models, reporters, or directed at the fashion week of the new season clothing buyers who will be the city's popularity to new heights. From Paris Fashion Week benefits not just those big Haute, tourism, hotel industry, food industry and even Air France also gain a high profit. And in the final analysis, the purchasing power still lies in the clothing of women's hands, it can be said Paris will show, from a talented stage designer.

Science and Technology

When we think about Fashion Week, we usually think of the shows with the long catwalks, luxurious parties and the lists of the famous top models. In recent years’ science and technology has been developed and can be combined with all the aspects we know and love about Fashion Week.

In the multiple shows the Fashion Week develops you will encounter a variety of applications. For example, at the New York Fashion Week, the Kardashian sisters launched a wide range of applications in the Apple Store, Rag & Bone cooperated with Uber, Uber gave to the people assisting the show a lift allowing them to participate in a promotion and the price was to win free tickets to the Rag & Bones show, Misha Nonoo completely abandoned the T station, held a "Instagram show", followers could watch the new release by opening Instagram and going to Misha Nonoo`s account specifically for that event.

In the 2015 Autumn and Winter Kenzo Show, the models didn’t walk the runway, instead the event was shown on a mobile transmission booth. In the 2013 show of DVF, trend ancestor Diane von Furstenberg actually achieved a science and technology cooperation with Google, it consisted in redesining google glasses and then be worn by models in the show, at the same time the glasses were recording the whole show for people to enjoy and this would eventually produce a short film titled "watching Diane von Furstenberg through Google glasses". On June 28, 2012, Google announced on a conference the development of smart glasses google glass, and instantly became the brightest new influx of people glued to digital, fashion-loving influx of people has always been on cool and attractive digital products.

Perhaps the impact of technology on the fashion industry, most profoundly, in the fashion shows is becoming increasingly important. Many businessman and important people rush to buy the designers pieces as quickly as possible, it is usually necessary to order directly at the end of a fashion show. But now the situation is completely the opposite, because of the science and technology world that fashion is sumerging on, this makes fashion trends change faster than in the past.

As a result, the fashion shows are more fancy, but practicality is lowered. For designers, fashion week means to impress. Fashion shows allow people to discover those enviable desire fashionable young population who give importance to science and technology in the industry, they began to use mainly technology, for example fashion bogs. Instagram gives very young generation more familiar sense of fashion with the power of social media, no doubt technology changed a lot of things, and soon accumulated a great amount of influence. At the same time, striking is more difficult, generating the need of the brands communicate more directly with consumers. Popular Instagram accounts will receive more direct praise, comments and concerns from the brand. In a fashion week, DKNY launched Instagram Direct events in which the brand sends personalized content to people so that they understand the creative director behind the T station design their story.

The combination of modern technology and fashion is divided into two, one is the design level and the other one is the operational level. 1. In the new designer fashion design techniques, such as the use of 3D printing instead of hand-sewn, new synthetic fabrics and heat-sensitive color on the leather. 2011 burberry 3D technology showed to the fashion brands a global synchronization of virtual reality exhibition which is a very good use of technology to the level of fashion. 2. The operational level, abandoned the old-fashioned way of marketing into network marketing and store furnishings use new technologies, logistics systems and warehousing systems into costly management software, such as dressing mirror into LED screen smart locker. For example, the fashion show is no longer closed, but real-time webcast and interactive social networking platform, also people at the show look at the information of the show in an ipad intead of grabing paper copies. In 2013 burberry`s fashion show webcast open brand and opened a real-time interactive facebook for the fans.

Meanwhile, many fashion bloggers launched in snapchat their own lifestyles and what they do on a daily basis, from the morning they get up to eat breakfast, to do modeling, go to the show, interviews with media, between others. These things make fashion closer to people's lives. So fashion week in fact, is in our side, and we are changing our every move.


Aesthetic has been difficult to reach, making the brand fashion show, when the show was not just designer brands taste, but also integrate into modern art. For example, in 2015 Dior culture, designer Raf Simons the New York Museum of Modern Videos Dior was transferred directly to the high-set. Culture show was an unqualified success. Dior is elegant, but not everyone likes elegance. Maybe someone likes undisciplined. So in Fashion Week environment, different types of public catwalk meet different aesthetic. At the same time looks different, not the same aesthetic is changing people.


There was a funding held at a Fashion Week catwalk when, in the long run, is invisible to promote this brand´s impact inn terms of the brand´s capability of generating economic benefits. As Paris Fashion Week sponsor is concerned, regardless of the brand or personal influence is far-reaching. So they will seek higher quality Fashion Week.

Fashion Week organizers: Paris Fashion Week is organized by the French Fashion Association; the Association is the thrust of the fashion capital of the world. They help new designers join, organize and coordinate the Paris Fashion Week schedule to allow buyers and fashion reporters to see the whole show. Fashion shows, for them, are like their own children, twice a year Fashion Week will be held, and this will let them see the growth marks.

Development of today's digital information media, makes people not to look at the catwalk. People by mobile apps, computers and newspapers are exposed to Fashion Week news. People also have a psychological change: become more willing to understand what are the aspects of fashion, and even some will change their usual outfit, make yourself look more fashionable. These are the psychological impacts that the Fashion Week has on people.

Fashion Week is not only an impact on the fashion circles, the local residents of the cities the week is developed received the influence of the envioronment of fashion. If you go to Paris in the Fashion Week, you will see the local natives wearing hair accessories, makeup and can be described as progressive. Just as if they never say that they are French, but Parisians. Probably making them more stylish and romantic.

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