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Essay: Why Infinite Jest by Davis Forster is Ideal to be Integrated into the Stage 6 Syllabus

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“Infinite Jest – by Davis Forster”;

Dear Ms Bleakley,

I am writing you to in regard to the stage 6 syllabus of the potential inclusion of the novel 'Infinite Jest' by Davis Forster. Infinite Jest is a pronounced text that is incontrovertibly ideal to be integrated into the stage 6 syllabus. Infinite Jest is a prestigious novel, making "Time Magazine's top 100 best English language novels published between 1923-2005". The novel has had over 1 million copies sold worldwide. The text has a diverse range of literary techniques and structural features used within. It allows readers to gain insight into the different uses of literary techniques and structural features representing the complexity, volatilely and distortion of the human mind. Through addressing the issues Hal faces it conveys unique life lessons and eye-opening perspectives that everyday people would not usually experience. The novel addresses important and I believe necessary themes for the stage 6 syllabus, including; power differentiations, social abnormality, exceptionalism, and mental illness. This letter will thus demonstrate how Infinite Jest is fundamental for the stage 6 syllabus for future years to come.

The novel 'Infinite Jest' illustrates a multitude of mental illness and drug use effects that day to day people would not be exposed to regularly; this is contrasting to Hal's life. Hal appears to suffer from unspecified mental illness and excessive use of drugs. Due to Hal's mental and drug state his internal monolog and outward perceptions are unreliable and distorted. This is illustrated through Hal's perceptions of others, how he thinks he portrays himself to others and showing how this is actually perceived. "I compose what I project to be seen as a smile." "Hal just seemed to…well, grimace". This quote demonstrations that what Hal perceives to be occurring is actually distorted in comparison to the perception of others. Another noticeable theme within the text is homophones used in Hal's internal dialogue "whether the weather." Through the use of homophones, it depicts Hal's disconnected state and how he focuses on unimportant, minute details. The quote shows how he like the play with language in his internal dialogue instead of focussing on the important meeting. Regular school students are not consistently subjected to the wide range of different personalities and characters that make up this world, the text gives students a unique insight into Hal's life that students would not normally recognise and see often. The unique insight encourages students to experiment with their own creative writing and explore a diverse range of charters. This text shows the complex nature of drugs and mental illness and would make a fundamental part of the stage 6 curriculum.

The novel uses a multitude of diverse and multifaceted literary techniques and structural features. This gives readers a deeper understanding of the text and the character while improving their English technique for the fast-approaching HSC. One key language technique used within is the use of fractured descriptions and fragmented sentences. This conveys Hal's perspective and reveals his dissociative state and how he discombobulates the people in the important meeting he is in. "I am seated in an office, surrounded by heads and bodies" … "I believe I appear neutral". Hal focuses on the insignificant details happening and ignores the more important information within the meeting. "the two halves of his moustache never quite matched". The fragmented sentences focus in and out of what is happening within the story, illustrating to the reader how Hals mind is works and how he is not paying full attention. This shows his carefree attitude to the important meeting with important people. "'- offense intended to anyone,' Athletic affairs is saying, his sport coat and his necktie instigated in tiny print – 'beyond just physical out there in play, which believe me we respect, want, believe me". The vast range of techniques used within this text gives students a greater opportunity to experiment with structural features and language techniques during the stage 6 syllabus. Optimising student's chances of achieving high marks in the upcoming HSC. This shows important literary and structural techniques that are fundamental for the stage 6 curriculum.

For these reasons I am strongly in favour that the novel 'Infinite Jest" should be included in the stage 6 syllabus and studied within all schools. As it shows a diverse range of literacy techniques and structural features which are fundamental for the HSC. It gives students a deeper understanding of the vast variety of people in society. The text also illustrates in great detail people suffering from mental illness and drug addiction. This novel is a vital step for preparing for the up-coming HSC and is an essential asset to the stage 6 syllabus.

Yours Faithfully,

Imogen Bowe

Imogen Bowe, William Clarke College Student, Kellyville.

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